IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2019-09-09

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JuestoHow have everyone been?11:01
brolin_empeyThe article on the BlackBerry Electron said that the Electron was the first use of an Intel processor by the BlackBerry brand, which I initially thought meant the Electron uses an x86 platform but it actually meant an Intel XScale ARM processor so I edited that section of the article to be clear that the Electron was the first use of an ARM processor from Intel by the BlackBerry brand.11:23
JuestoInteresting...11:24 seems to say that the son of Nikolaus Otto, the eponym of the Otto engine and Otto cycle used by a spark-ignition engine, was one of the founders of BMW.11:31
brolin_empeyIt just occurred (spelling?) to me that, if Microsoft has reconfigured their public Web site so that it can no longer be accessed by Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP, then someone who is still using Windows XP and has IE as their default Web browser can presumably no longer access the page on the Microsoft public Web site about the end of support for Windows XP and trying to persuade the user to upgrade to a newer version of Windows.11:35
JuestoWell, it is outdated; Technology advances, there's some other browsers that are unable to access microsoft websites for instance, and IE8 also is unable to access some popular sites too, brolin_empey11:37
brolin_empeyI realise that but it seems strange in a way because, if I recall correctly, the update Microsoft pushed to Windows XP users about the end of support for Windows XP in 2014 installed something that opens a page on the Microsoft public Web site, which implies that a goal of pushing this update was to have Windows XP users read this Web page, but now Windows XP users would presumably no longer be able to read said Web page unless they have a third-party/non-11:41
brolin_empeyMicrosoft Web browser.11:41
JuestoBecause Internet Explorer 8 is Outdated technology. Microsoft moved forward like everyone else11:44
brolin_empeyIt seems to me that services that require HTTPS, like countries such as the PRC that censor the Internet connection of the country, make the World Wide Web not universal and not worldwide in practice because requiring HTTPS breaks forward compatibility with old client software, such as a GUI Web browser from 1994, which predates many now common Web technologies such as JavaScript and CSS and even HTML tables, that can still access current Web sites using11:54
brolin_empeyHTTP when using an HTTP proxy such as from jwz.  The Web was intentionally designed with both backward compatibility and forward compatibility in mind but requiring HTTPS seems to break forward compatibility.11:54
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brolin_empeyBy comparison, a Nokia 1011 from 1992 can still function on a 900-MHz GSM network in 2019 if you are still able to power the computer and a push-button wired POTS corded telephone from 1980 with an acoustic bell instead of an electronic tone generator, which uses electronics but is not a computer, can still function on the PSTN in 2019.12:01
brolin_empeyI meant that the POTS telephone from 1980 uses electronics but is not a computer.  Word order is annoying when writing long sentences in English, especially when editing the sentence after initially writing it.12:04
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HalftuxVajb: purple-protocol-telegram 1.4.1-1 is broken? What does not work exactly is it only this server.tglpub file?12:08
brolin_empeyI guess requiring HTTPS is analogous to requiring tone dialing and the HTTP user agents that lack HTTPS support are analogous to the telephones that only support pulse dialing although apparently an adapter that converts the pulse dialing to tone dialing was commercially available.12:10
brolin_empeyI guess CDMA2000 equipment in Canada is now becoming electronic waste.12:11
siceloVajb: Halftux - it seems to be working for me12:13
siceloyes it's working. i can write messages and receive12:14
Halftuxhmm ok maybe some other function like encryption does not work?12:15
sicelosecret chat?12:16
Halftuxit is the public key12:17
sicelojust tried to initiate one with my sister. i'm able to send her. will see if she replies12:18
siceloHalftux: interesting .. she receives my texts, but i don't see her replies. when i write her again, it shows her that i've read her messages, but nothing shows in pidgin13:02
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Halftuxsicelo: ok I see13:06
brolin_empeysicelo: That happens with the Web version of Facebook Messenger too when the software malfunctions.  The client state of the application becomes outdated and inconsistent with the server state until the page is manually reloaded in the Web browser.13:07
