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brolin_empeyDid I find a bug in Vivaldi?  Vivaldi on Windows 10 with a 3840×2160 viewport will not change the zoom from the default/initial for this image.  IE11 functions as expected.  I did not try with any other Web browser, such as Firefox, because I usually use only Vivaldi.06:33
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brolin_empeyActually, it looks like Vivaldi on my home computer is in its partial failure mode again after running continuously for at least a week because I just loaded but apparently none of the inline images have loaded even though they should automatically load.  This happens with Vivaldi on my office computer too.  I started adding it to my calendar when it happens because I am curious to know how often it happens.  The reliable workaround07:25
brolin_empeyfor the unreliable software is to exit and restart Vivaldi.07:25
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brolin_empeyYes, the inability to change the zoom for the image was because Vivaldi had been running continuously for sufficiently long that it had entered its partial failure mode again and had to be manually restarted.07:40
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brolin_empeyIs there a place that sells USB SSDs that has a filter so I can eliminate all of the models that lack a power/activity indicator light?  I am curious to know what the smallest (as in volume, not storage capacity) model is that has a light.09:37
brolin_empeyOr is there a brand of USB SSD that still has a light on every model?09:39
MaxdamantusWhen you say "USB SSD", you mean like a flash drive, right? Not just a regular SSD in an enclosure.09:40
MaxdamantusThe pricespy system for NZ seems to have that capability.09:41
MaxdamantusI think you're in Australia, but I imagine there's probably a similar site.09:41
brolin_empeyMaxdamantus: I intentionally generalise “USB flash drive” to “USB SSD” because the type of non-volatile memory used does not seem relevant and may not always be flash memory.09:43
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brolin_empeyI do not know why you would think I live in Australia?  I live in Metro Vancouver, Canada.09:45
MaxdamantusAh right.09:45
MaxdamantusApparently this doesn't actually have volume (only weight), but it's probably somewhat informative anyway:
MaxdamantusThe features column should include "LED (Diode)" if it has a light. Doesn't seem to let you exclude the feature though so you just have to mentally ignore them.09:47
brolin_empeyEh, I only want models that have a light, which is why I said I want to eliminate all of the models that lack a light.09:49
Maxdamantusalso regarding the "USB SSD" thing, I don't think the logic behind your use of terminology really makes sense.09:51
Maxdamantus"SSD" already kind of means something else. Not all devices with solid state storage are considered to be "SSDs".09:52
brolin_empeyI do not think it makes sense to call it a “flash drive” when it could use a different non-volatile memory technology than flash memory.  It would be like saying “LCD” instead of “flat-panel display”: many devices, including some x86 notebook computers, not only mobile ARM computers, now use an LED display instead of an LCD.09:55
MaxdamantusIf you want to be precise, you could always just say "USB solid state storage device". "SSD" basically just refers to things that talk the same protocols as typical hard disk drives.09:57
Maxdamantusbut might as well just say "USB storage device" since you're practically not going to find anything that's not solid state (at least, not if you're looking for something small)09:58
Maxdamantusor at least replace the functionality of HDDs09:59
brolin_empey“Storage” does not imply “non-volatile memory”.  If I want to be precise and also very verbose then I would call it a non-volatile memory device with a USB Mass Storage device class host interface.  I believe that “NVMe SSD” is a common term even though HDDs do not use NVMe.  GNU+Linux and probably other OSses do not treat USB drives differently than ATA drives like Windows does so a USB SSD can replace an ATA HDD in some cases.10:03
brolin_empeyI mean a solid-state non-volatile memory device.10:04
brolin_empeyI do not want to say “solid-state non-volatile memory device with a USB Mass Storage device class host interface” if I can say “USB SSD”.10:07
luke-jrstorage kinda does imply non-volatility10:13
KotCzarnyyou need to define non-volatility period too10:13
KotCzarnyas so far there is no infinite non-volatility for human made storages10:13
brolin_empeyI do not see why the use of a USB host interface instead of an ATA host interface means the device should not be called a solid-state drive.  Unnecessarily specifying which of multiple possible types of technology is used, such as by saying “flash drive” instead of “solid-state drive” is just asking for the term or name to become historical, like saying “CD” instead of “optical disc” as another common example because DVD media have replaced10:14
brolin_empeyCD media for many applications.10:14
MaxdamantusBecause if we used the terminology in that way, my N900 would have multiple SSDs in it.10:15
KotCzarnyemmc is ssd10:16
KotCzarnyfast enough to define it as such10:16
KotCzarnyand recent sdcards are crazy fast too10:16
MaxdamantusIt can't be based on speed.10:18
KotCzarnyaccording to wiki ssd was conceived in 197810:20
KotCzarnybut only got implemented around 1991 as a 2.5" drive10:20
brolin_empeyluke-jr: No, it does not.  In the hierarchy of computer storage, primary storage is the main memory, which is usually RAM, which is volatile memory, and secondary storage is non-volatile memory, such as rotating magnetic media and flash memory.10:21
KotCzarnySSDs based on NAND Flash will slowly leak charge over time if left for long periods without power. This causes worn-out drives (that have exceeded their endurance rating) to start losing data typically after one year10:21
KotCzarnyso there goes 'storage' part10:21
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brolin_empeyHDDs seem to suck for my use case because I leave my computers always running and need the non-volatile memory of the computer to always be accessible but HDDs fail if they are always running because they have moving parts that wear out even if the magnetic discs have theoretically unlimited write endurance.10:32
brolin_empeyAlso, the term “RAM drive” was common long before SSDs began replacing HDDs in desktop computers.10:37
brolin_empeyKotCzarny: “wiki” is a common noun, not a proper noun.  Wikipedia is one of many wikis.  Actually, Wikipedia is a collection of wikis in multiple natural/human languages.  In this case I guess you mean the English- or Polish-language Wikipedia but maybe you can read more natural languages than English and Polish.10:41
luke-jrRAM isn't storage11:22
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enycKotCzarny: what? never heard tha before!12:48
KotCzarnysee the wikipedia for 'ssd'12:50
KotCzarnyit's for 'drives past some expiration date', but it's a real problem12:51
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enycbrolin_empey: indee 'ss'd somewhat arbitrary-distinction.  I districtly get impression  "SSDs"  intended to be used as system and such,  more write cycles, wear levelling, nad so-on, basically ...15:51
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