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user_____i shutdown n900 using the hardware key when it was playing a loud sound that couldn't be turned off. now it would ask for the lock key and then get stuck in the loading page. if i take out the battery and put it there again it would boot, but not for the second time if i reboot after that.09:36
user_____could a process be opened, with the upper-hannd program giving it's input, and reading its output at the same time?09:36
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untakenstupidnicoops, re-sent the wrong message10:21
untakenstupidnicfsck from leste says nothing is wrong with the partitions. i have flashed it once and don't want to install everything again. if the problem is figured out, i could restore my previous backups.10:22
untakenstupidnicit seems like it is something trivial that could be solved if some knowledge of what maemo does at boot is involved.10:24
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KotCzarnyyou know its a linux?11:13
KotCzarnyand you know you can see through scripts yourself?11:13
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sixwheeledbeastI cant work out what's wrong. leste boots but maemo doesn't? :shrug: no idea11:27
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sixwheeledbeastor the sound thing never heard of that11:27
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untakenstupidnicKotCzarny, yes. but i don't know everything about maemo and not everything is in the scripts and there is so much of it to study. how do i know what happens with a physical shutdown that will not damage the hardware but lock the boot (but still loading enough to bring a keypad for you to enter the password and it is solved for the first after you take out the battery but not for the times afer?11:52
untakenstupidnicthat is black magic, i need to know a lot in order to solve it even though it is not a critical problem.11:54
sixwheeledbeastdo you know the lock code?11:54
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sixwheeledbeastIt's advised to know the lock code because you could "secure device" and then be locked out11:56
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untakenstupidnicsixwheeledbeast, i know the lock code and i enter it and it is accepted. it just stays on the screen with dots forever after that12:23
infobotbootloop is probably when your device has broken rootfilesystem, so during reboot it fails on some service startup or kernel module load and thus reboots. This *drains* battery! And you can't reflash to stop bootloop when battery is drained. Recharge your battery by other means before reflashing. E.g. using ~rescueOS. Or external charger or BL-5J compatible other device.12:25
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untakenstupidnicwhat is a common reason games fail to initialize their windows in maemo leste? (i am using allegro5 as backend if that helps)13:25
siceloso i might be the only one who doesn't game on his devices :p13:51
bencoheven I tried a bit :)13:54
sixwheeledbeastwhat's a game?14:40
sixwheeledbeasttouch rarely lends itself to anything more than mind-numbing constant interaction type "games"14:48
bencohn900 has a keyboard ;)14:49
sixwheeledbeast2048 is probably the only thing I can think of with some skill. Oh and if anyone wants to port that to leste best to use the upstream 2048-qt version not the qml version I hacked from harmattan to work in maemo.14:50
bencohtbh my game experience would have probably been better had I found the gamepad-like rubbermade keyboard cap14:51
bencohOh, talking about 2048 and n900, I think our version had some kind of "bug"14:51
sixwheeledbeastthose clip over gamepad things where expensive for what they were14:51
bencohat least I think it didn't behave like the original one14:51
sixwheeledbeastyes it's not right hence why I say use 2048-qt14:52
bencohah :)14:52
sixwheeledbeastSomeone ported it to harmattan and I messed about and packaged that version for fremantle14:53
sixwheeledbeastIt has a tendency to only place new tiles top right IIRC, it's not the orignial code it's some qml rewrite.14:54
bencohI think it was supposed to give 2,4(,8?) in a random fashion14:56
bencohwhich made the game much "harder" (read: unpredictible) at some point14:57
bencohbut I might be wrong, that was years ago :)14:57
sixwheeledbeastyer that also seems correct, its slightly easier in a couple of ways14:57
bencoh(the original one was harder, I meant)14:57
sixwheeledbeast2048-qt in ubuntu repos seems to work like the original that's using 5.9.514:59
sixwheeledbeastI suppose the issue is if it supports touch as on PC you use arrows15:00
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untakenstupidnicsixwheeledbeast: this is what i wanted to port
untakenstupidnicalso gaming with n900 is one of the finest experiences with a GBA emulator15:09
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sixwheeledbeastI have no idea about Allegro or it's support, seems unnecessary15:15
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sicelodoes anyone remember if voice calls were working in Nemo Mobile back then? (I could possibly download images and test, but ... downloads cost me)15:32
sicelonemo wiki seems to have a problem currently15:42
Wizzupyeah, we're looking at their PA stack16:36
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bencohsicelo: it worked at some point17:58
bencohI think they even released an image with everything working apart from the battery17:58
bencohbut unfortunately I think I missed that release17:58
bencoh(and for some obscure reason they didn't like to keep stable images around .... not enough at least)17:59
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