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brolin_empeyHeh, I just accidentally discovered that the Web version of Google Calendar allows moving between months by rolling the mouse wheel.  I have been using Google Calendar for years and never knew it had this feature until now.09:05
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brolin_empeyKotCzarny: So, which model of ZenFone are you using?11:12
brolin_empeyDoes Maemo have something like Camscanner or Scanbot for Android?  I have been using document scanner applications instead of a normal camera application a lot since I discovered document scanner applications.11:14
brolin_empeyThis one?  It is ARM with a difficult to remove battery.11:23
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sicelowhat do those apps do, brolin_empey14:38
brolin_empeysicelo: They are meant to replace a dedicated image scanner for common usage.  If you want a digital photograph of something tangible and flat such as a piece of paper or a plastic card, you use the application to photograph the subject against a contrasting background (my desktop with a woodgrain texture at my office seems to suffice even though it is not a plain, uniform colour and even the transparent glass table I use at home may suffice too, I do not14:46
brolin_empeyremember if it does and I am not currently at home), then the application automatically crops the subject, straightens and rotates the image, and applies a filter to brighten the image inclusive-or to improve the contrast of the image.  You can manually adjust the selection for cropping and rotate the image if necessary and choose which, if any, filter to apply.14:46
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sicelojfrontview900 on Maemo does that, although i think its feature set is not as extensive as what you just described14:50
infobotsicelo meant: frontview900 on Maemo does that, although i think its feature set is not as extensive as what you just described14:51
brolin_empeysicelo: Right, I think I may have seen that type of application for Maemo but never tried that type of application for Maemo.14:54
bencohah right, that one is non-free :(14:54
brolin_empeybencoh: Does that matter in practice?  I have used some open-source software such as the Apache HTTP Server for at least 1.5 decades by now yet cannot remember ever needing to read the source code.14:57
brolin_empeyThat said, in this case part of the reason why I do not need to read the source code is because the Apache HTTP Server is well documented.  Sometimes I have had to read the source code of software I use because the documentation did not answer my question.14:59
sixwheeledbeastI think i used frontview900 recently pretty impressed14:59
brolin_empeyApparently Windows NT 4.0 can be built from the source codebase that was publicly leaked in 2004.  I wonder if this means it is technically possible and maybe even feasible to build a version of NT 4 that runs as the host OS on the Apple Power Macintosh platform.  Windows NT 4 for PowerPC as publicly released by Microsoft is for only the PowerPC Reference Platform (PReP), not the PowerMac platform, although reportedly Apple and Microsoft discussed the15:11
brolin_empeypossibility of Microsoft supporting the PowerMac platform in Windows NT.  Yes, I realise that Windows NT for PowerPC has significant usability limitations in practice due to much software for Windows being closed-source and not released for non-x86 architectures but this is something to be done because it can be done, not because it is often useful in practice, like me installing a 5.25-inch High-density flexible disc drive in my Core 2 Quad tower computer15:11
brolin_empeyor using XF86_mono with an ET1000 model of 8-bit ISA video card from the 1980s as the only video controller in a Pentium III tower computer.15:11
brolin_empeyOr using my dot-matrix impact printer with parallel interface from the 1980s on Windows 10 for x86-64 on my home computer.15:13
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brolin_empeyIs Apple the only brand of PowerPC notebook computer produced?15:25
brolin_empeyNo, IBM released at least one PowerPC ThinkPad model in around 1995.15:26
KotCzarny10:24 #maemo brolin_empey> This one?  It is ARM with a difficult to remove battery.15:27
KotCzarnyonly if you are completely 2 left handed15:27
KotCzarny6 screws and back panel15:27
brolin_empeyI already discussed that in this channel years (?) ago.  KotCzarny apparently did not know that a PowerPC ThinkPad existed until I mentioned it.15:28
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brolin_empeyKotCzarny: It is difficult to remove if you do not have the required screw driver and working space when you need to remove the battery.  The battery on, for example, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or LG G5 can be easily and quickly removed with only hands and fingers, no tool required.15:31
brolin_empeyor on a Nokia N900 for that matter.15:32
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MaxdamantusMy guess is that it would be easier to port Wine to PPC than to port Windows NT.15:35
Maxdamantusunless the NT codebase was already developed in such a way to make the architecture fairly generic.15:36
Maxdamantusoh, you said it was already released for PPC.15:36
brolin_empeyAlso, if disassembling this ZenFone model is like disassembling the Nokia N900 or some other devices, disassembling it in my office or residence with a carpeted floor means that at least one of the tiny screws falls off of the desktop/tabletop and is literally never found because it is practically impossible to find on the carpeted floor.15:38
bencohnowadays people would just compile wine for x86 and run it using qemu-user-ppc anyway15:40
brolin_empeyMaxdamantus: Yes, Windows NT 4 for PowerPC shipped but only for the PowerPC Reference Platform (PReP), not the PowerMac platform.15:40
brolin_empeyAnd, also as already discussed in this channel months or years ago, it seems that the feature phone world may have never switched to “difficult to remove”/“non-removable”/“requiring more than hands and fingers to remove” batteries.15:47
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brolin_empeyUnless a feature phone is designed to be so low cost that the battery is soldered instead of using a connector, which I think I saw done on a very low cost feature phone from Asia.15:49
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brolin_empeybencoh: What specifically is qemu-user-ppc?  I know what qemu is but can find few mentions of qemu-user-ppc on the Internet.16:19
bencohqemu-user allows running foreign arch userspace binaries by emulating cpu while still making use of host kernel for syscalls and such16:21
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brolin_empeybencoh: OK, so what did you mean in your previous comment?  Using GNU+Linux for PowerPC to run Wine for x86 to effectively run a Windows application built for x86 on a PowerPC computer running GNU+Linux?16:31
brolin_empeyReportedly Wine needs support from the kernel too so I do not know if you can use Wine on a non-x86 platform if the kernel is not x86?16:33
bencohbrolin_empey: you can run x86 wine on non-x86 platforms using qemu-user16:34
bencoh(oh, and, that'd actually be qemu-user-x86 in that usecase)16:34
brolin_empeyOther than using winelib to build a Windows application from source for ARM using the GNU development tools so that a Windows application can run using winelib on ARM Linux but I have still never tried that.16:36
brolin_empeybencoh: Does that work for running Windows applications built for x86 on Android for ARM even if you have to run a GNU userland/userspace and possibly an X server on top of Android?16:38
brolin_empeyYes, I realise that I could use an x86 Android handheld computer such as the Asus ZenFone 2 from 2015 but I dislike the hardware design that requires more than hands and fingers to remove the battery.16:40
bencohI wouldn't want to use windows app on a phone tbh, but that's your call16:41
brolin_empeyI would rather use an x86 smartphone than use an N900 as a smartphone.16:49
bencohyour call :)16:54
brolin_empeyWhilst I still used an N900, I missed many voice calls because of the N900.16:56
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