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brolin_empeyMaxdamantus: Search the page for “without raid”.  It sounds like the drive bays at the front of the PowerEdge 2950 are connected to a RAID host controller card but that the motherboard also has SATA host ports but they are not intended to have an HDD/SSD connected to them.  So, this seems to explain why I can only boot from the SATA SSD installed in the drive01:37
brolin_empeybay/backplane/I do not know my terminology for actual server computer hardware in the front using RAID.  I guess I should try to connect the SATA SSD directly to the motherboard even if that requires disconnecting the internal ODD.  I can probably use a USB ODD if I ever need an ODD on this computer again now that the OS is already installed on the HDD/SSD in the computer.01:37
MaxdamantusNow that you mention an ODD, is that ODD connected directly to one of the motherboard's SATA ports? Because if so, you might want to try connecting it to a different one.01:55
MaxdamantusUsually the M.2 SATA slot is physically shared with one of the SATA ports.01:55
Maxdamantussince the CPU/chipset will have a particular number of logical SATA ports (eg, 6 or 8), and the motherboard will usually provide physical SATA ports for all of those logical ports, and if it supports M.2, it will reuse one of the physical ports there.01:57
Maxdamantusnvm, you didn't mention M.202:00
brolin_empeyI removed the top of the case to see the internals of the computer.  The SATA(PI) ODD is connected to the SATA B connector on the motherboard.  The SATA A connector on the motherboard has nothing connected.  This model of computer is apparently from 2007 so I think it predates M.2 and maybe even mSATA.  I guess I could use a caddy/adapter designed to install a 2.5-inch HDD or SSD in the drive bay used by an ODD in a notebook computer in the drive bay used02:00
brolin_empeyfor the ODD in this computer.  I think the samsung700z notebook computer of my father from 2012 that died a year or two ago has one of these caddies/adapters I can reuse.  This situation actually seems to make sense now because the motherboard firmware refers to or mentions something like SATA A and SATA B ports but only shows the ODD for these ports.02:00
Maxdamantusbut it sounds like the "RAID" option is using a separate card. Does the motherboard only have one physical SATA port?02:01
MaxdamantusYou'd certainly want to connect the drive to the board directly if you want to avoid going through the RAID card.02:02
Maxdamantus(connect the drive to the motherboard)02:02
brolin_empeyThe motherboard has at least two SATA host ports using normal SATA connectors.  I only see two SATA ports and the motherboard firmware only mentions two ports so I think it has only two ports.02:03
brolin_empeyThe blue SATA data cable for the ODD is connected to the SATA B port on the motherboard.  The unused SATA connector on the motherboard is for the SATA A port.02:17
MaxdamantusOkay. From Googling, it sounds like you can enable/disable the two SATA ports, and I get the impression it might be an error for a drive to not be detected in an enabled SATA port, so maybe you need to enable the currently-unused one.02:19
brolin_empeyThe SATA(PI) ODD uses a slimline SATA connector instead of normal, separate SATA data and wide SATA power connectors so I cannot directly replace the ODD with the 2.5-inch SATA drive case for the mSATA SSD.  I have to either use the caddy for a notebook computer ODD bay or try to fit an LP4 to SATA power adapter/cable in the available space.  Or find a slimline SATA to normal SATA adapter, which I guess is commercially available?02:26
brolin_empeyI solved one problem but now I have a new problem.  I removed the slimline SATA to 2.5-inch normal SATA drive caddy from the samsung700z notebook computer that died, used this caddy to connect the 2.5-inch normal SATA drive case for the mSATA SSD to the SATA_A port on the PowerEdge 2950 motherboard.  Now the PowerEdge boots the OS (Ubuntu) from the mSATA SSD connected as a normal SATA drive without using RAID but I still have to press at least one key while03:13
brolin_empeythe computer is booting and apparently the fans are always running full speed, which is very loud.  Any idea why the fans do not automatically change to the slow/quieter mode?  The rotational pseudofile for sda now contains 0, as it should, because the SSD is connected directly to the motherboard as a normal SATA drive, not connected to the RAID controller.03:13
brolin_empeyI think the fans may have eventually slowed because they seem quieter now.03:16
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DocScrutinizer05>> If I disable the RAID controller then I cannot get the computer to boot from the SATA SSD but the computer seems to have noticed that I replaced the SATA HDD [1 Feb 2020 10:56:02] <brolin_empey> with a SATA SSD even though the new drive is a clone of the old drive<<  sounds like your cloned data on drive was from a RAID drive, IOW your old computer had RAID enabled and so you need RAID on new computer too18:09
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