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AStormhello, is this alive after 12 years? how can I upgrade the old n810 still?12:39
AStormdusted it off and it still... somewhat works12:39
AStormneeds an SD card in the miniSD adapter though, and I cannot find one right now12:39
AStormit has OS 2008 ancient history on it12:44
sixwheeledbeastI know very little about the n810 but someone may do12:45
AStormgot the flasher and stuff, but is there anything actually new for this ancient hardware12:45
AStormof course is long gone12:46
AStormrepository seems to end in 201312:47
AStormoriginal catalogue is gone too12:48
AStormbut still exists12:48
AStormI'll check what's on it, chinook, gregale, diablo or fremantle12:48
sixwheeledbeastI wouldn't think so. lots of infra was broken when microsoft took over nokia the community have kept what they could working12:49
bencohn810 most probably runs diablo12:49
bencohas for, it doesn't host any of the "base" repositories12:50
sixwheeledbeastdiablo sounds right12:50
bencoh(apart from sdk stuff)12:50
bencohunfortunately I never mirrored diablo, but afair a few maemo members did back then12:50
AStormthere's this ancient history:
AStormof course if mer or anything else is more recommended for this old hardware, I'm game12:51
AStormthe device has the alternate custom initramfs12:51
AStormor was it bootloader12:51
AStormone with a menu12:51
bencohmer won't run there12:52
bencoh128MB ram will probably be short for maemo-leste as well12:52
bencohalthough I wonder how short12:52
sixwheeledbeastpmOS ?12:53
bencohmaybe pmOS yeah :)12:53
AStormlooks like chinook is on it, at least that's what set in repositories12:53
bencohwith some really lightweight wm12:53
bencohAStorm: I'd backup everything I could first12:53
AStormpmOS would be fine if it fits12:53
sixwheeledbeastanyway to make leste lighter?12:53
AStormoh it is backed up all right somewhere, can back it up more12:54
bencohsixwheeledbeast: how much does leste actually take at boot?12:54
bencoh(after a fresh boot I mean)12:54
AStormso, flasher can do full backup right?12:54
bencohfull as in "drop full mmc/nand image here and I'll flash it back"? doubt it, but dunno12:55
sixwheeledbeastno idea12:55
bencohwell, it can flash alright12:55
bencohbut I doubt there is an easy way to make such an image12:55
AStormmmm I think it either needs a cable or initramfs, let's see a reboot12:58
AStormI even have Opera 10.1 beta on it :312:58
AStormha I still remember the magic key combo12:59
AStormwow I have mer on this too13:03
AStormhowever the standard cable I have is not compatible with flasher - I have the nokia cable but elsewhere13:04
sixwheeledbeastProbably just a charging cable with the data pins shorted13:18
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AStormanyway flasher cannot make a backup, I'll have to get here some Linux13:25
AStormhmm the device is "seen" but not by flasher13:26
AStormlooks like Nokia BB5 ADL loader13:27
sicelois it armhf/armv7? if not, pmOS won't work13:59
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AStormit can run armv714:08
AStormit's TI OMAP 2xxx some number14:09
AStormTI OMAP 2420 specifically, 128 MB ram14:09
AStormoof, I think it's armv6 with Thumb 214:11
AStormas in ARM1136 or something with PowerVR14:12
AStormit does have hard fpu.14:14
AStormso it's armhf I suppose14:14
AStormhowever, it's armv6 with hard fpu, not armv7; it does not support thumb 214:15
siceloanyway isn't like pmOS is any efficient. it just should be lighter than Leste because it doesn't force you to use hildon ... for that RAM, I suppose only choice would be something like i3 (unless you're lucky xfce works)14:15
AStormold matchbox perhaps, like mer14:15
siceloiirc alpine (on which pmOS is based) dropped armv6 long ago14:15
AStormI could always gentoo it up14:16
AStormthe big trick is kernel and powervr mbx lite driver14:16
AStormpotentially GPS driver too14:16
siceloor debian (devuan) :)14:16
AStormthe CPU is supported even in linux 514:17
AStormyeah I think OMAP 2420 might be supported enough as it's v6 hardfp14:20
AStormalbeit it's faster with as little fp as possible14:21
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AStormI think the setup for Nokia N9 would work14:50
AStormthat one had OMAP 363014:51
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