IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2020-07-27

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untakenstupidnichas anyone tried telegram+nitroid?14:55
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sicelonot I - i think Fremantle > Nitroid15:09
sicelotelegram - there's a Telegram plugin for Pidgin. Last I checked, it works fine.15:09
sicelothere's also telegram-cli, but of course, that may not be everyone's kind of thing15:10
bencohtelegram works fine with pidgin yeah15:19
bencohpidgin is probably not the best UI ever, but still15:19
untakenstupidnichow could i get the telegram plugin? its not there15:49
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bencohyou can install it from extra-devel16:09
bencohto be honest the author could probably promote it to testing at this point16:09
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untakenstupidnicjust remembered that telegram is censored here and there is no obfsproxy to accompany tor16:55
buZzuntakenstupidnic: which here?17:18
buZzcouldnt you run any tor client and just torify for that telegram webapp thingy?17:23
buZzat least on maemo leste that works fine17:23
bencohdon't tell me you seriously intend to use on maemo17:35
bencohon n900 at least17:35
bencohyou can change the proxy settings for pidgin btw17:36
brolin_empeyuntakenstupidnic: Move to a country that does not censor telecommunications?17:52
untakenstupidnicbrolin empey: wow, you are so smart!17:53
brolin_empeySarcasm detected.17:53
untakenstupidnicindeed i would move if state did let us, or nationalism had not frigged the world so i could somehow get a citizenship without getting a passport here first.17:56
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buZzbencoh: at least, i've seen people use the -electron- version of telegram on maemo leste on droid418:15
bencohn900 isn't anywhere close to the droid4 I'd say :)18:17
bencohin that regard at least18:18
siceloTelegram Desktop is not Electron, is it?18:18
bencohit could very well be, I dunno18:18
siceloI very much doubt that. How can I confirm/check?18:18
sicelominicom and myself have run Telegram Desktop on Leste on both N900 and Droid 4. Runs OK with a couple of quirks here and there18:19
bencohtelegram-desktop seems to be based on qt518:20
buZzsicelo: i think so18:21
buZzoh, ok18:21
buZzisnt electron a qt app?18:21
bencohno idea :)18:22
sicelomaybe you should first define what an electron app is :)18:22
sixwheeledbeastno electron is far from qt18:23
usnbencoh: tor itself is censored. you need pluggable transports18:37
usnsicelo: really? an update version?18:38
usn(telegram-desktop seems to be heavy)18:39
sicelousn: on Leste? yes it's the FOSS version of Telegram-Desktop. I actually don't find it that heavy. It definitely runs on Leste N900. But since it's qt5, some of the scrolling just feels a bit unoptimized18:56
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sicelobut yes, maybe telegram-cli is better option on Leste for N90019:15
usnyay! it totally works! just the back of device is bit warm indicating it would eat the battery shortly. but good for emergency.19:28
sicelowhat works? :-)19:32
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usntelegram-desktop on leste19:32
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brolin_empeyI think the short battery runtime was one of many reasons I obsoleted my N900 in 2014.  The Nokia BL-5J/BL-4J battery looks small in volume compared to Android smartphone/phablet batteries so I suspect the energy capacity of the BL-5J/BL-4J battery is less too.20:30
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