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brolin_empeyMaxdamantus: I meant a literal BIOS as opposed to an EFI implementation still referred to as a BIOS by users who do not know that the technology has changed, similarly to users of devices with an LED display still calling the display an LCD.  Some of the x86-64 EFI computers I have used, such as theĀ Asus X200MA-US01T notebook computer, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 convertible portable computer, and the Up Board single-board computer, do not have BIOS/MBR13:21
brolin_empeyboot capability: they can only boot using EFI and GPT.  I speak from personal experience, not from speculation.13:21
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sixwheeledbeastIt's a requirement in the spec for EFI to support MBR partitions even tho BIOS chips with booting assembly code are no more13:41
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sixwheeledbeastBIOS support has been disappearing from the hardware for a while, but that shouldn't mean your in a situation where you can't boot a legacy working system.13:56
MaxdamantusWell, you'll need some sort of BIOS implementation if you're trying to run DOS or something.13:59
MaxdamantusBut you can probably at least use SeaBIOS.13:59
sixwheeledbeastwell maybe that age I suppose.14:00
sixwheeledbeastbut you wouldn't be putting that on new hardware.14:01
sixwheeledbeastwell thats what the manufacturers are thinking14:03
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