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buZzand unswappable battery?00:00
buZzluke-jr: i'm really liking the droid4 with leste00:01
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luke-jrbuZz: I've swapped mine a few times00:01
luke-jrcustom battery tho, so when they stop making it, we're screwed :/00:01
luke-jronce a year it seems00:01
buZzits amazing how many different sizes of lipo pouches you can get on aliexpress btw00:02
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apason_mist sais kuivattui neekereitä00:02
luke-jrbuZz: GPD Win 2 batteries are 2 batteries glued together basically00:02
buZzlike this ; , -looks- like the right size to fit in a droid400:03
apason_sorry, wrong channel and stupid inside joke00:03
buZzluke-jr: i'm sure you're able to glue something yourself :)00:03
luke-jrbuZz: not going to try unless I absolutely have to00:04
luke-jrjust got 2 new batteries00:04
luke-jrcost me $100 :<00:05
luke-jrone I had to use immediately, and 1 spare00:05
buZzin zipit z2 , originally it came with a 1230mAh cell, grabbing one from aliexpress that fit gave me 2000mAh and ~10 hr of usage00:06
luke-jrthis time around, I configured my CPU to max at 50% CPU00:06
luke-jrand turned off half the cores00:07
luke-jrhopefully that will help avoid battery expansion00:07
buZzbrightness down helps a ton aswell :)00:07
buZzand not going under ~10% and over ~90%00:07
luke-jrmost of the time I keep the screen off00:07
luke-jrand I configured it to hibernate at 40% a year ago :p00:07
luke-jrI can't avoid going over 90%00:07
luke-jrstupid Chinese people don't understand when I ask how to turn off the charger in software :/00:08
luke-jr(not that Chinese people are stupid, but these particular Chinese people don't understand English well enough)00:08
buZzor you dont know enough mandarin :D00:08
luke-jrwell, they *could* have different staff for each language00:09
buZzor outsource it to us00:09
luke-jryeah, no reason they shouldn't be able to get batteries made in the US and avoid $80 shipping00:11
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ShadowJKThe contrast between english speaking world and the rest is pretty stark02:02
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ShadowJKI was dealing with an industrial supplier in Italy, fully expecting that there'd be no issue communicating in english in europe02:03
ShadowJKThen they kinda fucked up their email replies. The engineer I was talking to, in his email reply, accidentally quoted the 3 different translators he had been emailing to figure out what I was saying :(02:04
ShadowJKI should have known it was suspicious when they were replying in less broken english than the germans usually do...02:05
ShadowJK(germans dont use translators, they just write german if they dont know english words)02:05
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luke-jryikes, what were you saying⁇ lol05:49
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MaxdamantusHmm .. yeah, this N810 lighter socket charger seems to be putting out voltages that seem very suspicious to me.13:57
MaxdamantusWhen it's not plugged in, it puts out 11.65 V (input voltage is around 12.6 V, so it's not directly connected)13:58
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Maxdamantus22:59:02 < Maxdamantus> it's Nokia-branded, and it says "5.7 V/890 mA"14:04
Maxdamantus22:59:53 < Maxdamantus> when I plug the N810 in, it drops to 3.something then goes up to 5.7 then after a couple of seconds the N810 says "Not charging" and it goes back up to 11.65 V.14:04
Maxdamantus23:01:37 < Maxdamantus> I remember when I was measuring the current draw yesterday, it wasn't drawing any current after that "Not charging" message, so presumably either the device is meant to handle that seemingly high voltage, or there's some overvoltage protection or something, dunno.14:04
KotCzarnymost likely14:04
KotCzarnyso that initial peak is for identification?14:09
KotCzarnystill, it shouldnt go over 9.xV14:09
KotCzarnymaybe you have some fake charger?14:10
MaxdamantusYep, seems to be all working if I just keep it around 5 V at the output.14:10
MaxdamantusDoesn't seem like it would be fake. I think it's just faulty.14:16
MaxdamantusWouldn't imagine someone would bother faking the Nokia brand on a charger.14:17
Maxdamantusand it doesn't seem like a cheap PCB inside.14:17
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VajbTypical behaviour in cheap non regulated chargers. Voltage settles to correct amount when sufficient load is connected14:21
VajbI've seen this in old car battery chargers at least14:21
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MaxdamantusI'm not particularly experienced with electronics, but I don't think that looks like some ripoff of a Nokia charger.14:22
VajbMe neither. Just some observation I've made14:26
KotCzarnyquick google says there are multiple 'dc-4' versions, lol14:28
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