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siceloi still use Ovi Maps but i think Modrana is a better choice for most00:15
siceloif you go for modrana, use the versions on github00:16
slobberthanks sicelo00:33
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brolin_empeyI used my N900 again to test the composite video input of a greyscale composite video monitor from 1998 I have that may have been powered off for at least a decade until tonight:12:44
dreamerwow the keys on that one are properly worn out o.O12:53
dreamerwhat's that thing with all the dots in the icon bar?12:54
brolin_empeyThe keys are not worn out, only the paint (?) is worn/scraped off from my fingernails.13:02
brolin_empeyIt is a 24-hour binary clock (not BCD).  I learned to quickly read it whilst I still used the N900 every day because I use my handheld computer as a pocket watch.13:02
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siceloon the subject of phones capable of using external dispalys, those that support HDMI - do they also output audio via HDMI, or generally video-only?14:08
KotCzarnyif pinephone goes to fruitition, it will be with audio14:08
KotCzarnycant comment on androids or samsungs14:08
sicelonice - about pinephone14:11
CcxWrkHad two Xperias with HDMI out but both died before I had chance to try it out. (Doesn't really work with contemporary kernel anyway)14:11
KotCzarnysicelo, but i assume they go with audio14:12
KotCzarnyotherwise it wouldnt make sense14:12
siceloKotCzarny: now that you're on Android, areyou going to try porting oscp?14:12
KotCzarnysicelo, it's in the todo from the very beginning14:13
siceloright, it makes sense for both audio & video14:13
KotCzarnybut it will be quite a rewrite, so only protocol will remain the same14:13
bencohKotCzarny: wait, you moved to android?14:14
KotCzarnybencoh, had to, i need few apps available on droid, but as i've said before, i still carry n900 as a tablet/ssh/linux/media player14:14
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sicelobut i think termux might cover those uses too, no?14:16
KotCzarnynah, i like n90014:16
KotCzarnyboth the os and design14:16
KotCzarnyand ability to write/compile tools on the go14:17
KotCzarnythat's why there is 'linux' along the uses14:17
KotCzarnymaybe pinefolks could be convinced to do pinephonekb model ;)14:18
KotCzarnybut i guess that depends on the success of pinephone14:18
sicelosomeone was saying thee will be something done in connection with hwkbd14:19
bencohKotCzarny: if anything, I'd rather buy a droid4 tbh14:19
KotCzarnybencoh, i like allwinner too14:19
bencohmainline linux works there14:19
KotCzarnyand i hate pvr14:19
bencohI hate pvr as well tbh14:20
bencohI don't use it thus far (on droid4)14:20
siceloon the droid you're using Android then? version?14:20
KotCzarnygot the phone for free and replaced screen for ~20usd14:21
siceloi wanted to say, bencoh, on the droid414:21
bencohdevuan + patched mainline (from ~4.18)14:22
KotCzarnywhat wm?14:22
bencohI don't use it as a phone thus far though14:22
bencohwmii :]14:22
sicelois there an LOS build for your phone KotCzarny14:22
KotCzarnyis it touch friendly?14:22
KotCzarnysicelo: los?14:22
bencohwmii is a keyboard-driven tilingwm14:22
sicelonice @ bencoh. how is the battery consumption?14:22
bencohyou could run maemo-leste though14:23
bencohsicelo: awful14:23
KotCzarnynot without pvr14:23
siceloKotCzarny: lineage OS (LOS)14:23
bencohKotCzarny: well, that's the leste show stopper on droid4 yeah. one would have to either find a way to disable compositing, or bringup pvr on recent kernels14:23
bencohsicelo: a day at most14:24
KotCzarnysicelo: nice to know about los, although for now all the needed apps work without a problem14:24
KotCzarnyno need to sideload etc14:24
bencohit's more of a pocket computer for now14:24
KotCzarnymissing gps is a slight ugh14:25
bencohtalking about gps, it looks like I have a fix for the n900/maemo5 gps issues14:25
bencoh(allowing to use
siceloi'm happy with that kind of functionality @ bencoh - i hope to get a droid4 sometime in the future, so it's good to hear from others14:26
siceloseems pavel is using his droid4 as a daily driver14:26
bencohwell then as a pocket computer it's pretty nice and handy14:26
sicelobencoh: n900 - gps - i guess many of us are now all ears. :)14:27
bencohI don't think it's stable/mature enough for that though, but ... :)14:27
bencohn900/gps - it involves running supl-proxy14:27
bencohI thought it didn't work at first, but as a matter of fact it might very well be working14:27
KotCzarnybencoh, maybe prepare package ?14:27
bencohKotCzarny: I want to patch supl-proxy first to allow daemonizing14:28
