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brolin_empeyIs there a currently available model of 2.5-inch HDD with storage capacity >2 TB but with height <=9.5 mm?  I see that Seagate has 3-, 4-, and 5-TB models with 15 mm height but I need <=9.5-mm height.01:46
brolin_empeyIs there any Web store that sells 2.5-inch HDDs that can search based on the height of the drive so I do not have to manually look up specs for models of drives offered?  Maybe the HDD manufacturers have this capability on their Web site if they sell HDDs direct to consumers but the brand of drive does not matter.  Granted, at the most I guess I would have to check only three Web sites because apparently Seagate, Western Digital, and Toshiba are the only HDD01:51
brolin_empey manufacturers left.01:51
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buZzhehe. lets you filter on size01:55
buZzjust checked, there's no >2TB of 9.5mm or smaller01:55
buZzSeagate Spinpoint M9T, 2TB01:55
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buZzthe 3TB 2.5" i have in my server is also really thick01:56
brolin_empeybuZz: OK, thank you.  I was hoping that 2.5-inch <=9.5-mm HDDs had surpassed 2 TB by now because they reached 2 TB in 2015, after WD brought the first 2-TB 2.5-inch HDD, which is 15 mm high, to market in 2013.01:59
buZzi think we'll see >2TB SSD 2.5" before ;)02:00
buZzoh, they're already here02:00
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buZz6.8mm thick samsung 860 QVO 4TB is 490 euro :P02:01
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brolin_empeyThat price is way too high for me but I did buy a 1-TB 2.5-inch SATA SSD for my office computer last year, which is awesome because it means I do not need an HDD in my office computer.02:05
buZzyeah its great to get rid of them :D02:05
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brolin_empeyApparently both ST2000LM015 and ST2000LX001 are only 7 mm high.  Is 2 TB still the largest storage capacity for <=9.5-mm height?02:17
buZzmaybe ask in ##hardware, they might know02:31
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