IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2019-11-09

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gillbi am interested in what shaders can run on maemo18:04
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gillbso now it's 10 years after the n90020:10
gillbany of you have thoughts on why it didn't become successful?20:10
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xmnprice, apps, wrong timing and price. Done20:20
gillb700 was about right for the best communicator at the time20:26
gillbthe sad conclusion is that market success is not predominantly based on building a 'better mousetrap'20:26
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xmnthough nokia was too arrogant back in those days.21:13
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xmnAlso if they had n9 earlier to fight the iphone then it might be a different story21:13
gillbxmn: n900 could do more than iphone upon release21:36
gillbother factors dominated, not capabilities21:36
gillbpolitics, access21:36
gillbbut apple was smarter in many ways about controlling access to the platform21:37
gillb"it has to be easy and adhering to this UI model"21:37
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xmngillb .. heh I know I still use mine ;P22:36
gillbyey xmn22:36
gillbanybody good with fixing usb connectors in europe?22:37
gillbi saw a thread about it22:37
gillbi tried some smt soldering with heat gun and i am very bad at this22:37
xmnbut nokia still had an opportunity to hit back at apple before they got a ton of market share. the n9 had the best review of an OS. It was ranked up there with iOS and webOS22:37
xmnthe usb is not as hard as an smt22:38
gillbthis stuff got me researching economics22:38
gillband path dependence of markets22:38
xmnit's not super hard. Just depends on how messed up it is22:38
KotCzarnyi strongly suspect nokia failed, because there was a bigger plan to make nokia fail22:38
KotCzarnyand make them sell cheap22:39
xmnKotCzarny yes, but this was after the n900 had been on the market for a bit.22:39
gillbi have learned about other things, and it is possible in this world that companies like nokia can be attacked by a mix of state and nonstate actors22:39
KotCzarnynah, i suspect the plan was put in motion many years earlier22:40
xmnremember nokia had what 6 vers of there OS before it was Microsofted22:40
KotCzarnyyeah, but maemo was always sideproject for nerds22:40
xmnuntil iOS came out22:40
gillbremember the maemo guy lcuk?22:40
gillbhe pioneered swipe to use program interface for handhelds22:41
gillband tried to popularize it22:41
xmnbut that's my point. They had everything they needed. But were too big head to think anyone would want something else.22:41
MaxdamantusI don't think I would've heard about N900 if I weren't already into Linux-related things.22:48
MaxdamantusApple was already doing pretty well at marketing their products everywhere.22:48
KotCzarnyi got addicted with n80022:48
xmnwell it was in a lot of tech review for a while. But mostly as a nerd phone22:49
KotCzarnyand was very happy when they declared linux phone22:49
MaxdamantusSuccess in technology often doesn't have much to do with your ability to make good technology, but your ability to market it.22:49
xmnI came from a newton (burned by S. Job for killing it), then zaurus 5500 ... which showed me linux can work. Then almost n810 ... but straight to n90022:50
xmnMaxdamantus, I would say a bit of both22:50
xmnif you have great tech it will find a way, but not if it's not open standard.22:50
sunshaviwas nice when n800 appeared on the 4 fantastics movie or was n70022:51
KotCzarnywell, m$ tried to do windowsphone, but failed too22:51
KotCzarnyso its a matter of a bit of luck too22:51
KotCzarnyhitting the right vibe most22:51
sunshaviBill Gates said. It was a problem with the goverment and anti-trust rules22:51
xmnby the time MS tried to push Wphones it was too late really22:51
KotCzarnyso its not having tech or marketing solely22:52
xmnat the point it was iOS, android and Black Berry still22:52
sunshaviBG said. They were almost ready with windowsphone for the motorolla droid422:52
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sicelowho or what's BG?22:53
xmnwindow phone had some interesting aspects to it, but it was sadly attached to windows ... lol22:53
sunshaviBill Gates22:53
sunshaviyes. BG said before motorolla droid4. It was space 4 another player. And android got that place22:53
KotCzarnyanyway, fail of n900/maemo was mostly bad management at nokia22:53
sicelointeresting sunshavi. any links for that?22:54
xmnvery tru22:54
sunshavilet me look for it22:54
sicelothanks. will look at that shortly :)22:59
sunshavikotczarny: neon900 and pinephone hw could be a reality?23:03
siceloneo900 won't23:04
sunshavihas something on neon900 could be used on leste?23:05
sunshavii think the sw side of course23:05
siceloand pinephone seems to be going mostly as planned, so it's very probable23:05
sicelosunshavi: there was no SW component as far as Neo900 was concerned. it was going to run Maemo Fremantle, and by extension, Leste should have run on it23:06
sunshavigreat. That could be a great shot for having a linux phone  and leave my feature-phone  at home23:06
sunshavithanks sicelo. btw are you using cututube on n900?23:07
infobotsunshavi meant: thanks sicelo. btw are you using cutetube on n900?23:08
sicelovery rarely. i don't watch too many youtube videos  :)23:08
xmnI stopped trying to use youtube on n900 :(23:09
sunshavii follow a couple of podcast. Which i watch on my son ipod touch and I want not to use it23:09
sicelodoes cutetube not work again?23:10
sunshavis/podcast/video podcast/23:10
infobotsunshavi meant: i follow a couple of video podcast. Which i watch on my son ipod touch and I want not to use it23:10
sunshavii have not got it working. But I just was wondering if any of you guys are using it. I  think maxdamantus was using it23:11
xmnsicelo I don't know. It just became too much work to keep track of, so I just don't try. I think some may have foiund a way to make it work again ... just not sure.23:12
siceloeven after the recent work by halftux (and fmg?)?23:12
sicelosunshavi: ^23:12
sunshaviyes even after that video does not open. But at least it searches the videos23:13
MaxdamantusI don't use it. When I'm on holiday I often use youtube-dl on my N900 to download audio from youtube though.23:13
sicelowhat version of youtube-dl :)23:14
MaxdamantusI think I mentioned a few months ago that something like cutetube should really be using youtube-dl to ensure continued operation.23:14
MaxdamantusBasically latest from git.23:14
siceloruns as is on N900? i htink i once tried and had issues23:15
MaxdamantusIf it stops working, I'll just `git fetch && git checkout remotes/origin/master` and it should work again.23:15
sicelowow, should try again23:15
MaxdamantusI run it in a debian chroot.23:15
siceloah, makes sense then23:15
xmnif I could search with thumbnail and then download ... that could be work installing again. But probably still not worth it. usually friends with much faster phones with bigger screen can player the video before I even open cutetube ... lol23:15
sunshavixmn: actually i say this "a phone that does not run emacs is not an smartphone"23:21
gillbhello sunshavi do you have droid 423:27
gillbit is my favorite keyboard phone ever23:27
sunshavii used to have it. it broken23:27
gillbi have parts23:27
sunshavithe kbd on droid 4 is not as good as the one on the n90023:28
gillbok sunshavi that was a funny joke23:28
Wizzupleste will run on the pinephone23:29
sunshaviit is not a joke i am very serious about it. Have You tried coding on droid4?23:29
xmnI'm hoping for leste to run on a future smaller fx pro2 type device :D23:29
gillbsunshavi: you should program with a one-button keyboard23:31
gillbwith timing, you can time each byte with clicks23:31
sunshaviactually i would like a bt one hand kbd but those are very expensive for my tastes23:34
sunshavion droid4 kbd i need to press several times a key for getting it to work that turns me imprecise. n900 kbd does not have that issue23:37

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