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brolin_empeydrathir_tor: Long story short, I seem to have successfully upgraded the Asus UL50Vt to 8 GiB of main memory using two Samsung 4-GiB DDR3 SODIMMs from Komputerbay on eBay that cost only 45 CAD per pair of 4-GiB SODIMMs.  Tonight at home I will try the same upgrade for the Asus UL30Vt, which is the same as the UL50Vt in terms of the memory as far as I know.  As far as I know, the UL50 is basically just a larger version of the UL30 but with the same common03:43
brolin_empeyI meant on Amazon, not eBay.03:45
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brolin_empeyWindows 10 Enterprise for x86-32 on the UL30 sees 8 GiB of main memory with the new SODIMMs installed so looks good so far, now need to test the new memory, for which I use memtest86+.  I knew how to edit the boot.ini file used by ntldr in the Windows NT 5.x era but I still never learned how to edit the list of entries used by the boot loader in Windows NT 6.x and now 10 even though Windows NT 6.0 shipped fourteen years ago this month.  I know I can just09:25
brolin_empeyboot from an ODD or USB drive to run memtest86+ but I should finally take the time to see if I can add a program such as memtest86+ that is basically a small OS contained in a single bootable file to the Windows 10 boot menu.09:25
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brolin_empeyThe last post on this page sounds like what I want but it says I need a volume using FAT instead of NTFS but I think I only have NTFS volumes on this drive but this post is from 2014, which predates the final release of Windows NT 10 with Windows 10 in 2015 July.10:15
drathir_torbrolin_empey: 8G is quite decent... \o/10:17
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drathir_torbrolin_empey: personaly probably would instead configure dualboot with linux on it more flexability and grub is powerfull...10:20
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brolin_empeydrathir_tor: Well, even (stationary, fanful, x86-64) video game consoles such as the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, which were both released this month, now have 16 GiB of main memory.10:22
drathir_torbrolin_empey: yea in m$ world most stuck at vfat -F32 world barely find devices which clean boot from ntfs by bios detected...10:22
drathir_torbrolin_empey: m$ like to take ~1.5-2G for itself idling often...10:23
drathir_torbrolin_empey: and funny thing older-ish devices with ssd added gets often impressive times on batteries...10:26
brolin_empeyIn practice, I feel like I am spending too much time trying to save time on a task that I do so infrequently that I should just find a removable USB drive I can use to run memtest86+ and move on with my life instead of trying to achieve the ideal solution.  I do not need to install another OS on this drive in a computer that I barely even use any more because I usually only use stationary computers and my mobile, specifically handheld, computer, not10:26
brolin_empeysomething in between on the computer size scale.10:26
drathir_torbrolin_empey: yea posible too boot live iso... but nie have it added to system...10:31
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brolin_empeyI used my USB to 2.5-inch SATA drive case with virtual bootable BD-ROM drive to boot ubcd538.iso from a literally solid-state optical disc drive, am now running memtest86+ and moving on with my life instead of spending hours trying to achive an ideal solution that I do not need in practice.10:39
infobotbrolin_empey meant: I used my USB to 2.5-inch SATA drive case with virtual bootable BD-ROM drive to boot ubcd538.iso from a literally solid-state optical disc drive, am now running memtest86+ and moving on with my life instead of spending hours trying to achieve an ideal sol...10:39
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brolin_empeyI forgot to say that I do indeed only have NTFS volumes on this drive so I definitely am not going to try to repartition this drive to create a partition containing a FAT volume if I can use the USB drive I carry with me to boot memtest86+ in probably only ten minutes at the most but I did not time it and move on with my life.  This USB drive with virtual ODD/ODD emulator has three virtual ODDs with one optical disc image file active per drive at once but I10:49
brolin_empeyhave to connect the drive to a computer that is already running an OS to check if the currently active virtual ODD has the optical disc image file I want before I boot the UL30 from this USB drive, which is why I guess the whole process may have taken up to ten minutes even though it may sound like it should not take that long.10:49
