IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2020-07-08

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untakenstupidnicis it possible to connect mainstream headphones to n900?14:28
KotCzarnywhat is 'mainstream headphones'14:29
KotCzarnyyou mean bt4+ ?14:29
KotCzarnyor btle ?14:29
untakenstupidnicthe TRRS earlobes you would connect to the average android phone and it works14:30
KotCzarnyi guess there should be adapters for funky ring configs14:31
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untakenstupidniccouldn't it be solved in software?14:31
KotCzarnybut standard says you should be able to work, what problem you are having? no audio at all or just one side?14:31
untakenstupidnici think the standard nokia uses is different14:34
untakenstupidnicit gives a loud buzz when i connect it, have not tested it with sound14:34
sixwheeledbeastuntakenstupidnic: OMTP vs AHJ you can buy converters to flip R2 and S14:51
Wizzupuntakenstupidnic: yeah so the three ring is silly on the n90014:51
Wizzupyou're probably hearing 'tv out' :)14:51
KotCzarnyshouldnt it turn off on the n900's side automatically when it detects headphones?14:51
KotCzarnymight be that his headphones have weird impedance14:52
KotCzarnywhich doesnt trigger that14:52
sixwheeledbeasttv out wouldn't be active in "audio" mode AFAIK14:52
WizzupI very carefully pick headphones with two rings for my fremantle phone14:52
KotCzarnysimple fix would be getting 3--4 rings adapters14:53
Wizzupeverything else (apart from the nokia ones you get with them) are snafu14:53
sixwheeledbeastI only use nokia headset.14:53
sixwheeledbeastthey are pretty decent IMO. wh205 IIRC14:54
KotCzarnyfor example14:57
KotCzarnyor similar14:58
sixwheeledbeastI would say is more suitable15:02
KotCzarnyanyway, its a possible solution15:06
KotCzarny2 rings might be better to short the video to gnd and make n900's detection work15:06
KotCzarnyand shutdown signal on it15:06
sicelo2 rings means what?15:08
KotCzarnyonly audio, old minijacks15:09
sicelostereo or mono?15:09
KotCzarnyas opposed to TRRG15:09
KotCzarnymono would be TG15:09
KotCzarnyin that case it should be called 1 ring, so i guess to better stick to TxxG15:10
infobotKotCzarny meant: in that case it should be called 1 ring, so i guess to better stick to TxxS15:10
KotCzarnytip, ring, shield/ground15:10
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sixwheeledbeastA 2R to S crossover is just more useful to have than a 4 to 3 pole convertor but i imagine both should work for this purpose15:32
KotCzarnyall depends how that second ring is wired or not15:33
KotCzarnyand how n900 detects headphones vs tv15:33
sicelohp vs tv is detected using the 75-ohm impendance thing15:33
sixwheeledbeastheadphones = mic/ground is short, headset = mic has an impedence, tv out 75 ohm on video15:35
KotCzarnyisnt there a button too?15:35
KotCzarnywhich also abuses that additional ring15:35
sicelothe button shorts mic, iirc :)15:36
sixwheeledbeastheadset type state is set on plug in. button shorts the mic out15:36
KotCzarnyi suspect his headphones have impedance that is hovering around that 75ohm with some margin15:37
sixwheeledbeastI'd expect them to be much lower15:37
siceloKotCzarny: put in Samsung phone hp in your N900 .. it'll do what he's talking about. it's a known 'problem' - hence the convertor as suggested by sixwheeledbeast.15:38
sicelonot hp, headset (with mic)15:39
sixwheeledbeastit's the same for any device with the wrong 4pin type. Playstation 4 controller for example.15:39
sixwheeledbeastthis is why I say a OMTP to AHJ convertor is more useful.15:40
KotCzarnystill, ring-count adapter i would call it. unless it has some voodoo inside15:41
KotCzarnyimpedance thingy?15:42
sicelothe convertor? it's just straight-through wires. nothing else15:43
sixwheeledbeastthe two things we posted do different jobs?15:44
sixwheeledbeastthey have not active components but are different15:44
KotCzarnyboth should short second ring to shield, no?15:45
sicelono. one will swap them.15:46
KotCzarnythat would do the wrong thing15:46
sixwheeledbeastdifferent things but same goal15:46
sixwheeledbeastfor this purpose15:46
sicelomaybe the question is - what is the difference between AHJ and OMTP, in terms of wiring, that is15:46
sixwheeledbeast2r and S is flipped15:47
sixwheeledbeastthat's all the converter does cross them over15:47
sixwheeledbeast4 to 3 pin would short mic and ground at the adapter15:48
sicelohere's a picture,
KotCzarnyshouldnt it be backwards compatible?15:48
KotCzarnyhah, in this case you are right15:48
siceloso yes, if you need to use mic, you need to have the mic swapped out with ground. if you don't need mic, you can short the entire sleep15:48
sixwheeledbeastbackwards compatible? they are two different standards (blame apple)15:48
KotCzarnyconverter might be better than just dumb trrs->trs15:49
sixwheeledbeastheadphones will work in both, but headsets have buzzing nosie on the wrong one.15:49
untakenstupidnicis there a way i could type <>{} without a virtual keyboard?16:17
KotCzarnyremap some keys16:17
infobot1 packet transmitted, 1 packet received, 0.0% packet loss16:18
infobotit has been said that keyremap is
sixwheeledbeastIf you only need them in terminal you also have an option to change just the terminal quickbar.16:19
bencohI have a keymap I could share16:22
bencohfor non-qwerty devices16:22
untakenstupidnici want to write C and i'm puzzled how could i fit <>{}[] on the keyboard16:30
KotCzarnydont forget the |16:30
KotCzarnyand some other special chars16:30
untakenstupidnicnever thought trigraphs would be of use16:30
untakenstupidnici should check if they themselves could be written16:31
KotCzarnyi have mapped | to fn-z i think or something16:32
KotCzarnybut you really should just get bt keyboard16:33
untakenstupidnicwhat  is it?16:33
KotCzarnybluetooth keyboard16:33
KotCzarnyit might be possible to connect plain usb keyboard to n900, but it all depends how much power it would draw (so no fancy leds etc)16:34
untakenstupidnicbut it wouldn't be quite mobile16:35
bencohI don't remember which layer I'm using though16:38
bencohI think the "de" one, but I'm not certain16:38
bencohyeah, that's the one16:38
bencohyou might need to adapt it to match your keyboard overlay16:39
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