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siceloright now i'm connected using the older operator - things are slightly better than the last time i had tried but it's still flaky really00:00
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DocScrutinizer05possibly the N900 cellmo has hw troubles with one band filter broken or detuned for that band00:28
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Vajbsicelo: First it was missing sim all the time, but now that is rare. It just loses whole network for few seconds and it comes back. Syslog show a lot of "unexpected cmt-restart".08:35
Vajbby losing network I mean that that pile of bars disappears completely and also 3G text under it disappears.08:37
VajbI can provide syslog later if anyone is interested to take a look.08:38
Vajbin my mind this does not seem like bad antenna connection because I usually have full stack of bars.08:39
KotCzarnywhere do you get that cmt log?09:17
KotCzarnysome command or its saved somewhere?09:17
sicelosyslog, i think :-)09:18
siceloah, yes, he also said so09:19
KotCzarnydoes it need to be installed?09:21
KotCzarnyi mean installed and configured in some special way09:21
Vajbyes, syslog09:29
KotCzarnyi guess it would eat some battery09:46
KotCzarnyalso, would be interresting to write some popup when cmd errors are detected09:47
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MaxdamantusI have syslogd start on boot.09:59
MaxdamantusAll you have to do is run `syslogd` as root.09:59
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Vajbsame here. It grows pretty fast lately.10:15
MaxdamantusSeems to get rotated and deleted by default though.10:16
KotCzarnyonly if you have logrotate, i guess10:16
MaxdamantusI didn't do anything to get it to happen.10:17
MaxdamantusDoesn't seem to be running logrotate. I suspect it's probably syslogd itself that removes them.10:17
KotCzarnynormal syslogd just logs10:19
VajbMaxdamantus: how big does your file get?10:19
KotCzarnymight be some syslog-ng or something10:19
VajbMine grows to several Mb and then I just stop syslog remove file and start syslog again10:20
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MaxdamantusVajb: the previous file is 200 KiB10:35
MaxdamantusVajb: not sure if it splits based on size or based on date, but it just has "messages", which is what it's currently appending to, and "messages.0" which was the previous file.10:36
Maxdamantusand it's actually just busybox's syslogd.10:36
KotCzarnydid you configure it for some log rotation?10:37
MaxdamantusThe --help indicates that it is indeed busybox's syslogd that does the rotation.10:37
KotCzarnyi dont remember it having such feature by default10:37
MaxdamantusNo. I just run the command "syslogd" in my boot script.10:37
MaxdamantusThe --help seems to indicate that that's the default behaviour.10:38
KotCzarnynice to know10:38
Maxdamantus"N rotated logs to keep (default:1, ..."10:38
KotCzarnyi might actually implement the logging to find out if mine troubles (which luckily stopped recently) have the same cause10:39
Maxdamantus"Max size (KB) before rotation (default:200KB, ..."10:39
KotCzarnymaxd: is it bb from repo or self compiled?10:39
MaxdamantusKotCzarny: just from repo.10:39
Maxdamantus(manually typed, might be inexact)10:41
MaxdamantusIt's probably just whatever you'd get from the cssu or community repository or whatever it is.10:41
* Maxdamantus can't remember how those worked.10:41
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DocScrutinizer05sysklogdf or ksyslogd or somesuch11:45
DocScrutinizer05pulls in 1 or 2 other dependencies11:45
DocScrutinizer05logging to anything other than rootfs gets tricky since logging is started before mounting11:47
DocScrutinizer05and iirc it comes with sort of logrotate during reboot11:47
MaxdamantusI just have it in init.d/rcS11:50
Maxdamantuswhich is run after everything's mounted.11:50
MaxdamantusI don't really care too much about missing messages on boot. Probably better to avoid all that load at that time anyway.11:51
MaxdamantusJust useful being able to check the log if I notice the system behaving strangely.11:51
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Vajbhmm I have default syslogd started at boot time, but it doesn't do any cycling11:57
MaxdamantusIs it busybox? ls -l `which syslogd`11:58
VajbInstalled: 1.5-5maemo7+0m511:59
VajbI don't have syslogd11:59
sixwheeledbeastupstart is pretty easy to add jobs too12:00
Vajbdoes it come with busybox-power package?12:00
MaxdamantusVajb: try `busybox syslogd --help`12:01
MaxdamantusVajb: if that works, could just run it like that.12:01
Maxdamantus`dpkg -S /sbin/syslogd` shows nothing, so maybe I made the symlink myself.12:01
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MaxdamantusI have a feeling that dpkg is sometimes weird with these sorts of paths though.12:01
MaxdamantusIt's not busybox power afaict12:02
MaxdamantusOh, it is busybox-power.12:04
MaxdamantusWas confused by the "diversion" messages.12:04
Vajbapplet not found12:05
MaxdamantusYeah, so I guess it's only in the busybox-power one.12:06
Vajbyes I thought so because I did apt-cache search syslogd and busybox-power showed up12:06
Maxdamantusand maybe it does some postinstall stuff to make the symlinks12:07
sixwheeledbeastsyslogd is only provided by busybox-power12:07
sixwheeledbeastsysklogd is a package on it's own.12:07
Vajband you said it splits them at 200kb12:09
VajbI guess my 4Mb syslog is a bit too much.12:09
MaxdamantusYeah, by default.12:10
MaxdamantusI suspect sysklogd will also have some options for that.12:10
Maxdamantusjust happens that busybox has 200 KiB by default.12:10
* Maxdamantus likes that the expectation with the busybox version is that the "configuration" is just specified in the command line.12:12
* Maxdamantus wishes more programs did that. *cough* nbd-server *cough*12:12
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VajbI just found a way instantly lose network and get missing sim icon....14:57
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Vajbwhen ever I try to send group message in pidgin device shows missing sim icon15:22
Vajbsyslog from that15:24
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sixwheeledbeastcellular: ssc[786]: Unexpected modem reset, waiting for modem reboot15:42
Vajbfew times it went to modem restart 10 of 10 and then only option is reboot device15:44
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sixwheeledbeastI can still only think of everything said before to try and fix. Battery, SIM, reflash fiasco, aerial contacts loose.16:41
sixwheeledbeastIf it's the usual modem hardware issue the only real fix is reballing. Normally in this case you can reproduce the sim error by flexing the device.16:45
sixwheeledbeastDoing a certain action like sitting with it in your pocket will trigger it for example.16:46
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siceloand typing (in pidgin) might be a form of flexing ... if the board is perhaps now slightly bent17:34
KotCzarnyirc would trigger it too then17:40
KotCzarnyi guess17:40
siceloif he types faster/harder with the gf on FB (pidgin) than he does to us :)17:43
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Vajbhaha good speculation sicelo, but it was group chat what triggered it last time23:49
Vajbbut happens with irc too.23:49
VajbI consulted the service manual today to see how to remove cellular antenna. It seemed that I have to take whole device apart to remove it.23:58
VajbA bit too much of a hassle.23:59

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