drathir_torbrolin_empey: for example i like to have in grub liveiso just in case... its much faster in case of need to recover than download > burn > boot ...10:55
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brolin_empeyYou do not need to use a real optical disc drive if you have a USB drive like I have that emulates a bootable ODD using optical disc image files.  You just copy the .iso file to the correct directory in the NTFS volume on the USB drive in normal mode, then change the mode of the USB drive to the ODD for the optical disc image file you want to use, then boot a physical computer from the USB drive the same as if you were booting from a normal/real USB ODD with11:01
brolin_empey a real, spinning optical disc except in this case nothing is spinning because I use this USB drive case with an SSD instead of an HDD, which means it boots as fast as when you boot a virtual computer from an optical disc image file except in this case you are booting a physical, bare-metal computer from an optical disc image file stored on a USB SSD.11:01
brolin_empeyThis USB drive is SuperSpeed USB 3 too, not only High-speed USB 2.11:03
brolin_empeyActually, it may boot even faster because I do not think it tries to emulate/simulate the delays caused by accessing rotating media as with a normal/real optical disc drive.11:14
drathir_tornice... most important its detected w/o issues under bios...11:15
brolin_empeyx86 computers no longer use a literal BIOS, they now use EFI and sometimes cannot boot using BIOS and MBR as opposed to EFI and GPT due to lacking a Compatibility Support Module, but if your computer/motherboard can boot from a normal/real USB ODD then it should be able to boot from this drive too because it appears the same as a normal/real USB ODD, otherwise it would not be useful.11:19
drathir_torbrolin_empey: yea new mostly painless, but old ones was pure luck if usb will recognized by mb bios...11:21
brolin_empeyDifferent persons have different definitions of “old” versus “new” in many cases, including x86 computers.  I still use Core 2 computers with a literal BIOS, which may seem ancient to persons who are used to always having current hardware but it is still an x86-64 + PCI Express computer that can use current software and hardware.  My home computer has an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 CPU, 16 GiB of DDR2 main memory, two SATA SSDs, no HDD, 5.25-inch High-11:32
brolin_empeydensity flexible disc drive connected to header on motherboard, USB 3.5-inch High-density flexible disc drive, USB 3 host controller on PCI Express card, fanless triple-head GeForce GT 730 4-GiB video card powered only by the PCI Express ×16 slot on the motherboard and driving a primary 3840×2160 LCD video monitor at 60 Hz using HDMI and two secondary LCD video monitors at 1680×1050 and 1600×1200, one using DVI and the other using VGA.  Windows 1011:32
brolin_empeyEnterprise for x86-64 boots from a 525-GB 2.5-inch SATA SSD and I have a 2-TB mSATA SSD to replace my 2-TB 2.5-inch SATA HDD that I bought in 2013 when it was the first 2-TB 2.5-inch HDD on the market.11:32
brolin_empeyOr in terms of cars, a 1998 Volkswagen New Beetle or 1999.5/2000 Volkswagen Golf (Golf Mk4) may seem old but it is still quite modern, uses drive-by-wire using the CAN bus for the throttle already in 1998 when American vehicles still pull a cable for the throttle in 2005 and maybe even later, such as for the Dodge (Grand) Caravan and Ford Focus ZXW.11:38
brolin_empeyWhen you press the switch on the driver’s door of the 1998 New Beetle to open the fuel door, the vehicle sends a message to the mechanism that opens the fuel door whereas my 2010 Hyundai car still pulls a cord to open the fuel door even though it uses drive-by-wire for the throttle.11:43
enycbrolin_empey: +1 to different definitions of new/ld12:13
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Maxdamantus"literal BIOS" as opposed to a BIOS implementation that needs to be enabled.21:45
MaxdamantusThe CSM is still an actual BIOS, it's just not enabled by default on modern systems afaik.21:46
MaxdamantusMaybe it's implemented on top of EFI, but any BIOS implementation could be built on a lower layer.21:47
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* sicelo wonders how usable 'modern' swipe-based UIs would be on resistive touch-screens such as N90023:37

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