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brolin_empeyDocScrutinizer05: Writing on a road/path/sidewalk/… can be considered a non-paged book?06:35
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OksanaMotorised miniaturised Torah scrolls?.. Would require a very flexible and durable screen for displaying e-books. And it's paginated, still, even in scroll form ;-)14:02
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OksanaBook of Esther and Joshua Roll are paginated as well?.. Vertical, non-paginated rolls are more likely to be used for shorter documents?..14:04
OksanaShorter or longer, doesn't matter for computer display. Still, it would have to be a very flexible durable display...14:05
KotCzarnyit's mixing up tech14:06
KotCzarnyyou can scroll data on eink14:06
KotCzarny(slower or faster but still)14:06
KotCzarnyno need to physically move anything if you have electronic display14:06
OksanaQuestion is, if dislay is a fixed rectangle, then it's intuitive for it to be paginated, if only because scrolling non-paginated text on e-ink display is going to be laggy.14:08
KotCzarnycurrently eink is quite speedy14:08
OksanaIf display is a roll, then human can scroll down the non-paginated text physically, while the part of display hidden from user updates itself.14:09
buZzas long as it isnt a >1 color display ;)14:09
buZzthose 2 color einks take -forever- to refresh14:09
KotCzarnybuzz, i'm not talking about any specific tech, but generic idea of fixed medium vs dynamic display14:10
OksanaAnd I cannot wait for full-colour e-ink displays... Too impatient.14:10
buZzah ok, dont call it eink then ;)14:10
KotCzarnyoksana: they are here already14:10
KotCzarnyjust far from perfect14:10
* KotCzarny already used mirasol for quite few years14:11
OksanaYes, I am mixing things up. Like, scrolling physically a digital display.14:11
KotCzarnyit even plays youtube @10fps14:11
KotCzarnyunfortunatelly red is a bit washed out, and android/soc sucks a lot of battery anyway14:12
KotCzarnyreadability in full sun is good tho14:12
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OksanaYes, readability in full sun is good for e-ink. And for amoled, but that's power-hungry?14:19
OksanaBut amoled looks far better than e-ink? Colourful, contrastful...14:20
KotCzarnysame for ips14:20
KotCzarnyalso, lcd(amoled, ips, tn) is more stressfull to the eyes14:21
Oksanapower-hungry as well ^14:21
KotCzarnyfor books and longer reading last argument is important14:21
OksanaAny scientific links on studies that show that? Because I understand theory, but I would like empirical evidence as well14:22
KotCzarnyotherwise headache, eyestrain can occur14:22
KotCzarnyyes. been there, done that, had eye/headaches.14:22
OksanaAnd office workers all use LCD/whatever computer monitors, no e-ink computer monitors ;-)14:23
KotCzarnyas for retina burnout, any ultraviolet light study should suffice14:23
* Oksana should get sunglasses/computerGlasses, UV is strong here14:23
KotCzarnywith reflected light (which is usually sun filtered through atmosphere) it's natural for us14:24
KotCzarnyremember that uv can also enter eye sideways and make your eye more foggy14:24
OksanaAustralia's UV is stronger than elsewhere, if only because of ozone hole?14:24
KotCzarnymore sun probably in general14:25
KotCzarnyfewer cloud/humidity14:25
OksanaAnd I want glasses that cover all angles, like some sunglasses do - so that my eyes do not see anything outside frames14:25
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OksanaLet's hope the computer is still switched on and accessible tomorrow. Because I am transferring IceChat logs out of it.14:30
DocScrutinizer05~wiki ozone_hole14:31
infobotAt (URL), Wikipedia explains: "{{short description|Stratospheric phenomena of Earth}} {{Use mdy dates|date=May 2016}} {{Use American English|date=May 2016}} {{Other uses|Depletion (disambiguation)}} ozone hole ever recorded over the South Pole in September 2006]] {{external media | width = 210px | align = right | headerimage= | audio1 = ...14:31
DocScrutinizer05prolly lost relevance?14:36
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