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KotCzarnyn900's worthy:
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siceloi haven't tried the nginx solution on tmo yet, but i think it's a better option12:42
bencohnginx on tmo?12:53
siceloyes. you run nginx on the device as a proxy, then microb connects to it.12:59
siceloiirc halftux prepared the package12:59
KotCzarnysicelo, that only solves ssl problem12:59
KotCzarnynot the funky layouts and js12:59
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siceloi guess this is a noob question - i have an openwrt 'server' with two interfaces ( for WAN, and for LAN). I also am able to SSH to it from anywhere (via ngrok for now)15:35
siceloon hte WAN interface, a Huawei router is connected, with IP I need to connect to the web config of this router15:36
sicelodoing `ssh <ngrok_endpoint&port> -L 1234:` and opening localhost:1234 on my browser results in the browser trying to access
siceloso i'm a bit stuck. any ideas?15:38
KotCzarnydisable javascript or write url yourself15:39
bencohssh -D 9050 <whateveropenrt>15:39
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bencohand use as a SOCKS proxy15:39
KotCzarnybencoh, so, openssh can act as socks now?15:40
bencohKotCzarny: for ... ages :)15:40
bencohoh and, don't forget to enable remote dns resolving/proxying (in about:conf)15:40
KotCzarnyi think he only needs to access huawei conf15:41
sicelommm, for some reason i thought -D wouldn't be the right one here15:41
bencohyeah, the dns part was in case it needs to resolve some .lan/whatever name15:41
KotCzarnywhy not just without tricks?15:41
siceloi'm on the internet, not owrt15:42
siceloi'm accessing owrt via ssh (through ngrok). so i need a way to specify my intention to speak to there's also open, which is owrt's config. i can access that with no problem. it's the ..8.1:80 that i'm struggling with15:44
KotCzarnyhuawei might be hardcoded to :8015:45
KotCzarnyso just forwad local port 80 ?15:45
KotCzarnyand local ip needed15:46
KotCzarnypity it doesnt use some fake domain15:46
bencohsicelo: -D should work anyway, unless I missed something15:46
KotCzarnybencoh's solution should be best15:47
siceloi'll try it in a bit. i've somehpw got my keyboard in a locked state of sorts15:48
siceloi don't think -D will work, or i don't know how to use it well (i use it a lot, but yeah)15:51
bencohwhy wouldn't it work?15:51
KotCzarnyi've recently rewritten some tiny extension that changes urls on the fly in firefox15:51
siceloah, i think i understand now. trying15:53
siceloyes, it's working. thanks15:54
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