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* Oksana waves06:41
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brolin_empey$ cat enyc09:09
brolin_empeyHello Oksana.09:09
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badcloud_I remember there is an application that allows the N900 to bypass the "swipe to unlock" screen, just can't remember the name of it... anyone?12:26
badcloud_So that the power button unlocks the device12:32
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halftuxbadcloud_ you need to edit /etc/mce/mce.ini to change the PowerKeyShortAction from menu to tklock12:50
halftuxcan be done maybe with the tweakr application12:51
badcloud_halftux is it possible to retain the menu option and only make short press unlock when device is locked?12:52
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badcloud_The menu is kind of handy12:53
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halftuxbadcloud_: in principle everything should be possible but don't know how much work it will be14:29
badcloud_halftux right14:30
halftuxI think with the volume buttons it is easier but why you don't use the slider button is it broken?14:30
badcloud_Nope, not broken. I was just looking for a one-handed solution14:34
halftuxtwo fingers on the top side the thumb on the bottom side and on the right side with the forefinger moving the button. If you have enough training you could also open the keyboard with one hand...14:42
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GNUtooHi, is Tor blocking intended on* and** (not sure about this one though) ?19:02
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