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jrgSo I just went ahead and bought a $30 iOS compatible obd2 adapter.03:43
jrgIt’s smaller too so I can just keep it connected. Just need to make sure I take it off for oil changes so some chump doesn’t steal it.03:43
jrgSeemed a bit pointless to not just use my phone for this. Lol. Too bad carman didn’t run properly.03:45
jrgRIP N90003:45
jrgUhm. N81003:45
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brolin_empeyjrg: OK.04:22
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luke-jrjrg: I got one of those once; never could get it to work05:34
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sicelojrg: be sure the obd2 adapter will not drain your battery since you want to keep it connected09:29
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brolin_empeysicelo: The vehicle may automatically turn off power to the OBD port when the vehicle is turned off.09:46
sicelo*may* ... at least many older ones didn't. don't know about newer ones09:48
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jrgbrolin_empey: I don’t think it does. Mine stays on when connected. But I’d assume it’s a very low amount of power. It can probably run for weeks on the car battery.21:00
jrgThe older one I bought 10 years ago was when I owned a 1995 captive classic. And the stupid thing had an obd1.5 port lol21:01
jrgIt was the year before obd2 was mandated.21:01
brolin_empeyjrg: What is your current vehicle?21:02
jrgluke-jr: iOS only works with 4.0 BLE21:02
jrgA 2014 equinox21:02
jrgI bought it outright in 2015 heh.21:02
brolin_empeyjrg: What is a Captive Classic?  Did you mean Caprice Classic?21:04
jrgAuto correct i guess.21:05
jrgBut capital I wasn’t fixed in that last sentence? :)21:05
jrgThe caprice was great when I lived in CA but then I came back home to Chicago and it wasn’t very snow friendly.21:06
brolin_empeyOK.  I thought you meant Caprice Classic because I could not find a vehicle named Captive nor Captive Classic on .21:06
jrgYeah.   Caprice classic. Lol21:06
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jrgSucked it didn’t have an obd2 port. It was some awkward port in between the standard.21:08
jrg96 has obd221:08
jrgI think 96 was the last year for that style of car.21:08
brolin_empeyYes, says that 1996 is the last model year of the fourth generation.21:21
sixwheeledbeastOBD wasn't adopted as quickly in the US, it been mandatory for EU cars ales for a long while.21:21
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sicelointeresting. i always thought it was the other way round, i.e. US adopted it quicker than EU22:51
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sixwheeledbeastAmerican manufacturers all had there own proprietary connectors and protocols before OBD became mandatory in the EU23:04

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