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OksanaStellarium! Nice to see open-source software being featured so in a news article.01:57
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brolin_empeyI fixed the APT sources.list file on the Ubuntu 10.04.x LTS computer, installed curl but apparently curl has the same failure mode as wget when trying to download a file from , probably because both wget and curl use the same antiquated version or build of OpenSSL that does not support a newer version of TLS or a newer cipher or whatever now requires that the client software from around 2011 does12:46
brolin_empeynot support.  This limitation still does not matter in practice, though, because I have the easy workaround I already described.12:46
brolin_empeyI wonder if the software included with Mac OS X 10.5.x , which is what my mid-2007 MacBook currently has, has this same limitation.12:53
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AStormfolks, I need a browser for n810 with diablo CSSU which would open Google Drive16:30
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bencohif anything, I'd rather try one of the linux gdrive clients16:32
bencoh(gdrive, rclone, ...)16:32
AStormnone of the following work: MicroB, Opera, Fennec, Midori16:32
Fabberozzimodaymn son, n810... thats oldschool16:32
AStormI was unable to locate Tear16:32
KotCzarnyhow about vnc?16:33
KotCzarnyif all you need is reading something mobile16:33
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AStormnah, I'm trying to retrocompute this thing into usability16:34
TimoAStorm: chromium on easy debian?16:34
AStormvnc would sidestep the problem and require too much networking availability16:35
AStormTimo, maybe, who knows16:35
bencohAStorm: you could build rclone for arm and run it on n81016:35
AStormhow ancient is easy debian?16:35
KotCzarnymemory shortage16:35
KotCzarny128mb is little16:35
bencohit's written in go, and builds as a static binary16:35
AStormchromium will probably die, fennec almost dies even with zramfs16:35
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bencoh(I usually hate that, but I have to admit that for old platforms it's a blessing)16:35
AStormnew version of midori would be nice16:35
KotCzarnybtw. do you need generic gdrive access or single one?16:36
AStormmostly once, but it shows the browsers are too outdated for modern internet16:37
AStormthey're about the same as what's available for... Windows 98 SE :P16:37
KotCzarnybrowser + some shell script to mount and display it as a local dir?16:37
TimoNot sure if FUSE is available for N810, but if so it might be worth the effort to see if you can get the google drive FUSE extension to work16:38
AStormcome on, I want that thing to browse the internet, not work around google ;)16:38
KotCzarnygoodle is a pig16:38
KotCzarnybig fat pig16:38
AStormthat it is16:38
KotCzarnytrying to chew that pig with small jaw is futile16:38
bencohAStorm: unfortunately with such a limited device, actual browsing might seem ... difficult16:39
AStormeh raspi can do it, so can n81016:39
KotCzarnyrun raspi with mem=128M16:39
KotCzarnythen please report the results16:39
AStormI did, raspberry pi v1, with midori it mostly works, though slow16:39
AStormwith zramfs and some swap it's even decent16:39
AStormI guess I'll have to build new midori then, somehow16:40
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norayrwhat was the tool to create vkb files? these files are unavailable now.17:30
AStormdunno, but these are plain text17:36
AStormor maybe not, wrong file17:37
norayryep, doesnt exist.17:37
AStormJolla should still have the tools in source code17:37
AStormxkb files though are definitely plaintext17:38
AStormfound it, still exists:
AStormere you go17:40
AStormeven the sources are still there17:40
AStormfor vkb, you want vkb_compiler.{c,h}17:41
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