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sixwheeledbeastmay need /disable to be ro too. as I say I have done this 444 trick to enable the cam_focus action while device is locked, which isn't normally possible. you can also do it to the proxy sensor but something in call-ui overrides/removes the 44400:02
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brolin_empeyMy friend wants to automatically edit all of the photographs he has taken that have the date and time of day when the photograph was taken in the metadata of the image file to have this information visible in the image, like the timestamp feature of Snap Camera HDR for Android does.  Is there a documented way to do this without having to spend hours reading documentation for something like Image Magick or Script-Fu (correct name?) for The GIMP to learn how06:40
brolin_empeyto do it?  My friend uses Android 8 on a smartphone as his camera and uses Windows 7 for x86-64 on his home computer but also has Windows 10 on his notebook computer in case something relevant works on Windows 10 but not on Windows 7.06:40
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xmnbrolin_empey you could try something like darktable, DigiKam, Shotwell,   open source or StudioLine Photo Basic (free)06:59
xmncheck out
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brolin_empeyxmn: Thank you for the suggestion.  I need to dig deeper to see if darktable still supports Windows 7.  I also realised after you replied that XnView, which I have used a bit for years, may also be able to do what is wanted.07:24
xmnyeah that is a good one to it seems, never used it though07:25
xmnbut might be simpler. Darktable would be great for editing of course.07:25
xmnI thought he had a win10 machine too though07:26
xmnbtw, this page might have some info for you.
brolin_empeyxmn: He does have Windows 10 on his notebook computer but he usually uses his desktop computer with Windows 7 when he is at home.  Everything I have redd about darktable so far just says darktable is available for “Windows”, which is very imprecise because current versions of Windows are not even Windows any more in a strict sense, they are Windows NT but Microsoft stopped using Windows NT as a marketing name beginning with Windows 2000, which began07:32
brolin_empeydevelopment as “Windows NT 5.0” until one of the beta releases, beta 2 if I recall correctly.07:32
xmnyeah, the windows install might be more work then is need for the project.07:33
brolin_empeyArguing that Windows 2000 and later are not Windows NT because Microsoft no longer uses Windows NT as a marketing name is like arguing that my previous car is not a Volkswagen Typ(e) 1C because it is marketed as the Volkswagen New Beetle.07:38
brolin_empeyxmn: Apparently does not explicitly specify the minimum version of Windows nor the supported architectures but the answer to the third-last question on the page implies that Windows 7 is supported.  I gather that only Windows for x86-64 is supported, which is apparently referred to as “win64” in the installer file name even though “64-bit Windows” does not necessarily mean x86-64: it originally meant Itanium and07:55
brolin_empeyin recent years it can mean ARM instead of x86-64.07:55
xmnyeah that's more or less what I saw. But I don't run window expect in a vm for testing. So didn't look deeper.07:56
xmnBut looks like the setup may be more work then some other software that works on win707:57
brolin_empeyApparently darktable does still support Windows 7 but only for x86-64, which is OK because that is what my friend uses on his home computer.  I should try to check if XnView can do this task too, though, but I am almost out of time for today because it is 23:00 (on Sunday) here.07:59
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xmnif xnview installs easier probably better. Unless your friend might appreciate the features of DT. Not so familiar with the features of XV.08:01
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sicelobtw, today my cam door is sensing19:18
bencohI guess nothing changed apart from the fact that today it just works?19:22
siceloyes :-p19:25
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blebanyone know if the gemini pda has 4g working on linux?20:01
bleb(maybe ot but i couldnt find a better channel to ask in)20:01
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brolin_empeyxmn: Will darktable work for this use case with JPEG files (technically they are JFIF files because they have a header) as opposed to raw image formats?20:44
xmnI use darktable for none raws mostly20:53
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xmnalso I'm no expert :) and probably better to take this to #darktable. There should be very knowledgeable folks in there.20:53
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siceloandroid users - my Sprint S7 doesn't wake itself up for an alarm if it's powered off. Is this a general Android thing or soemthing with my setup?23:55

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