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sixwheeledbeast~seen kotczarny00:05
infobotkotczarny <ariel@> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 10d 12h 38m 15s ago, saying: '~unbanip'.00:05
sixwheeledbeastsicelo: ^00:05
* infobot snaps the snack in a flying jump, and runs to bring it to DocScrutinizer. Halfway there, eats snack00:06
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sicelothanks sixwheeledbeast00:13
sicelo10 days ... that's a bit unusul, methinks.00:13
* Vajb agrees00:14
Vajbbut it is holiday season. Easter...00:14
siceloah yes :)00:15
xesanyway still present in #linux-sunxi00:15
sicelooh thanks. will give him a few days to return here, otherwise i'll go stalk him there00:18
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DocScrutinizer05sixwheeledbeast: wow, that's a pretty old factoid01:38
DocScrutinizer05sixwheeledbeast: where did you dig that up?01:42
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sixwheeledbeastmy head09:38
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sixwheeledbeastGreat minds think alike.13:06
sixwheeledbeast~factinfo docsnack13:08
infoboterror: you do not have enough flags for that. (o required)13:08
infobotdocsnack -- created by DocScrutinizer <~halley@openmoko/engineers/joerg> at Thu Aug 12 21:47:11 2010 (3175 days); it has been requested 5 times, last by sixwheeledbeast, 1m 10s ago.13:08
sixwheeledbeastno idea about the error. i am likely doing it wrong13:09
DocScrutinizer51no, its a bug13:09
DocScrutinizer51the action gets enabled by the config flag but the error msg doesn't get blocked13:10
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DocScrutinizer51~+chanset _default13:18
infobotDefault channel settings13:18
infobot BZFlag => 1, Debian => 1, DebianExtra => 1, Dict => 1, Exchange => 1, Factoids => 1, HTTPDtype => 1, Kernel => 1, Math => 1, Plug => 1, Quote => 1, RootWarn => 1, Rss => 1, Search => 1, Topic => 1, Units => 1, Uptime => 1, UserInfo => 1, Weather => 1, Zippy => 1, addressCharacter => ~, allowConv => 1, allowTelling => 1, botmail => 1, case => 113:18
infobot chanlimitcheckPlus => 60, cookie => 1, countdown => 1, debian => 1, debianRefreshInterval => 7, dice => 1, dns => 1, exchange => 1, factoidArguments => 1, factoidDeleteDelay => 7, factoidPreventForgetLimit => 100, factoidPreventForgetLimitTime => 180000, factoidSearch => _default, floodMessages => 10:30, floodRepeat => 2:10, freshmeat => 113:18
infobot insult => 1, ircTextCounters => heh hah :) ? hi lol, joinfloodCheck => 1, karma => 1, lart => 1, limitcheckInterval => 60, limitcheckPlus => 60, log => 1, maxListReplyCount => 30, md5 => 1, minVolunteerLength => 50, newsDefaultExpire => 7, newsKeepRead => 1, newsNotifyAll => 1, nickometer => 1, pager => 1, piglatin => 1, randomFactoidInterval => 60, reverse => 113:18
infobot rss => 1, scramble => 1, sed => 1, seen => 1, seenFlushInterval => 120, seenMaxDays => 900, seenStats => 1, seenStoreAll => 1, sendPublicLimitBytes => 1000, slashdot => 1, spell => 1, tell => 1, translate => 1, upsidedown => 1, verstats => 0, wikipedia => 1, wtf => 1, zfi => 1, zsi => 113:18
DocScrutinizer51ooh, this is about user flags, not channel settings13:20
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DocScrutinizer51~+chanset #maemo13:34
infobotchan: #maemo (see _default also)13:34
infobot _time_added => 1179878166, autojoin => infobot, factoidSearch => $chan _default13:34
DocScrutinizer51ooh sed enabled?13:35
infobotDocScrutinizer51 meant: ooh sEd EnablEd?13:36
infobotsicelo meant: DocScrutenezer5113:39
infobotDocScrutinizer51 meant: ooh sEd enabled?13:40
infobotDocScrutinizer51 meant: s/E/E/213:41
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siceloheh @KotCzarny13:41
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sicelomy N900 is on its way out. digitizer has some dead areas towards the top right corner.13:50
sicelowith phone in landscape, pressing 2 or 5 in the Phone application doesn't work, even though the blue 'clicked' effect appears.13:51
siceloto enter 2 or 5 i have to press slightly  to the left of the digit, somewhere between 1 & 213:52
DocScrutinizer05now that is strange13:52
DocScrutinizer05you might want to read out raw X/Y/pendown values and compare to the actual physical input13:54
siceloi don't know how to do that, but what i tried was to draw straight vertical lines, and see what happeens - in the affected area, the cursor jumps towards the right, leaving a zig-zag drawn line.13:55
sicelo ... these lines were all expected to be straight14:08
Maxdamantusfake sed.14:11
infobotMaxdamantus meant: fake sedfake14:11
sixwheeledbeastI thought my N900 had a faulty digitizer at one point, I found out the screen protector had worn out and was interfering with the screen. Replaced it and had no issues since.14:39
siceloi replaced my protector as well. seems i have permanent damage. although i've wondered if flex cable could cause this. i don't have another to test14:41
DocScrutinizer05sicelo: I guess your digitizer's separator oil got rancid14:49
DocScrutinizer05or the outer plastic film got worn out and has dents and buckles14:51
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sixwheeledbeastI suppose symptoms of main flex could vary. I had more of a display issue than digitizer issues when my ribbon failed.15:35
infobotit has been said that fixribbon is
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Vajbsicelo: I had screen problems too, but towards top left corner. It went so bad that I couldn't select number 1 in lock screen if phone was in landscape mode.18:07
