IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2019-05-18

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WikiwideCute: is not that for off from Maemo 5 kernel,
Wikiwide2.6.28.10 *09:15
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slobberpretty far from 2019 though09:36
WikiwideYes :-)  But if I manage to make this Motorola A780 working (probably has battery problems), put OpenEZX on it (if I find the images and whatever), find OpenEZX source codes... Then I might be able to upgrade it further. Even if "Maemo Leste on Motorola A780" sounds impossible, at the moment.09:53
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WikiwideThis Motorola A780 has GPS, apparently? Haven't tested it yet.11:53
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sicelothe RAM though .. :-/12:49
sicelocan you not perhaps obtailn Motorola Droid 4? It is well-supported in mainline12:50
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WikiwideI know :-)  I will look up what hardware it has. And what the hardware requirements for mainline kernel are? GUI is going to be tricky, A780 is portrait usually, not landscape.14:03
WikiwideAnd GUI probably takes up most of the RAM, as well?14:04
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WikiwideHow does Pirate Party compare against Greens? Wikipedia isn't clear on their policies.14:42
WikiwideAnd Socialist Alliance, too?14:47
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WikiwideIn short, I am heavily annoyed at like-minded people for forming separate parties. If they united, they would have had a higher probability of being elected - and the ballot would have been shorter.15:03
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WikiwideSorry, wrong channel.15:36
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DocScrutinizer05Oksana: ping21:17
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