brolin_empeySpeaking of Web browsers, I have new email from Vivaldi Technologies saying that Vivaldi Beta for Android is released.13:10
brolin_empeyJuesto: You can argue that HTTP cookies are outdated technology because the problem for which they were originally created to solve can now be solved without using HTTP cookies.13:17
brolin_empeyOr maybe even that the ARM architecture is outdated technology because modern x86 processors use RISC too. ;-)13:27
brolin_empeyWell, not outdated but maybe less necessary now.13:28
brolin_empeyThat is one of those words that I seem to have never learned to correctly spell without using a spell checker.13:30
Halftuxpurple-protocol-telegram doesn't use server.tglpub anymore see:
Halftuxsicelo: thx for testing there is a new version 1.4.2 maybe I will pack it in the evening but don't know if it will fixes this issue13:36
sicelosure. ping me when it's ready for testing13:49
VajbHalftux: yes. It whines about that missing file and refuses to log in to network13:53
HalftuxVajb: are you sure the package installed correct? Because this file is not needed anymore.14:16
Halftuxsicelo: do you have in "/etc/telegram-purple/" this "server.tglpub"14:18
sicelothat directory is empty14:28
VajbHalftux: I installed via ham and reinstalled via apt. No difference14:28
Vajbfor me the directory is empty too14:29
siceloVajb: so you cannot talk to anyone with telegram?14:30
Vajbsicelo: I can't sign in even14:31
Vajbannoying too14:32
sicelonetwork problems perhaps? telegram seems to maintain reasonably good backward compatibility. even the old telegram-cli is still working on n900. just tested14:33
Vajbwell, irc and facebook chat are working properly + I can brovse internet14:34
Vajbdid you just update telegram plugin and it worked?14:37
sicelowas there an updated?14:38
siceloi've had this 1.4.1-1 for a long time, and yes, it worked first try14:39
Vajbham showed me that update14:39
sicelowhere do you get the message about server.tglpub?14:40
Vajbpidgin pops it when I try to sign in14:41
sicelomaybe remove any old configs for the telegram account and start it all over14:43
Vajbmaybe. Was there some password thing or it just sends me sms for confirmation? I forgot...14:44
siceloshould send sms, or if you have the account signed into elsewhere, it will send a message to that other instance14:44
Vajbok. Probably I can't test this 'till tomorrow14:45
Vajbno difference15:12
VajbI removed telegram plugin and deleted all the folders related to it15:12
Vajbrestarted pidgin and made sure telegram is gone15:13
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Vajbinstalled it and as soon as I set up account it pops out message about missing .tglpub file15:14
VajbI guess that's all I can do15:16
sicelotry installing the deb from tmo .. maybe the problme is with the version in repos? dunno15:21
sicelobut i've also removed my telegram account entirely, and was able to re-add it without any issue15:21
Vajbumm which deb?15:22
Vajbah that file from there15:23
Vajbi purged  it from apt and it says that libwebp is nolonger needed15:25
Vajbshould I remove it?15:26
siceloi wouldn't remove it. you'll need it installed anyway when yoyu reinstall telegram-purple15:33
Vajbi'll download the deb then15:35
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brolin_empeyWhen I connect a Nokia brand of AC to microUSB power supply (with fixed cord with microUSB plug) to the LG G5 using a microUSB to USB Type C adapter, the screen on the G5 comes on but the G5 does not show that the battery is charging even though the battery was reported as being below 100% charged before I connected the Nokia power supply.  When I connect a Samsung brand of AC to USB power supply with a full-size USB Type A socket, using a full-size USB Type16:03
brolin_empey A plug to microUSB plug cable with the same microUSB to USB Type C adapter, the screen on the G5 comes on and shows that the battery is charging.  What is the relevant difference between these two USB power supplies?16:03
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siceloi'm interested in the the answer to that as well16:05
brolin_empeyIs it that the Samsung power supply supports Qualcomm Quick Charge, which is used by the G5, but the Nokia power supply does not (and maybe even predates the Qualcomm Quick Charge standard)?16:07
Vajbcan't install the deb from maemo.org16:12
Vajb missing dependency libssl1.1 which cannot be installed16:13
brolin_empeyI guess not because the cheap 12 VDC vehicle power to full-size USB Type A socket adapter I use in my car charges the G5 even though this power adapter does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge as far as I know but I use a different model of USB cable in my car so I should try using that same model of USB cable in my office with the 120 VAC to USB power supplies.16:13
