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WikiwideApparently, the repository is fremantle free. However, qml-browser requires qt-components-hildon? Which should be available in extras-devel, but doesn't show up for me.00:37
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WikiwideOkay, downloaded qt-components-hildon manually from extras-devel and got them installed. And qml-browser, too.01:29
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brolin_empey<KotCzarny> isnt opera sold to some chinese corpo?02:52
brolin_empeyYes, it was but I still use Opera for Android until Vivaldi is released for Android.02:52
brolin_empeyI thought that X-Chat could use text mode in addition to GTK+ for the front end?02:53
brolin_empeySigh, I am spending my time on a problem caused by a software licensing regime instead of a “real” problem.02:54
brolin_empeyWhat does the end user see when they try to access a Web site that needs a newer/higher version of TLS than their system supports?  I can try for myself on my N900 when I am back home tonight if I remember.  Would Firefox 2 on Windows 98 have this problem too because Firefox 2 is the last release that officially supports Windows 98 if I recall correctly?03:08
Maxdamantusbrolin_empey: iirc it will have some message like "protocol error" or something.03:11
Maxdamantusbrolin_empey: it's one of those "Try again" pages anyway.03:12
brolin_empeyActually, I think I already had this failure mode with old Netscape versions on Windows.03:15
brolin_empeyMaybe s/old/early/03:17
WikiwideQml-browser doesn't show any signs of having newer openssl04:06
WikiwideLooks like I need devel versions of all the qt4-x11 packages04:30
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MaxdamantusGot a 256 GB Samsung EVO for my N900.07:07
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brolin_empeyMaxdamantus: SD card?08:26
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MaxdamantusJust amused about the branding of it.08:31
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* Maxdamantus didn't know Samsung was into the SD card business.08:32
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KotCzarnyanyway, you should've go with pro ones08:37
KotCzarnybit more durable08:37
* KotCzarny had 128gb evo+ dead from use08:37
MaxdamantusPretty sure they're all going to die sometime.08:38
Maxdamantusand probably not something that's easy to get controlled statistics of.08:39
MaxdamantusThe conclusions in harddisk studies are fuzzy enough, and those are by organisations that actually run large arrays of disks in relatively controlled conditions. Obviously noone does anything like that with SD cards.08:39
Maxdamantusanyway, noticed at least one file on my 128 GB SanDisk produces read errors.08:41
* Maxdamantus hasn't scanned the whole device.08:41
KotCzarnywell, for ssd evo has fewer cell cycles than pro09:00
KotCzarnyat least sandisk sdcard went into r/o mode, so data wasnt lost09:05
KotCzarnyif you plan on warranty replacement use luks etc09:06
KotCzarnyas you wont be able to nuke you own data09:06
MaxdamantusI think I've had it for a couple of years. It's just another storage device that needs to be replaced.09:08
Maxdamantus(and it's always been my swap device for Maemo)09:08
Maxdamantus3 years09:54
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bencohMaxdamantus: have you done any benchmarking yet?10:47
Maxdamantusbencoh: no. Haven't put it in my phone yet.10:50
Maxdamantusbut I'm guessing it'll just be the same as the previous card, since I don't think N900's SD controller is able to get anywhere near the rated speeds.10:52
MaxdamantusI get 12 MB/s sequential read from the one that's already in there, and I think all of my SD cards have had that, except for one card which was crap.10:53
Maxdamantusand 19.6 MB/s from the eMMC.10:54
* bencoh nods10:59
MaxdamantusI think I remember DocScrutinizer05 saying what the maximum theoretical throughput would be based on the bus size and frequency or something.10:59
bencohyeah, you can actually read it in the omap3 documentation10:59
Maxdamantuslogs: 05:35 < KotCzarny>  Just upgraded my N900 with Samsung EVO 64GB MicroSDXC card, speeds up to 48MB/s formatted ext3.10:59
bencohafair the limit is pretty low considering today's standard10:59
Maxdamantus^ pretty sure that would have been a false measurement10:59
bencoh(same goes for omap4, btw)11:00
Maxdamantus(probably something based on buffering or caching)11:00
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sicelolooks like i finally managed to lose the stylus on my daily N900 (from 2011)17:21
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