IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2020-10-25

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siceloouch, my N900 stopped detecting camera door open state14:06
bencohisn't it just being slow?14:06
bencohI mean, it can "ignore" it sometimes14:06
Wizzupmight be able to do some cleaning14:06
siceloi'll look at it further a little later, but even reboot hasn't resulted in working camera detection14:11
sixwheeledbeastwhile true; do cat /sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/cam_shutter/state; done14:14
KotCzarnycam door is a magnet14:15
KotCzarnymaybe it got weaker?14:15
KotCzarnydo you have spare backpanel?14:15
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siceloKotCzarny: cam door is light sensor. magnet is the SD card present/cover sensor17:24
sicelodifferent back panel doesnt' change the situation17:24
KotCzarnyi have always though cam door was also magnet based17:25
siceloit can't :) there would be too many magnetic fields to deal with, considering that all the magic is in the same area17:25
sicelothe other magnetic thing is the keyboard slide, since that's far from the camera mechanism17:26
sixwheeledbeasti always believed the cam_shutter was some light sensor part of the reason the back of the shutter had blue film too on I recall17:31
sixwheeledbeastdid you try test above?17:31
sixwheeledbeastis it hardware?17:32
siceloyes, always "closed"17:32
siceloi believe it's h/w. guess my sensor has failed17:32
sixwheeledbeastisn't the cam on a little daughterboard? does that have some flex or connections? I honestly can't remember17:35
sicelothe daughterboard thing is sd card reader, iirc17:49
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Maxdamantussicelo: in case you need a workaround to use the camera, you can do something like `echo open >/tmp/open && mount -o bind /tmp/open /sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/cam_shutter/state`23:18
Maxdamantusthen `killall camera-ui omap3camd`23:19
sicelonice! will try that soonish23:20
siceloi recall you have kernel patches for something in fremantle, or was it for the back cover removal?23:21
sixwheeledbeastor maybe manually set file to "open" and make it 44423:21
MaxdamantusThat's for the mmc driver, so it doesn't cut access to the SD card when the back cover is open.23:21
Maxdamantus(doesn't affect what the rest of the system thinks about the gpio state, just disables that disabling behaviour in hsmmc)23:22
MaxdamantusI don't think writing "open" to the existing "state" file will work, since it's in input mode, not output.23:24
MaxdamantusSeems to just ignore it for me.23:24
Maxdamantusand it doesn't seem to let me set it to be an output.23:25
siceloyes. only the bind mount way seems to be working. thanks!23:26
sixwheeledbeastI have done 444 trick for things like cam button. the back cover wouldn't be open tho, only the shutter.23:30
* Maxdamantus doesn't see how that would work.23:34
MaxdamantusNormally, the kernel will just figure out the gpio state when you read from that file.23:34
MaxdamantusYou'd surely have to mount a regular file on top of it if you want it to behave like a regular file.23:35
Maxdamantusand if you do the mount thing, you're probably not going to have other userspace processes writing into it, so 444 shouldn't be necessary.23:37
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bencohnice trick (mount -o bind)23:51

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