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siceloVajb: install libssl1.1 from the repos16:17
brolin_empeyIt it just a regulator like a drive uses to reduce the 5 VDC from the power supply in an x86 computer to 3.3 VDC or lower?  Is that still categorised as a linear power supply?  Linear regulator?  I do not know this stuff well enough to be certain even though I work in the electronics/embedded computer industry.16:21
HalftuxVajb: I think libssl1.1 is in community-devel16:26
HalftuxSo there is probably a problem with the old openssl deb on tmo is compiled with cssu environment16:28
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brolin_empeyWhat I said I should do does not make sense because the Nokia brand of power supply has a fixed cord so I cannot try using it with a different USB cable.  The model of USB cable that I use in my car, not the same cable, though, seems to behave the same as the previous USB cable with the Samsung brand of power supply and the G5 but that does not really matter because that functioned as expected with the original cable and adapter.16:46
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sicelo"You should be able to dial a PPPoE connection from the ethernet port (or bring an alternate CE device for doing that)." ... what does CE mean in that sentence?17:52
siceloConsumer Equipment maybe?17:54
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brolin_empeyMaybe a mistyping of CPE = Customer Premises Equipment?18:35
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sicelohere's a screenshot of the whole thing,
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Vajbwhat is community-devel repo?19:02
VajbI have all the repo's from Doc's repo script, but I don't have ssl1.119:03
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Halftuxbe careful with cssu-devel maybe try to install libssl1.1 with dpkg -i19:34
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sixwheeledbeastHalftux: I relocated your genwall wiki page, feel free to expand it if you wish.20:12
Vajbok, installed libssl1.1 and telegram. Same failure message when I try to enable account20:31
Halftuxsixwheeledbeast: ok thx but I guess I will need my time so it will take some days20:31
Vajbgonna purge telegram once more and clean it from pidgoin20:32
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sixwheeledbeastHalftux: That's fine. If you need any help let me know. Packages can have there own page "namespace", makes it easier to find on the wiki.20:33
xmnSo is this libssl1.1 an updated ssl? I missed the context.20:33
xmnOr you guys just helping Vajb get telegram working?20:34
Halftuxhelping for the new purple telegram20:35
xmnah, I see.20:35
Halftux..and it depends on the latest cssu-devel libssl20:36
Vajbit installs fine with dpkg -i, but problem persists20:37
xmnyeah, not ready to go cssu dev on my main phone. And my tester is down-ish. Still works but the magnet switch is dead.20:37
Vajbso still can't use my telegram20:37
HalftuxVajb: maybe it is some kind of fallback because something is different on your system20:38
xmnwas it working fine before?20:39
Vajbit was working fine before20:39
Vajbthen I fired up ham and it prompted me of update, which turned things to south20:39
xmnAnd you can't restore from a back up. then block the updates the messed it up?20:39
xmnI use backup-menu for stuff like this.20:40
Vajbapt-cache policy only shows one version of telegram for me20:40
HalftuxVajb: we can try to copy the missing file maybe then it works20:40
xmnVajb you never use FAM for installing?20:41
Vajbnope, i use ham20:42
Vajbfam is said to be breaking system20:42
siceloVajb: pidgin -d may give you a clue ... disable all other accounts you may have in pidgin20:42
xmnVajb, really interesting I've never really had a problem. Only use HAM for deb sometimes and cssu. Everything else FAM. But doesn't matter since this is not your concern.20:44
Halftuxxmn: he is doing good it was uploaded by me to extras-devel20:45
xmnThe only think I would suggest is backup-menu or something else to beable to restore your system when thing like this happen. Sadly I can't really help you more.20:45
xmnHalftux I see. I'll shut my mouth now :P, I jump into the middle of a conversation.. lol20:46
Vajb20:53:48) prpl-telegram: trying global pubkey at /etc/telegram-purple/server.tglpub20:55
Vajb(20:53:48) prpl-telegram: trying local pubkey at /home/user/.purple/telegram-purple/server.tglpub20:55
Vajb(20:53:48) prpl-telegram: both didn't work. abort.20:55
Vajbpidgin -d20:55
Vajbremoved account, removed account from .xml file. Reinstalled, but no20:55
Vajbthx for trying to help. Im off now.20:57
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HalftuxVajb: ok bb will put for you the old file to my homepage20:59
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