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brolin_empeyI am trying to determine how much money I usually spend in a month, which means trying to determine how much money I usually spend on different things each month.  Is there some way to have the transaction log for both my credit card account and my chequeing account in one place?  I cannot use only one account for everything, which results in the frustrating First-World Problem that my transaction log is split/fragmented between two accounts.01:02
Wizzupgnu cash01:02
KotCzarnyno spending, no log, no problem01:03
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sixwheeledbeastif you need help the irc channel is on #gnucash. but it is well documented01:05
brolin_empeyI have been aware of GnuCash for years but have never knowingly used it.  How do I get the transaction logs into GnuCash?01:07
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sixwheeledbeastYou can import CSV within gnucash01:08
brolin_empeyCan GnuCash automatically get the transaction log from my accounts?01:09
sixwheeledbeastYou may just be best to reconcile what you have first and start using gnucash going forward using your opening balances01:10
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sixwheeledbeastYou can do all sorts of account reports within your tax year01:11
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sixwheeledbeastoh you mean reconcile with your bank accounts? I believe there are options for that never used them. i think it's OFX/QFX?01:13
brolin_empeyConsidering how few transactions occur per month in my chequeing account, I think this is Yet Another case of spending more time trying to save time than I will actually save.  I try to use my credit card account for all purchases so there are few transactions that are in my chequeing account instead of my credit card account.01:17
sixwheeledbeastIf transactions are few it's not too hard to calculate them. After all everything will come out of checking a/c eventually01:19
sixwheeledbeastFor personal accounting if you don't mind the initial setup and a little work, it will help you locate and break down where you are spending.01:21
sixwheeledbeastIf you are after a rough monthly spend calculation then your probably better just working it out yourself.01:23
brolin_empeyThis problem would be easier to solve if my credit card company had a less lame Web site but both of the credit card companies I have used so far have bad Web sites.01:53
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siceloi use eqonomize for my personal accounting. it's leaner than gnucash08:02
buZz'sc' is a really light spreadsheet for terminal08:10
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brolin_empeyApparently I have around 1 690 CAD of expenses per month.09:51
Vajbbrolin_empey: that sounds like a lot, but then again I don't know the value of that currency10:38
KotCzarnya bit less than usd10:39
Vajbmkay, it's still significant amount of moneys10:40
KotCzarnyi just usually drop the currency and compare amount10:40
KotCzarnybecause both earnings and prices are related10:40
KotCzarnyie. you can buy similar amount for similar amount of currency10:41
Vajbyup true10:41
KotCzarnyie. you earn 2000some currency and spend half of that on life10:41
KotCzarny(with earning is being related to the job, and can go up 5-10 times in IT)10:45
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sparreKotCzarny: Don't you eventually end up spending 100% of your earnings?  (Unless you've been careful, and organised fixed payments into a pension fund.)20:25
KotCzarnydepends, in current inflationatory economy, yeah20:26
KotCzarnyit's made as a good you perceive to 'have', but it's fleeting20:26
* sparre finds it hard to save up 50% of his income.20:27
ceeneeither you earn very little or you spend too much20:27
sparreI manage some years, but generally I'm closer to using 100%.20:27
sparreceene: Spend too much (its costly to be married ;-)20:28
KotCzarnyeasiest to do is to get an envelope and put something from your every paycheck there20:28
KotCzarny(hard to do with electronic moneys, but you can always pay out in papers)20:28
sparreceene: I make 130 kEUR a good year.20:28
ceenehere in Spain, at least in big cities, most of the cost goes to house payment, either mortgage or rent20:28
ceenei make 30kEUR before taxes20:29
ceenei would be a god with 130kEUR20:29
ceenei save around 50% yearly20:29
sparreI know.  I lived in Italy when I was younger, and lived quite well on ~35 kEUR/year.20:30
ceeneof course since I live with my partner it helps paying the house20:30
ceeneit's not the same 700EUR for one person than the same amount to pay with 2 salaries20:30
sparreThat helps indeed.20:30
ceenerent for the same apartment i had a couple years ago costs now ~90020:31
ceenewe're in the process of the next bubble20:31
sparreMy wife and I both try to work only part-time, so we can have more time with our daughter, but it does cost a bit on the income.20:31
KotCzarnytime is money20:32
ceeneoh, that indeed takes a bite on the income20:32
KotCzarnytrue as humanity20:32
sparreDefinitely bubble time again, but it is hard to estimate when it bursts.20:32
sparreHaving a PhD and knowing Ada well helps a bit on my hourly rate. :-)20:33
