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CerpinHey, I'm trying to get CSSU going, and don't appear to be able to apt-get upgrade after installing it due to some expired keys from muarf. Is there another, better mirror for use  somewhere?00:16
Cerpin(I need to do this without HAM because there are a bunch of conflicts from libqt4 stuff, at least that's the recommendation I saw for dealing with such issues on the install page)00:17
sicelokeys are expired from Nokia. ignore the key warnings.00:18
Cerpin(this is on an N900, sorry. missed that crucial piece of info)00:18
CerpinOh, so those are from Nokia, and just mirrored over, etc.?00:18
sicelos/the key/key/00:18
infobotsicelo meant: keys are expired from Nokia. ignore key warnings.00:18
siceloyes  Cerpin00:19
Cerpin--allow-unauthenticated it is. thanks00:19
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brolin_empeyI ordered the KingSpec mSATA SSDs;  apparently the order has already been shipped.10:43
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xesbrolin_empey: if you plan to use jmicron adapters to fit it into old laptops, take care of libata drm queries... maybe you will have to use kernel 4.4 or older14:22
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brolin_empeyxes: All of the SATA SSDs from this order are planned to replace SATA HDDs connected to a SATA host controller so I do not think I have to worry about issues using an mSATA SSD as a PATA HDD, which I think is what you are referring to?19:54
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xesbrolin_empey: you are correct20:44
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brolin_empeyxes: OK.20:46
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buZzi didnt even know you could do that21:33
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