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brolin_empeyYou can use a USB↔Ethernet adapter on the N900, at least with the asix Linux driver in the power kernel.07:48
Oksanaabrolin_empey: How does it show up in GUI?07:54
OksanaaI have a USB-Ethernet adapter (or two), but most of my Nokia N900s have broken microUSB port.07:54
MaxdamantusI imagine it wouldn't show up in the usual Maemo GUI.07:57
OksanaaMaxdamantus: Interesting. Is it the same for USB Internet?08:01
* Oksanaa wonders how it could be written into GUI - but later, later. Doable but not urgent.08:02
MaxdamantusI'm not familiar with the way USB ethernet (presumably under g_nokia/"PC Suite mode") works.08:03
* Maxdamantus just uses g_ether and uses `ifconfig` to set a static IP address there.08:04
OksanaaGUI presumably also interacts with ifconfig or something like that?08:07
MaxdamantusI doubt it. I can see when connecting to a WiFi network, it uses `udhcpc` to make DHCP requests. I suspect for a static address configuration, the calls would just be made within the icd2 process, but dunno.08:09
Maxdamantusafaict, the way you set the IP address of an interface on Linux is by creating a socket with protocol = IPPROTO_IP, and then you can perform a `SIOCSIFADDR` ioctl on that fd to set the address of any interface.08:16
Maxdamantusso probably easy enough to just do within icd2 or some plugin or whatever, dunno how icd works.08:16
MaxdamantusDHCP is more complicated, so it makes sense to run another program to handle that.08:17
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KotCzarnyi think she has normal usb2eth dongle08:36
KotCzarnywhich should show as ethX08:36
KotCzarnyso itbut anyway, ifconfig/udhcpc should work08:37
KotCzarnyas long the dongle's chip is supported in 2.6 kernel08:37
MaxdamantusIndeed, when I said I suspect the GUI wouldn't show it, that's just because the GUI probably only deals with "wlan0" and maybe "gprs0", etc, rather than any arbitrary device that the kernel exposes.08:44
KotCzarnyoh and there is issue about power08:45
KotCzarnyn900's musb might not supply enough08:45
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brolin_empeyIt has been years since I connected my N900 to a wired LAN but, if I recall correctly, I had to use ifconfig or ip, route, and other programs from the Command-Line Interface to get it working.  I used the D-Link DUB-E100 model of USB↔Fast Ethernet adapter because it is what was used by a YouTube video demonstrating connecting the N900 to a wired LAN with this model of adapter but they had an earlier revision of the adapter that I could no longer buy so I09:44
brolin_empeyhad to patch the asix driver in the power kernel for Maemo 5 to add the new USB vendor:product identifier combinations that had been added to the asix driver in the mainline kernel since the 2.6.28 kernel used by Maemo 5.  I think the file I had to patch is named asix_devices.c but that was in 2013, which is six years ago.09:44
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