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L29Ahcan't you just update fremantle's openssl?02:05
L29Ahin gentoo there's02:06
L29Ah* dev-libs/openssl-compat02:06
L29Ah     Available versions:02:06
L29Ah     (0.9.8) 0.9.8z_p8-r1^td02:06
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Maxdamantusopenssl seemed pretty easy to build last I tried.07:14
MaxdamantusI was able to build it just in the regular maemo environment.07:14
Maxdamantus("it" as in the latest from git, probably about a year ago—and yes, it does require a relatively recent version of openssl)07:17
Maxdamantushost validation was not included in earlier versions of openssl, so you might be able to get it to "work" using an older version if you comment out the relevant code, but I'd highly suggest not disabling host validation.07:18
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untakenstupidnicwhy does it require user name and password when i try connecting to cellular data?11:50
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untakenstupidnicbecause of that i have been unable to use 3g till now12:52
sixwheeledbeastMost ISP's have some username and password  if you have to login to the network13:00
untakenstupidnicyeah but that is "some" dialup ISPs13:02
untakenstupidnicwhat happens when i try to connect to 3g on an android phone?13:02
untakenstupidnicwhen it takes no access point or username or password, sixwheeledbeast13:03
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sixwheeledbeastmost providers send you a text with the APN details when you insert the sim13:07
sixwheeledbeastor you can search on your SIM providers website13:07
untakenstupidnicdo such things tend to be universal values?13:08
KotCzarnyi think there are tables of the ISP defaults13:09
untakenstupidniccan i check on the previous phone? my internet speed is like 200 bytes per seconds now13:09
KotCzarnymaybe you have bad coverage too13:09
KotCzarnyn900 doesnt support lte13:09
KotCzarnyso you might be stuck on 2g13:10
untakenstupidnici am basically doing apt-update for 6 hours on wifi13:10
untakenstupidnicand its like 40%13:10
untakenstupidniceven 2 kbps would be a huge improvement13:12
KotCzarnymaybe you are even on csd13:12
untakenstupidnicwhat is csd?13:12
KotCzarnydata over analog voice13:12
untakenstupidnicthe surprise is that the modem is 4g lte and it is supposed to have 2mbps.13:14
untakenstupidnicthey do such messes with communications at times of protest because they can't block all the social media and all the fancy ways to bypass the censorship, and they politically can't disconnect internet.13:16
untakenstupidnicbut there is no protest or anything, they are probably testing new ways to censor internet and messed it up.13:18
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untakenstupidnicroot: you are lucky, rarely anyone gets that nick13:33
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