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MaxdamantusNote to self: don't run fluidsynth as root on N900 with `-z 64 -c 2`10:50
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MaxdamantusN900 + fluidsynth + keyboard + b-griff keyboard interpreter:
sicelolovely! long live N900 :)13:10
Maxdamantusfluidsynth gets quite laggy though at those double notes.13:13
Maxdamantusmaybe need to use a simpler instrument or something, since I've noticed performance varies quite a bit depending on the instrument.13:14
MaxdamantusJust need to figure out how to turn the blue light off.13:15
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sicelodoes the blue light get stuck on when you're done using usbmode? the last time i used usb host on N900 that was an issue i observed13:21
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MaxdamantusIt at least goes away after removing the "PatternBoost" pattern from /etc/mce.ini and restarting mce (`killall mce`)13:23
Maxdamantusbut I have a suspicion it's just in some sort of error state, since the regular charging pattern doesn't come on (just shows solid orange while charging)13:24
MaxdamantusMeh, the SMS notification pattern still works at least, so it's okay.13:26
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WikiwideIt's fascinating... Does anybody else read epub books on Maemo 5?14:09
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siceloi do14:10
siceloi use Dorian. other readers don't work well for me, or my epubs14:11
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sicelohaha14:12 cert issues? my fireFox goes berserk about "either your local clock is wrong or SOMETHINBG NASTY BAD is going on on that website!!!"14:28
DocScrutinizer05warfare: xes:
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xesDocScrutinizer05: done15:46
DocScrutinizer05:-D many thanks!15:47
xesDocScrutinizer05: yw :)15:50
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brolin_empeyMaxdamantus: Which keyboard layout is that on the full-size hardware keyboard?18:25
brolin_empeyYou can use the N900 with its touch screen as a musical keyboard but you cannot play a chord with the resistive touch panel.18:26
brolin_empeyI think the program I used is named maesynth?18:28
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brolin_empeySigh.  I thought I could reuse a Socket 939 motherboard from 2006 but apparently at least 4 electrolytic capacitors have bulged/blown since this motherboard was last used years ago:19:12
brolin_empeyThis is why I do not assume that a computer that has been powered off for years still works.19:17
CatButtsso the caps just bloated on their own?19:32
CatButtswith no electricity?19:33
CatButtsI mean, I expect caps to become bad over time when left idle, but not physically visible damage19:33
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brolin_empeyI do not know when the capacitors bulged because this computer has sat unused for multiple years.19:45
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sixwheeledbeastI imagine it would be possible if stored in warm temperatures for a long time. Normally they fail in use but still work until discharged.20:37
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DocScrutinizer05fix them21:00
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Maxdamantusbrolin_empey: I'm using it as a b-griff layout, like on a type B chromatic button accordion.21:37
Maxdamantusso the key directly below (slanted slightly to the right) is always a semitone above, and the key directly to the right is always three semitones (minor third) above.21:38
Maxdamantus(that includes the number row as well, so you get duplicate fingerings between the top and bottom rows)21:43
brolin_empeyMaxdamantus: OK.  I think I have forgotten much of what I knew about music theory, including how to read traditional music notation as used on sheet music.21:49
Maxdamantusbrolin_empey: here's a web version if you're interested:
Maxdamantusone notable thing about the layout is that all of the relative positions of the keys correspond to particular intervals, unlike on a piano layout, where the key to the right might be up a semitone or a whole tone.22:14
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