KotCzarnyi suspect it's something that might need perpetual support14:28
bencohfor now it exits after first connection14:28
sicelothis is good news.14:28
bencoh(meaning I run it manually everytime I want to use gps)14:29
bencohI'm still not certain it does everything needed to get the full expected info from supl, but since I started using it I haven't had gps fix issues14:29
siceloi would like to test this too14:31
bencohyou can already install the supl package14:32
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bencohand setup cert as explained at
bencohfor some reason you need to create a cert for a domain with a valid-ish domain.tld form14:34
bencoh(I used a subdomain of a personal one)14:34
bencohoh and, is down for the moment, I'll have to run a mirror until main server gets back up14:45
sicelothanks lots. will test it.14:45
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i336wow, more people here than I expected :)15:30
i336hi everyone. I seek to acquire some hens' teeth!15:30
i336I am trying to get OS200x running in qemu-system-arm.15:30
KotCzarnymasochist, eh?15:31
i336I'm quite happy to info-dump what I've done/tried thus far, but want to start first with a question: which would be better, here or t.m.o?15:32
KotCzarnybetter start with 'what are you trying to achieve'15:32
i336I've just realized I can best explain this with screenshots15:32
i336give me about 3 minutes... actually make that 5, I kind of need to close some tabs lol and everything's swapping15:33
i336OK, here is the answer to "what are you trying to achieve" in 7,000 words :)
i336TL;DR: the Garnet VM for x86 is a stupid simulator.15:43
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i336but the ARM version... well, it's just a Linux armel binary.15:43
i336so, if you give it Linux armel, it will run.15:43
i336as demonstrated in the screenshots. and it's the "real" version of GVM.15:43
i336it runs real actual ARM Palm 5.x applets and everything.15:44
i336about... 4-5 days ago I went "...hang on a minute, surely this must work??", downloaded a debian squeeze ARM image from, and tried it.15:45
i336it promptly crashed with "Illegal instruction" :)15:45
i336so then I learned about armv7 and downloaded the debian wheezy image and tried to make that work... except now I wasn't using debian squeeze :/15:46
i336so I converted the squeeze disk image from ext3 to ext4 so it would work with the debian wheezy kernel (yes, also copying /lib/modules over), and had a working armv7 debian squeeze system15:47
i336which boots GVM just fine!15:47
i336....and now to the problem: "hi I mushed a bunch of random things together" isn't maemo.15:47
i336in the 2nd-to-last screenshot, in the Settings window, I'm about to click on "background image"15:48
i336when I click that, it tries to talk to the hildon file manager process, fails somehow, and asplodes.15:48
i336so, for the past ~day or two I've been scp-ing random directories and files from this random scratchbox VM I found into the debian armel environment15:49
i336and progressively getting more and more things working15:50
i336but unfortunately I am completely stuck at: (let me see if I still have the terminal open)15:50
i336# maemo-invoker /usr/bin/hildon-desktop.launch15:50
i336"Tidy - unable to load shader: GLSL shaders not supported"  //  "ClutterEGL - clutter_stage_get_configs: eglChooseConfig failed"  //  "ClutterEGL - clutter_stage_egl_realize: Unable to create an EGL surface"15:51
i336and several tons of Pango - ... assertion ... failed15:51
i336how do I opengl? :<15:51
i336I found but it mentions that the version of QEMU with n900 support doesn't support SGX graphics emulation15:53
i336I'm honestly happy to run OS2008 in an emulated N81015:53
KotCzarnyanother idea would be finding n8x0 ?15:53
* i336 laughs15:53
KotCzarnyand i think some people ran garnet on n900 too15:54
i336yeah the version of GVM I "found" is "for" OS200915:54
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infobotGeneric Virtual Machine for Perl. URL:
i336the idea about finding an n[89][10]0^W n8x0 is an interesting one, because my actual goal is to see how semi-portable GVM can be15:56
i336which means sandboxing whatever things it expects15:56
i336gvm itself works; gvmlauncher is what's crashing. so on the one hand if I can get gvmlauncher running in the environment it expects (maemo inside qemu), it'll be easier to see if/how I might port everything over15:57
KotCzarnyi think you can install those debs you have in n900 too15:59
KotCzarnyyou might get working n900 for ~20-30usd16:01
KotCzarnyalthough in australia it might be tad more16:02
i336something to keep in mind, yeah (both things :) )16:08
