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jrgi think it was mandated in the US for 1996 and newer models00:01
jrgbut yeah. prior to taht they had proprietary ones00:01
jrggovt putting OBD2 reader manufacturers out of business. i blame china :)00:01
sixwheeledbeastThere where slightly different standards tho. You have OBD and EOBD they have been aligned over the years to EOBD200:13
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FatPhilhalftux: the general wordlists are really bad for anagramming. You want only common words, otherwise your anagram sounds like something a robot that has an infinite vocabulary would come up with. Which is crap.00:37
FatPhilAnd I appreciate that halftux isn't onchan at the moment00:38
FatPhilIs there a memo facility on this server?00:38
sicelowe do have at least two logging bots :)00:46
siceloand yes, Freenode supports memos00:46
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sixwheeledbeastinfobot do you have a memory01:31
infobotyes, I have a memory.01:31
sixwheeledbeastinfobot can you use your memory01:31
sixwheeledbeastMaybe we are asking a bit much of infobot to remember more than it's gender01:32
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FatPhilbeen a bit slow testing the new device - today I put a SIM in and try it as my primary device...10:53
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FatPhilbut taking my old one with me just in case...10:55
siceloin case what :)10:56
FatPhilin case things don't work, like automatic time setting...10:57
FatPhilbeen 5 minutes, and time's not set yet...10:58
sicelomeans your network doesn't support that.10:59
siceloif it supports it, the time is set instantly10:59
FatPhilwell, it worked in the other body 6 minutes ago11:00
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siceloother 'body' means other phone? n900? you're sure the other body isn't using internet time rather?11:03
sicelon900 doesn't get internet time by default, unless you install ntpd/ntpdate/etc.11:04
FatPhilold n900 was using NITZ, as has this one, finally.11:08
FatPhilmagically changed while enabling 3G data, dunno if coincidence.11:08
siceloah, yes, that also11:08
FatPhilanyway, the important bit of the phone - the modem provably works. expecting some SMS from the service provider when I cross borders in a couple of hours.11:11
FatPhildamn - forgot to coppy phonebook entries across.11:14
FatPhiltime for a purge!11:14
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jrgPiece of me feels like getting an N900 again. But it just isn’t worth it heh.21:08
jrgI love it but I’d want to do legit things on it that can no longer be done on one.21:08
siceloymmv. many of us here want all the N900's we can get :)21:09
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xmnI just saved my last one of two. Had to do some soldering. But was missing it very much while I was using a dumb phone.22:20
xmnjrg, if you can go help the maemo-leste group and maybe you'll get maemo on better hardware :D. Or are you talking about keyboard?22:21
xmnCuz if so go checkout the fx pro1, it the closest thing to a n900/n950 to come out in my opinion22:22
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