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sicelosays Unknow error for now, but it had this error even before updating qyoutube. i'm rebooting for now00:01
xesstarting from terminal:  QNetworkReplyImpl::_q_startOperation was called more than once00:05
freemangordonthat's normal00:05
freemangordonxes: I can provide you a version with traces enabled00:05
freemangordonif you want it00:05
freemangordonthough I can only enable traces of youtube plugin00:06
xesstrace complains about a few ssl certificates... And: YouTubeVideoModel::onRequestFinished(). Error: Bad Request00:12
xesfreemangordon: is that for thumb?00:12
freemangordonwell, if your certs are broken...00:12
siceloi had same message 'Unknown error' even after rebooting, and after downgrading to 0.5.100:14
xessicelo: while searching?00:15
freemangordonwell, "Unknown error" does not help much in identifying the problem :)00:16
freemangordonxes: no additional traces?00:16
sicelolet me try that traces enabled version00:16
freemangordonif that's the case, then youtube plugin is not called at all00:17
freemangordonand there is something in the "main" cutetube2 that's broken on your device00:18
freemangordonsomething with the configuration?00:18
siceloi rm -rf'ed /home/user/.config/cuteTube2/ to hopefully eliminate issues with configs00:19
freemangordonand no change?00:20
siceloyes that didn't make a difference00:21
sicelotrace-enabled qyoutube shows "SSL handshake failed"00:21
sicelolet me see if i can post the whole log somehow00:22
sixwheeledbeastI have no issues with 0.5.2 on stable00:22
freemangordonsicelo: well, did you install libsoup from ?00:23
freemangordonxes: same ^^^ question00:23
siceloi believe i already had correct libsoup version,00:24
siceloii  libsoup2.4-1                  2.30.2-1+squeeze1+0m500:24
xesfreemangordon: yes, sure libsoup already installed00:24
freemangordonhmm, there is some problem with either qt or ssl certificates on your device00:24
freemangordonsicelo: ^^^00:24
freemangordonssl certificates most probably00:25
freemangordonsicelo: what is the result of "openssl s_client -connect -CApath /etc/certs/common-ca/"00:27
freemangordonxes: ^^^ same00:27
xesit's interesting that trying cutetube2 starting from ssh with -X ... search works! Any timing issue?00:28
sicelothat command (openssl) succeeds for me .. i was actually just rying with curl, and that works too00:28
freemangordonxes: what is -X?00:29
freemangordonBTW, are you sure you're starting the correct cutetube when not in the console?00:29
xesfreemangordon: yes openssl s_client works correctly00:29
freemangordonwhat about cmcli -T common-ca -v
xesi mean ssh -X N900, xterm and then: cutetube2 -v 500:30
freemangordonwhat is -v 5?00:30
* freemangordon tries00:30
xescmcli: 35d90b66439c62e95230b13eea50b993bbfd2f5b *.googleapis.com00:31
xes trust chain(2):00:31
xes   9be20757671c1ec06a06de59b49a2ddfdc19862e GlobalSign00:31
xes   +->98d1f86e10ebcf9bec609f18901ba0eb7d09fd2b GTS CA 1O100:31
xesVerified OK00:31
sicelosame results as xes for cmcli00:31
freemangordonwait, why you can start cutetube2 like that?00:32
freemangordonif I execute your command I have "sh: cutetube2: not found"00:32
freemangordonI have to start it like /opt/cutetube2.... etc00:32
siceloi guess he put it in his path .. i have to specify full path even on device, without ssh00:32
freemangordondid you guys install some weird qt debs?00:33
xesyes, i have a symlink for it, it's not the first time i try to guess what it is failing00:33
freemangordonxes: either qt is broken or ssl is broken00:34
sicelomy qt packages .. please suggest a better command/search,
freemangordonxes: may I have the trace of your "cutetube2 -v 5" when you try a search00:36
xesfreemangordon: yes, give me a minute00:37
freemangordonsicelo: well, the version in -thumb is maemo5_4.7.4~git20110505+cssu11+thumb000:38
freemangordonwhere did you get that qt from?00:38
freemangordonI mean "cssu15"?!?00:38
sicelommm, maybe -devel? will check00:39
freemangordonlooks like00:39
freemangordonwho and why put it there?00:39
freemangordonxes: you're trying to login to youtube?00:41
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siceloor did it come from jonwil .. :-/00:41
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freemangordonsicelo: in -devel repo there is version 15, however I have no idea what it contains as the last push on github is for version cssu13
* sicelo searches tmo for fahrplan .. seems something qt was touched at that point00:43
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siceloseems this is where that qt came from00:44
sixwheeledbeastdidn't that cssu15 version break tls in applications like a year ago?00:44
sixwheeledbeastI recall something in my deepest mind00:45
xesi have deleted the configuration of cutetube2 and now search is working00:45
freemangordonhehe :)00:45
siceloxes: with cutetube 0.5.2? which qt you have?00:46
brolin_empeyssh -X enables X forwarding if I recall correctly.00:46
freemangordonI guess we already made some progress from that point :)00:46
freemangordonxes: what about playback?00:47
brolin_empeyWhich I do recall correctly unless it is -x instead of -X .00:47
sicelosixwheeledbeast: i don't remember it breaking anything that wasn't already broken .. will downgrade at some point and see if stuff will work better (hopefully cutenews will )00:48
freemangordonxes: also, don;t forget to install deb version from TMO (with traces disabled)00:48
freemangordonsicelo: on my device it is 1:4.7.4~git20110505+cssu11+thumb000:48
xesfreemangordon: traces can help next time :)00:49
sicelook. so i'm stuck with a 'bad' qt :)00:49
