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brolin_empeybleb: If you use a smartphone without a touch screen as a camera then how do you choose in which area to focus?  Usually you touch the part of the screen where you want to focus but obviously that does not apply on a computer without a touch screen.00:31
brolin_empeyI guess the answer is that you do not because I do not remember having this ability/feature on the dedicated digital still cameras with a display but without a touch screen that I used to use.00:34
MaxdamantusCould presumably just point it to where you want it to focus on, autofocus, then point it back according to the desired picture.00:47
* Maxdamantus wonders if DSLRs even have the capability to focus on arbitrary points.00:48
MaxdamantusThey seem to have focus indicators for various particular points, but dunno if there's an interface for selecting which point is meant to be used for autofocus.00:49
Maxdamantus(my experience is limited to a particular Canon camera, and I haven't used it all that much)00:49
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Maxdamantusbtw, the pointing thing is what I do on N900 .. I suspect I'd do the same with any camera01:00
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brolin_empeyMaxdamantus: Which Canon camera?  My dedicated camera is a Canon PowerShot G6.08:19
brolin_empeyApparently most of the smartphone makers, including Nokia, felt they needed a touch screen to compete with Apple after the introduction of the original iPhone or iPhone 3G.08:23
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Maxdamantusbrolin_empey: EOS 1200D08:25
MaxdamantusIt just seems like unless the camera is already fixed, it'd be easier to just point and focus rather than touch a particular place on the screen.08:28
Maxdamantusand if it is fixed, I imagine you're probably adjusting the focus manually anyway.08:29
Maxdamantus(fixed as in on a tripod or something, so you're not able to freely point the camera)08:32
inzMax, at least on 350D and 50D it is possible to choose an AF point08:32
MaxdamantusOkay, I suspect you can probably do it on the 1200D then too.08:33
Maxdamantusbut those points are still a bit more limited than a touchscreen.08:33
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DocScrutinizer05most cheaper compact cameras have center focus and no touchscreen11:57
DocScrutinizer05even the better compact cameras do, sometimes with a selection of 2 or 3 focus types (center, multipoint, object detection...). E.G my Fujifilm XQ1 has no touchscreen either. Why would smartphones *need* a touchscreen to do autofocus?12:00
DocScrutinizer05nah, that's so "how did mankind manage to not die from starvation before caviar been discovered?"12:02
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