KotCzarnyare you saying you earn the living with Ada ?20:34
ceenei'm trying to earn my phd20:34
ceenei'd like to end up in university20:35
ceenebasically a poor income but lots of free time20:35
buZzdoesnt earning a phd requires being in uni already?20:35
ceeneyou need a doctor from the university to direct your thesis and investigation20:36
sparreI wanted to land a university job too, when I was younger, but the current level of funding for research at the Danish universities helped me change my mind.20:36
ceenebut you don't have to be near them, nor the university has to pay you anything20:36
ceenehere it depends a lot on the university itself, even on the same university, the one I'm related to, Telecommunications is one of the biggest in terms of financing20:37
sparreKotCzarny: At the moment I mostly work on a warehouse control and management system used by (among others) all the big Danish supermarket chains.20:37
ceeneand they use Ada20:38
ceenethat's more amazing even20:38
sparreThat application was changed from C to Ada around 1992.20:38
ceeneit becomes more amazing with every line you type20:40
sparreThey hadn't treated it as well as I would have liked them to, when I was hired by to development company, but we've managed to turn it into a pretty reliable and maintainable system over the last two years.20:40
sparreOne of the less amazing things is that Heineken uses it too, but is going to stop next year because the Benelux divisison of the company refuses to support them.20:42
sparre(The director of the Benelux division has been changed, but I don't think it will change their mind at Heineken.  Bad/lacking support is extremely costly for warehouses.)20:44
sparreWhen I get a call at 2AM in the morning, I may have up to 150 people standing still and waiting for me to get the warehouse running again.  Fortunately a better use of our tools - and basic stuff like automated test execution - has reduced the number of those calls dramatically.20:46
sparreThere's nothing like knowing that *you* will get a call in the middle of the night, to keep you from making mistakes you know how to avoid.20:48
ceenei was thiking the other day about the warehouse management systems that places like Amazon or Ikea or Farnell must have20:48
sparreThe one Ikea has at their main warehouses is written in C.  Also provided by my client.20:49
sparreThe R&D division for the C WMS is more than 10 times as large as that for the Ada WMS, and we're still close to feature parity.20:50
ceenewarehousing in general sounds boring, but thinking about these large scale systems make it pretty interesting20:51
sparreMuch of it is pretty trivial, but it gets better, when you can ask a 27 m tall crane to move a pallet around for you. :-)20:52
sparreThere are also some interesting real-time issues here and there.20:52
ceenewe use an excel sheet to keep track of electronic componentes :D20:53
sparreI'm not much better, when it comes to my LEGO collection.20:54
sparreBut I'm thinking of using my LEGO collection as an excuse to write a new WMS from scratch, incorporating all the things I've figured out can be done better, after working in the area for a few years.20:56
sparre(sorry about hijacking the discussion)20:57
ceenelego parts at least seem very easily descriptable (is that a word?)20:58
sparreYes.  They all have part numbers.20:58
ceeneyes, that20:59
ceenedescriptible in spanish20:59
sparreSome of the bluish colours can be a nightmare to distinguish.20:59
* sparre has talked a bit to LEGO about automated picking for their individual brick ordering service.21:00
sparreThere are some tricky issues, but it looks like most of the technology is ready for it.21:01
ceenewell, pick and place technology is very good, at least for electronic components21:02
ceenearound 10 or 15 parts per second21:03
ceenegonna see some tv with the family, cya!21:03
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sicelonice story there sparre!21:07
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sparreGrabbing LEGO pieces out of a container is hard - even if you only have a single part & colour per container.21:30
sparreceene: But you grab electronic components from fixed positions on a sheet/tape, not from a randomly packaged box.  Or?21:31
sparreI don't think the grabbers I've seen would be able to manage more than 1 part/second.  And then we're talking about ~6k part+colour combinations, so I imagine that optimal picking for an actual LEGO facility will require quite complex scheduling - or maybe just rethinking how things are done.21:35
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ceenesparre: yes, components come conviniently packaged for pick & place machines22:10
ceenebut i would say that most lego pieces can be shuffled and ordered by simple mechanical means (i.e. vibrating, etc)22:11
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sparreThey can.  But having 6000 hoppers on stand-by for pick-on-demand is simply too big an investment.  That's what they do on the ordinary production lines, and it works quite well and is quite cost-effective there.22:51
sparre(Not that they have 6000 hoppers, but they use them to package parts for ordinary sets.)22:53
sparreGood night.23:04
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