freemangordonxes: well, I won;t remove the deb from my http server, so you will be able to install it when and if needed00:50
freemangordonbut it is up to you ofc00:50
sixwheeledbeastI have no idea, i just vaguely remember something.00:50
sicelowill downgradee in the meantime, but inform jonwil as well. i wonder how his fahrplan works then .. (we don't have such services here, so i've never used/tested it)00:50
xesanyway in my .conf there was a userid= ... since with ssh forward it was working while locally not we could expect some timing problem00:51
freemangordonno, it was trying to do oauth with some bad token00:52
xesfreemangordon: i always save any version that you prepare00:52
freemangordonno need, really00:52
freemangordonbut again, up to you :)00:52
freemangordonanyway, I am going to have some sleep00:53
xesbut if token was wrong why was it working via ssh?00:53
freemangordonnight guys00:53
xesfreemangordon: thank you very much. Have a good night00:53
freemangordonno idea without having the traces when via ssh ;)00:53
sicelothanks for the fixes00:54
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sicelodowngraded to 1:4.7.4~git20110505+cssu11+thumb0 as well. confirming that it now works for me too01:14
siceloand more feeds work in cutenews. lovely :)01:19
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siceloi'm guessing that cssu15 is fine .. but these older qt applications may simply need to be recompiled against the newer qt **shrugh**01:20
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Halftuxmost maemo qt application are fixed to tls1.0 this was a security thing to prevent using ssl3.0 the latest qt version in cssu devel is from jonwil and it supports higher openssl and redirection fix and due to security reasons it disables tslv1.0 so you need to use in your qt code something like anyprotocol or secureprotocols12:35
Halftuxqt cssu15 source code is in the tls12 branch on github12:36
Halftux... as far as I know12:37
Halftuxfahrplan (cssu) and gpxsee (from openrepos) are using the latest openssl and qt version and they are working12:38
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sixwheeledbeastSo all the stuff in extras would need recompiling I imagine then14:26
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Halftuxyes all stuff which using qt-network module with ssl connections and have qssl definition set to tlsv1 needs code changes and recompilation. I don't know if application which have already anyprotocol for example needs a recompilation against newer qt-network.14:38
freemangordonI guess this should be handled from the qt (i.e defaulting to tlsv11 or mapping unsupported version to supported)14:39
freemangordona requirement to recompile all of the repo does not make sense14:40
sixwheeledbeastI would agree, a lib update that breaks say 90% of apps is an issue.14:43
Halftuxyes if qt would handle it this would be nice and the right way and I think it should be possible14:43
freemangordonI don;t see why it should not be possible14:45
Halftuxin this case I guess jonwil cared only about fahrplan that he could connect to a server which needs this sni patch and tlsv1214:45
freemangordon looks like14:45
sixwheeledbeastit is cssu-devel after all14:46
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DocScrutinizer05wow, hi xes, freemangordon! :-)16:56
DocScrutinizer05Halftux: Fahrplan is working? It's broken for me, so I need an update?16:59
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HalftuxDocScrutinizer05: which version from which repository are you running?17:56
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Halftuxso when you are on extras-testing I recommend to install the version from extras-devel there I made a fix for the DB parsing in the case when a flap arrow on the html page is not open it will open the arrow and parses the page again18:00
Halftuxand about the gps thing there is a button in the upper menu to enable gps18:01
Halftuxatm I am not sure if DB parsing from fahrplan uses ssl but if you still face some problems tell me your openssl version, qt-network version and an example search which is not working18:09
DocScrutinizer05app simply freezes on selecting destination or origin location, doesn't enable/use GPS either it seems18:14
DocScrutinizer05I guess I patched that version myself a long time ago, so no idea which version I actually run18:15
Halftuxhmm never faced a freeze with fahrplan and I am using the version from extras-devel18:17
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Halftuxabout gps I cant tell because gps hardware is broken on my daily N900 I will check on another one18:18
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sicelogps hardware broken? meaning modem broken or you mean something else?18:22
DocScrutinizer05not exactly freeze but stall18:22
DocScrutinizer05no reply to a HTTP request I guess18:23
Halftuxmaybe the server was down when you tried?18:23
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Halftuxmaybe the gps antenna I don't know but modem has also contact problems so I will never get a fixed gps signal but the sat symbol is blinking18:26
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Halftuxand I have already two N900 with none working gps and lost sim card connection after none gently handling or after high temperature change18:29
bencohsome people decided to cut the (hardware) trace to gps antenna18:31
bencohit might be one of those devices18:31
Halftuxafter purchasing it was working, problems occured after long time of usage18:33
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freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: hi!20:07
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