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dderbyOksana: The A780 is actually one of the few mobile phones with support in mainline Linux.  It might not be too difficult to get a recent kernel running on it.  Try building Linux 5.1 and see what happens02:56
dderbyHere's the board file (no DT available):
dderbyRunning Leste wouldn't be so straightforward due memory limitations and ARMv502:57
dderbyThere's no ARMv5 support in Debian or Devuan02:58
dderbyYou could try Raspbian02:58
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brolin_empeydderby: Does Raspbian support ARMv5?  I thought that Raspbian was originally created for the original Raspberry Pi, which is ARMv6, not ARMv5.05:11
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Oksanadderby: I am too lazy to try building Linux kernel without GUI. I would wish to go slowly, since I have never compiled a whole OS before (I usually would ask auto-builder to compile a .deb app for me?), and read as well08:23
brolin_empeyIs A780 one of the Motorola “phones” with which the OpenMoko developers were involved before creating the OpenMoko GTA01 AKA Neo 1973 and GTA02 AKA Neo FreeRunner?08:44
brolin_empeyApparently yes:
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brolin_empeyA ThinkPad X40 is in at least one of the photographs in this article.13:09
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sicelonice link brolin_empey20:13
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