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sixwheeledbeastipv6 was added with cssu-kernl/kp00:54
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brolin_empeyenyc: Yes, I bought (from Synnex Canada, not directly from StarTech) two of this cable in 2018 for 25.92 CAD each, have one in my car and the other on my desktop (furniture) at my office:
brolin_empeyIt has all of microUSB, USB Type C, and Apple Lightning plugs on one end of the cable but they are not all connected at once: it has the three plugs on a Y at the end of the cable with the microUSB plug in the middle so if you want to use the USB Type C or Apple Lightning plug then you have to connect that part to the microUSB plug.  It works well even though the Lightning connector is rarely used because I do not use Apple iOS computers.08:33
brolin_empeyEh, it is not a Y because it is one to three, not one to two.  I do not think the English alphabet has a letter like that so I am not sure what to call this type of cable.  A trident cable, trident like the USB logo?  Or a spear?08:43
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clort2395 microSD card IOPS tests completed :)12:54
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clorti made a static version of terminal rain  curl
clortthe junky c-code is here
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* CatButts ponders if windows CE is viable for N90017:18
dreamerhow do you think that would work?17:28
dreamernot like you can port a kernel ..17:28
CatButtsdunno, but whatever the answer is, it's not legal17:40
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CatButts haha, this OS is better supported than my windows XP main17:52
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CatButtssadly, only licensed to OEMs17:55
CatButtsin source form17:56
brolin_empeyCatButts: Apparently Geeksphone as a company is done but apparently one of their ARM smartphone models (as opposed to x86 smartphone model, at least the Revolution) can run both Windows CE and Linux (one at once, not both at the same time).18:03
brolin_empeyor GeeksPhone if the name is supposed to be CamelCase?18:04
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brolin_empeyAlso, back when Android was new, my colleague had some model of Windows Mobile smartphone that could unofficially run Android, I think still Android 1.x at the time.  I do not remember which model of smartphone this was but I can still contact him if you are interested.18:07
CatButtscirca what year, the device18:10
CatButtsah yeah, 2008 200918:13
CatButtsbased on android version, anyway18:14
VajbI recall that Nokia made some phone(s) with some kind of Windows OS. Never had one so do not know the details.18:15
CatButts> Board Support Packages (BSPs)18:16
CatButts> Compact 2013 provides three new BSPs: [...] the ARM v7T2 based Texas Instruments OMAP 4470, and the ARM v7 based Freescale i.MX6.18:17
CatButtsnot quite the version on the N90018:18
bencohdefinitely not18:19
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brolin_empeyCatButts: I think he had it in 2009.  I think it may have been an HP model.  I think it was from Bell Mobility (in Canada, more precisely Metro Vancouver), which means it may use CDMA2000 so may no longer be useful if you need cellular connectivity.18:25
brolin_empeyVajb: The Nokia brand was used for Lumia smartphones but those run Windows Phone and maybe Windows 10 Mobile, which are the successor to Windows Mobile.  Windows Phone originally used a Windows CE kernel but then switched to a Windows NT kernel, beginning with Windows Phone 8 if I recall correctly.18:28
brolin_empeyWindows Phone 7 is the successor to Windows Mobile 6.5 .18:30
CatButtsI had a brush with winmo 6.5 for a while18:31
CatButtsI got short end of stick, with a Motorola Q9H18:32
CatButtsbad GAPI(graphics api) implementation18:34
CatButtswhich a lot of apps relied on18:34
KotCzarnyha ha18:38
CatButtsand anything SDL18:39
CatButtslike, milkytracker18:39
KotCzarnynow that's more useful18:39
CatButts so it's possible, but someone has to write drivers, so, eh18:45
CatButtsthe next question is, how usable would win CE be for user and dev18:46
CatButtsfrom vague memory on article about ReactOS ARM port, GCC has removed ARM PE support at one point18:47
CatButtsso, not far off from Maemo 5 situation of being stuck with outdated tools, I think18:48
CatButts this guy sounds like he had a great time writing for this platform18:59
CatButts from this video18:59
bencohyou seem pretty serious about that thing19:27
CatButtsyeah, I wouldn't mind a win95-shell phone with winapi19:31
CatButtsprobably not happening anytime soon19:31
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bencohyou could always run stuff with wine19:46
bencohI kinda fail to see why anyone would want wince when they have a fully-working linux platform though19:47
CatButtsprobably because I'm a windows guy19:51
CatButtsbut now you got me curious about WINE19:53
CatButtsfor ARM19:53
CatButtsbut I have a bad feeling about this19:55
CatButtswine 1.4.1 is quite old20:17
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sicelowhy not get an android that has beefy CPU, then run Win 95 or even XP in a VM there. Limbo (from F-Droid) does work21:57
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CatButtsyeah, screw wince22:07
CatButts PalmOS is where it's at22:07
siceloheh, you're "switching" :p22:08
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