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brolin_empeyDocScrutinizer05: As I already explained, the computer will not boot from a drive installed in the drive bays in the front if the RAID controller is disabled because these drive bays are connected to the RAID controller.  Apparently the computer was running from the single physical HDD with RAID, which does not make sense but I am not the person who originally installed the OS on this computer in 2013 or 2014.  The contents of the HDD are not different02:01
brolin_empeybecause of the use of RAID because the RAID controller is hardware, not software.  I cloned the HDD onto an SSD then connected the SSD to the normal SATA port on the motherboard instead of to the RAID controller by replacing the ODD in the computer with the SSD.  There is no new computer, it is only the one, same computer but I wanted to replace the HDD with an SSD before the HDD fails.02:01
DocScrutinizer05sorry, too long03:12
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OksanaAnybody around to help with fastboot?06:34
OksanaBecause I don't get DEVICE STATE - locked in FastBoot Mode of this "PRODUCT_NAME - msm8998" Fxtec Pro1.06:35
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OksanaErasing personal data just because I am unlocking the bootloader... Fancy. But I do not have any personal data yet, no photographs, no videos, no audio, not even set a ringtone, no contacts, no emails...06:38
OksanaWhen I am trying to do step "fastboot set_active a", I get "error: Could not get suffixes."06:50
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brolin_empeyDocScrutinizer05: Do you mean too long for you to read or that my message was truncated because it was too long?11:53
brolin_empeyApparently this is what happens to a swollen/bulging/bloated Galaxy Note 4 battery left outdoors in the winter:11:55
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