Vajbalso if I played with scetch and if I touch certain points near top left corner it draw straight line toward corner18:08
Vajbalso I*18:08
Vajbaffected area was about 3cm quarter circle. Top left corner being center18:09
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DocScrutinizer51flexribbon unrelated19:08
DocScrutinizer05when >>it draw straight line toward corner<< then your digitizer "has a short" aka a bogus erroneous touchpoint *at the origin* of such line19:11
DocScrutinizer05that's why I suggested printing out raw numeric event values19:12
DocScrutinizer05Though I guess "there is an app for it" ;-)19:13
infobotwell, pkg is
DocScrutinizer05 maybe? no faintest idea19:16
DocScrutinizer05worse regarding "NFC":
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tahr64usera52c00Good day and good health Gentlemen22:40
tahr64usera52c00is there a set of operating instructions on-line somewhere for the nokia N900 ? any one knows about22:43
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sixwheeledbeastOne does not simply operate an N90022:59
m14edno doubt23:00
m14edcan not scare an n900 with a hammer and screwdriver either - but must learn somewhere23:00
sixwheeledbeastI assume you have acquired a device and are looking for guidance?23:01
m14ed? cursing allowed on  here i can give affirmations23:01
m14edi sir, am after more knowledge than just jumping onto it cold23:02
m14edfinger fiddling (Not the phrase i'd like to use) does not gain me much23:02
sixwheeledbeastWell ask away? It depends what you are trying to do? There are likely "official operating instructions" but they are unlikely to be very helpful in 201923:04
m14edyes - i have acquired an N90023:04
sixwheeledbeastOk if you don't need anything I would suggest you reflash the device to a clean start. Therefore you have fresh unmodified Maemo. Then i would install the community updates AKA CSSU23:05
m14edseemed like a "Full Box" of the set -telephone and equipment to go with all the slots in the box - everything there but the booklet23:05
sixwheeledbeastwmo is your friend, you can also ask specific questions here, it's fairly active.23:07
infobot[wmo] http://wiki.maemo.org23:07
m14edlaughing as i ask - hold one finger here, one here, one here, then wiggle while pushing buttons23:07
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, maemo-flashing is, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./; or see ~flashing-cmdline, or see ~lazyflashing23:07
infobotit has been said that lazyflashing is
m14ed^ thank you for the above kind sir23:09
m14edperhaps someday i can return the favor23:09
sixwheeledbeastMy one global tip when it comes to N900 and Maemo is less is more. The more extras software "applications" you install the more likely your device will become slow like molasses. Keep your applications to what you need basically.23:11
m14edgoodly number of names here on your userlist - is the channel very active ?23:11
sixwheeledbeastfairly by the regulars, lots of idlers23:11
m14edyes sir - most OS run faster - the lighter you allow them to be23:12
sixwheeledbeastAlso maemo is not your standard Debian distro don't expect to be running apt from a terminal to install packages without having dependency mayhem.23:13
infobotham is, like, Hildon Application Manager.  Slow as molasses. Anticipate you got time for a beer or two until it finishes whatever it does, or see ~speedyham23:13
infobot[speedyham] 30 times faster than HAM, now included in CSSU.23:13
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m14edyes sir - i do recall when windows ruined tons of thinking when nokia changed routes with operating systems23:15
m14edi was fortunate to grab this Piece of History/antiquity a year or so ago ,, and have not had a chance to play with it23:17
m14eda few query's here and there, got me a few basics , but no real hints what not to do first off23:18
sicelom14ed: s|history/antiquity|the future|23:18
m14edvery familiar with freenode /23:18
m14edsicelo:   ? sorry sir - explain23:19
m14ednokia n900 purchased for $20 usd23:19
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m14edfuture ? play with it and enjoy - like a kid with a toy23:20
siceloi'm saying the N900, at least tosome of us, doesn't represent the past. it represents the future ... we will be taking them to the future with us, as long as they last23:20
* sicelo is typing/reading this on N900 at this very moment23:21
m14edoh - yes sir - almost forgot what a n900 was between them being released back when and my purchase last year23:21
sixwheeledbeastYep I am not planning on using any other device but I will be made up if we get a modern browser in the foreseeable future.23:22
m14edbrowsers are the current pain of most linux users is it not23:23
m14edit/they = browsers23:23
infobotclosed is, like, or, or, or
sixwheeledbeastis one issue.23:24
m14edyes - am aware of software shutdown sites and such23:24
m14eddial nokia - nobody home -23:26
sixwheeledbeastyou never know a tarball from some old nokia employee may appear...23:27
m14edtruth is  stranger than fiction23:28
m14edold farts have a tendency not giving up things and ideas that work - instance IRC - tincans and string23:30
m14edGentlemen -23:37
m14edthank you for the help you have given -23:37
m14edgood luck and good health -23:37
m14edhope to return23:38
*** m14ed has left #maemo23:38
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