i336also I found the .deb online, it's floating around :D16:08
KotCzarnyi suspect there is no other way to get it now, company might be defunct16:09
i336yep, ACCESS stopped mentioning it years ago. kind of sad16:16
i336I actually just started thinking about this about 3-4 days ago or so, surprised it was easy as it was to get it like 70% or so working (the other 30% being that there's no mouse cursor \o/, I don't have audio redirection working (probably easily fixed), the launcher (which also does hotsync) crashes, etc)16:17
i336I think I'll do a t.m.o post and dump all the links/references I've found thus far, since the forum is better at async communication than IRC is16:18
i336I'll post the link here in a bit16:18
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sicelobencoh: did you have to specify the mcc, mcn, lac, and ci info, or is forgiving?18:14
sicelo(i haven't yet got around to configuring the server and certs, but reading through the documentation)18:15 isn't too forgiving, you need specify gsm 'position'18:15
sicelointeresting. :)18:18
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bencohthat's for supl-client though18:23
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sicelothe supl-client is good though ... i just tested with the gsm details and the location it returns is good enough. must move on the the proxy now19:46
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sicelotrying to compile supl-proxy on my pc -
siceloi guess this error has a simple solution, but i haven't found it and would appreciate help from anyone21:31
KotCzarnyopenssl mismatches21:31
KotCzarnythat supl-proxy will run on pc or n900/21:32
siceloit will run on pc.21:33
KotCzarnythen it might require different openssl version than the one you have21:33
KotCzarnyor you have headers/libs mismatched21:33
KotCzarnycheck if you dont have libs/headers in /usr/local/21:38
siceloi have libs - libssl-dev is installed22:03
bencohsicelo: supl is already present in extra-devel22:31
bencohI wouldn't bother building it for pc22:32
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sicelook. guess i'm missing something else then. here's what i did: 1.) on N900 control panel > Location, i set the name of my own subdomain, 2. created and imported certificate for this domain name, 3. in /etc/hosts set this domain to point to localhost, 4. run on N900, `supl-proxy`, and then open a maps application.22:52
sicelothe above steps result in supl-proxy just exiting, with nothing printed to console.22:54
sicelohowever, if i use supl-client to talk to the proxy, it works and returns info, `supl-client --cell=gsm:653,10:0xc9,0x5a53 --format human`, and i see a lot of output from supl-proxy.22:59
sicelo"proxy just exiting with nothing printed to console" is incorrect sorry. i meant, with nothing more than the three lines, Connection from // SSL connection using AES256-SHA // Client does not have certificate.23:12
bencohit doesn't sound that bad, but lemme see23:24
bencohI get SSL connection using AES256-SHA23:26
bencohClient does not have certificate.23:26
bencohthen the whole transfer23:27
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bencohif you don't then I suspect supl-proxy certificate wasn't properly added23:27
bencoh(either that, or domain is considered invalid)23:27
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sicelommm, that's odd. let me reboot23:28
bencohWhat does cmcli -v returns on your domain?23:29
bencohlike cmcli -v
bencoh(this isn't a real subdomain, it just points to on my phone)23:30
sicelocmcli -v
sicelo74d057d94d690c0d5bf3b167714b164c05ad66fb Verification failed: unable to get local issuer certificate23:32
bencohwhich is basically what I get as well23:33
sicelonow i get a transfer. seemed i needed that reboot23:35
bencohcmcli -T common-ca -v
bencohthat returns verification okay23:36
siceloverification OK for me too with that one23:37
bencoh(I hate the whole maemo certman thing)23:37
siceloand voila! fix - right inside the house. thanks bencoh :)23:40
bencohdo you have all the steps somewhere?23:42
siceloin my head, yes23:42
bencohtbh I never really bothered writing it down, apart from keeping it in my .bash_history23:42
siceloi can job something down23:42
DocScrutinizer05((output audio via HDMI,)) samsung does, with the USB<->HDMI adapter23:43
bencohwe'll probably need that if we're ever to make a configuration package23:43
bencoh(that would load the supl-proxy cert to certman, edit /etc/hosts, and possibly configure location-proxy to point to it)23:44
DocScrutinizer05damn now, my printers are elsewhere next room, PC and kbd/moni on the floor - what a mess23:45
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