IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2019-09-01

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* sixwheeledbeast waves18:09
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: hi!18:54
freemangordonstill having problems with cutetube?18:54
freemangordonseems there is a clip I have problem as well, lemme see what's going on here first18:55
sixwheeledbeastI haven't looked since, but I assume so. there are mixed messages on TMO too18:57
freemangordonok, found some problem18:59
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freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: could you install and test?21:04
sixwheeledbeastfreemangordon: will do gimme a sec21:04
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freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: are you on -thumb?21:05
freemangordonbecause this is -thumb build21:05
sixwheeledbeastcssu stable21:06
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freemangordonwait a minute then21:06
freemangordonok, please download the .deb and test21:07
sixwheeledbeastlooks good on mp4 360 streaming21:14
sixwheeledbeastdownloading working too21:15
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freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: good. will post a "release" version soon on TMO, the one you have installed has some traces enabled. will ping you when ready21:19
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sixwheeledbeastcool np cheers21:20
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freemangordonsicelo: ^^^21:36
sixwheeledbeastGreat thanks21:37
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xesfreemangordon: thanks for the update. I have just installed the thumb one but every search produces: "Error: Bad request"23:42
freemangordonno idea what's wrong, but something is broken on your device23:46
sicelolet me install .. thumb user23:46
freemangordonxes: what what that .deb is fixing is the playback, search should work23:47
freemangordonif search work... dunno23:47
freemangordons/work/doesn;t work23:48
xesfreemangordon: no idea... maybe it's something else screwed in my device. Let me dig..23:50
xesanyway, give search a try and let me know if for you is ok23:53
freemangordonxes: I am using it all the time23:54
freemangordonI mean - I dont; have playlists or something23:54
xesfreemangordon: ok23:54
freemangordonin order to play a clip I need first to search for it23:55
freemangordonxes: which cutetube version is that?23:55
freemangordonwhere did you gat that from? mine is 0.5.1 :)23:57
* sicelo has 0.5.2 as well :)23:57
freemangordonhmm, seems this is the version in extras-devel23:57
* freemangordon wonders what has changed23:57
freemangordon"Improve comment delegate."23:58
freemangordonwhatever this is23:59
freemangordonsicelo: does it work for you?23:59

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