IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2020-10-03

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DocScrutinizer05warfare: xes_ : what's up with infra? ? www down, blade-a "hot"02:12 takes ages...02:16
DocScrutinizer05just the 'usual' backup burst?02:19
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DocScrutinizer05  nevermind, fixed /etc/init.d/ganglia-monitor restart02:34
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ShadowJKis it concerning that one of the backups had consumed 15 hours of cpu03:15
ShadowJK(I was going to comment asking why there's 4 backups running concurrently when it would be cleverer to stagger)03:15
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untakenstupidnici shutdown n900 using the hardware key when it was playing a loud sound that couldn't be turned off. now it would ask for the lock key and then get stuck in the loading page. if i take out the battery and put it there again it would boot, but not for the second time if i reboot after that.05:32
untakenstupidnicfsck from leste says nothing is wrong with the partitions. i have flashed it once and don't want to install everything again. if the problem is figured out, i could restore my previous backups.05:35
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warfareShadowJK: many many files and dedup from BackupPC.12:16
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Wizzupdoes anyone here know how evolution works on the n900? how does syncevolution sync to evolution and how does that end up in /home/user/.calendar/calendardb ?14:38
Wizzupis evolution even used?15:03
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pereWizzup: are you talking about leste here?  I can test if you like.17:19
Wizzuppere: no, I am trying to figure out how maemo fremantle's calendar works17:20
WizzupIt is not clear to me how syncevolution ends up writing to /home/user/.calendar/calendardb17:20
pereaha.  thank I am blank. :)17:21
Wizzup(me too!)17:22
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Wizzupfor the record, syncevolution has a special maemo backend that is NOT the evolution backend (
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