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brolin_empeyIs it expected that a fan in a stationary computer in my office sounds much louder than usual when the temperature in my office reaches 30°C?  Or is it just coincidental that the temperature is this high when the fan sounds louder than usual?04:38
brolin_empeyIf the loud fan is on the video card with a fan, which may be the only video card in the office that has a fan, then I should replace the fanful video card with a fanless video card.  I bought this video card in 2008;  since then I switched to buying only fanless video cards.  This fanful video card may still be the only nVidia Quadro video card we have, though.04:42
brolin_empeyI guess I should ask in ##hardware instead of here but that channel moves too quickly and they discuss current x86 hardware of little interest to me because I still use Core 2 era and older x86 computers.  Well, the current x86 hardware is still of some interest to me but I probably would not have it until it is multiple years old because it depreciates too quickly to buy when it is new.04:45
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OksanaDocScrutinizer05: I try this in Firefox, Alt+D focuses on AddrBox, Shift+Tab,Tab focuses on Tab, but Shift+Ctrl+PageDown does nothing05:27
OksanaAnd when I try out different combinations, like Ctrl+Shift+PageDown, or PageDown+Ctrl+Shift, I get tab scrolling or something05:29
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brolin_empeyIs there an x86 motherboard with a proper hardware design that stores the configuration of the motherboard firmware in non-volatile memory instead of in volatile memory powered by the cell/battery that powers the clock?  After the mains power to my office was down for around a minute tonight, I had to replace the CR2032 cell/battery on a Socket-T (Core 2 era) microATX motherboard;  I had forgotten that the computer user has to manually reconfigure the08:19
brolin_empeymotherboard firmware after replacing the cell/battery on the motherboard because of the lame hardware design, which is presumably for historical inclusive-or cost-saving reasons.08:19
brolin_empeySocket T AKA LGA775.08:20
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brolin_empeyI realise that I can use a DOS or Linux or maybe Windows (?) program to back up and restore the contents of the so-called CMOS memory but this should not be necessary because the motherboard configuration should be stored in non-volatile memory in the first place.08:24
brolin_empeymotherboard firmware configuration, whatever.08:25
brolin_empeyI guess expecting things to be done elegantly and using an x86 computer is ironic, haha.08:26
brolin_empeyI guess oldschool switches on the motherboard can be considered a form of non-volatile memory, heh.08:30
brolin_empeyswitches, jumpers, whatever.08:30
luke-jrwhy x86?08:34
brolin_empeyI guess that you would need a reliable way to clear the contents of the non-volatile memory on the motherboard even if the computer cannot boot to prevent a chicken or egg problem if the chosen configuration prevents the computer from booting.08:35
brolin_empeyluke-jr: Because we need to run closed-source software built for x86 on Windows?  Microsoft discontinued Windows NT for Power, specifically the PowerPC Reference Platform (PReP) but not Power Macintosh platform in NT 4.08:39
brolin_empeyMicrosoft kept releasing service packs for NT 4 after the PowerPC and MIPS ports of NT 4 were discontinued so NT 4 on Power or ISA is not even the current version of NT 4.08:44
brolin_empeyI mean on Power or MIPS.08:45
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luke-jrlol windows08:52
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inzbrolin_empey, yeah, reliable reset is a "nice to have(tm)", and also since you want the RTC to keep running, you need a battery anyway08:56
brolin_empeyinz: More generally, you need constant power, which these days can be supplied by a supercapacitor instead of a battery.09:06
brolin_empeyluke-jr: Dave Cutler is my hero. ;-)09:08
luke-jrwhat is that09:11
brolin_empeyI wonder if an x86-64 CPU could switch directly between long mode and virtual 8086 mode if x86-64 had been created by Intel instead of AMD.09:11
brolin_empeyI mean I wonder if Intel would have designed that part differently for better backward compatibility than how AMD designed it.09:12
brolin_empeyluke-jr: What is what?  A supercapacitor?  Dave Cutler is the head architect of Windows NT.09:14
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brolin_empeyWell, he was in the early days, maybe no longer is.09:28
brolin_empeyearly years.09:29
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brolin_empeyToday I discovered the PicoPSU series.16:01
inznow I did, too!16:14
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DocScrutinizer05hmm, well. 12V in -> [ATX PC] out18:25
DocScrutinizer05might be very useful for poor man's "USV" straight from 12V LA car battery on a charger18:25
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siceloi've had two PicoPSU's for a while, from some old i386 VIA boards22:28
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slobberwhat does the majority use for maps on n900? i found mappero but i'm unclear of its development state
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brolin_empeyN900 is a model of computer, not a software platform.23:30
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brolin_empeyPresumably you mean Maemo but Maemo is not the only OS available for the N900.23:32
slobberyes, on maemo23:32

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