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gillbsunshavi: oh that would be bad yes00:06
gillbmy droid4 keyboards respond correctly to presses00:06
gillband the button travel is way better than n90000:06
gillband the spacing00:06
gillband the TWO more rows00:06
siceloi do experience the problem sunshavi is mentioning with droid 4 keyboard, but only on the '0' key00:11
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gillbsicelo: what are chances of getting some gpu acceleration on droid 4?00:24
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MaxdamantusI've found the keyboards on my N900s feel fairly different to each other.00:41
Maxdamantusalso, the keys on my current N900 have been falling off recently.00:42
* Maxdamantus has been sticking them back on with silicone.00:42
sicelogillb: gpu acceleration? if you mean on linux mainline kernel, Wizzup will know better, but it's promising00:43
siceloMaxdamantus: does the silicone hold well?00:43
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gillbi will start crying here if we can do accelerated scaling and some video on droid 400:43
Maxdamantussicelo: seems to hold reasonably well, though the first one only came off a couple of weeks ago, so hasn't had a huge amount of testing time.00:44
MaxdamantusHave to be careful with the amount though: on the first two keys, I used a bit too much silicone, so they feel quite stiff when you press them.00:44
MaxdamantusThe silicone I'm using is actually just bathroom sealant.00:46
Wizzupsicelo: gillb
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xmnhey since I have some of you folks here. does rss feed still work for you in the built-in osso-rss reader? I'm using
xmnIt just stopped work one day maybe the middle of this year01:50
sunshavii think n900 kbd is rought than droid 4. But that is according to my workflow YMMV :)02:05
sunshaviWizzup: leste on pinephone could be my next smartphone02:05
sunshavieven I know i am leaving a great kbd02:06
sunshavixmn: last time i used osse-rss reader was almost 5  years ago on an n800. now i read rss within emacs02:08
xmnyeah most dont seem to like it02:09
sunshavii liked it. At that time my emacs was not hildonized02:10
sunshavialmost impossible using emacs at that time02:10
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xmnI guess I like the fact that you can see your list of rss feeds and number of unread and well as the feed your actually reading.03:18
xmnSo I usually hide the list, but nice when I not sure what I want to read next03:18
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gillbi was one of the roughly 700 that got a free n900 in amsterdam18:42
gillbthat was pretty crazy18:42
bencohWhat was in amsterdam?19:07
gillbmaemo conference, 2009 bencoh19:07
gillbtbh maybe a reasonable investment from advertising budgets alone19:08
gillba tv ad running like 50k..19:08
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