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pirlahello everyone18:24
pirlajust got a nokia n900 to try, how can I install debian (with no maemo) on it?18:24
KotCzarnyat this point you might as well go for maemo-leste18:25
pirlawhat's that?18:25
KotCzarnydevuan for n90018:25
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pirlayes, how can i install it?18:25
KotCzarnyrecent kernel etc, obviously not fully functional as a phone/pda yet18:26
KotCzarnythere was an img floating18:26
pirlathx, checking out18:27
pirlaI see I need flasher, which isn't around from some time18:30
KotCzarnyit is18:30
KotCzarnyeither 0xffff and flasher-3.5 is freely available18:30
KotCzarny0xffff is open source project18:32
KotCzarnyand old nokia binary is probably somewhere around:18:32
infobotrefer ~flashing; (also .exe!), or or generally   HARMattan(N9):; list of filenames/md5sums:, or
pirlaThanks again, I downloaded it18:37
pirlanow, I see I have to type a dd command, what's the correct syntax?18:38
KotCzarnyread the page i've linked18:38
KotCzarnythere are descriptions/instructions18:38
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pirlaI can't find instructions18:39
Juestoman dd18:39
KotCzarnyxz -dc file.img.xz | dd bs=1M >/dev/yourmmcdevice18:40
pirlaI tried dd maemo-whatever /path to sd/18:40
KotCzarnyno, path to sd is filesystem18:41
KotCzarnyyou need to write to block device18:41
pirlasorry, can't understand18:41
Juestook, you seem to need a gnu/linux lessons before18:41
pirlaoh I see18:41
KotCzarnyexample, /dev/sdj might be block device18:41
pirlaI need to put there the /dev18:42
Juestoyou need to know what's your target file18:42
KotCzarnybut if you mount /dev/sdj4 /some/path it will mount filesystem from 4th partition of sdj at given path18:42
Juestodd needs if= and of=18:42
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KotCzarnyand since you are new to this, better watch out, you can wipe some other drive if you dont know what you are doing18:42
KotCzarny /dev/sdj* above was obviously some random example18:43
KotCzarnyyou have to know what you are going to overwrite before you do it18:43
KotCzarnyjuesto: wrong18:44
JuestoAnd i suggest going with a computer and such, n900 gui is kind of best for the device especially when you dont know about technical stuff18:44
JuestoKotCzarny: Depends on dd version18:44
pirlayes, I know thanks. I just can't really understand how dd works18:44
KotCzarnyno. any version.18:44
Juestoagain, see man dd18:45
KotCzarnyin the line i've written above specifying if= would be wrong18:45
KotCzarnyunless you would use if=/dev/stdin18:45
Juestoah ok18:47
Juestobut of= is correct :p18:47
KotCzarnyits optional18:47
Juestoagain, depends on version, sort of18:48
KotCzarnyagain, wrong18:48
Juestoit doesnt really accept just "filename"18:48
KotCzarnyin this example it writes to /dev/stdout which is redirected to /dev/yourmmcdevice18:48
Juestoi see, thanks18:49
pirlaSo, I just dd-ed the img on the sd18:51
pirlanow what?18:56
KotCzarnysee the forum link from that page18:56
KotCzarnydd the image to an sd card. Then boot from the sd card using either 0xFFFF/flasher-3.5 or u-boot/bootmenu:
KotCzarnyor read how to boot using flasher booting mode18:57
pirlahow do I boot from sd? do I need to do this on phone or on pc?18:57
KotCzarnydepends, do you have uboot/bootmenu currently?18:58
KotCzarnyif not, i guess you can just take kernel+ramdisk and boot with flasher in one-time mode18:58
pirlano, but I saw there's another bootloader in18:58
pirlagive me just 2 minutes18:58
KotCzarnyyou will also need proper linux cmdline i guess18:58
pirlayes, I'm on stretch18:58
pirlaI have nitdroid bootloader19:00
KotCzarnyi guess you would have to read how to add another kernel+ramdisk+params combo to it19:00
pirlareally? I just want Debian, nothing more19:01
KotCzarnythen if you have pc available, just boot it via flasher19:01
Juestoit says in the instructions....19:02
pirlaif I try to launch flasher I get a non-existent file/folder error19:02
KotCzarnyyou need proper params, running things blindly wouldnt help19:02
pirlado I really need a phd to run debian on my phone?19:03
KotCzarnyno, but you should know what you are doing19:03
pirlaalmost, 50-5019:03
Juesto50-50 is not enough19:04
pirlaI just can't understand how to "boot from flasher"19:04
KotCzarnyit's an example from rescueos19:04
KotCzarnyyou can see params there, which will be different in your case19:05
Juestois there a official documentation or manpage for it?19:05
KotCzarnyroot will be probably /dev/mmcblk0 or something19:05
KotCzarnyand kernel/ramdisk filenames you have to extract to your pc from that img or tar19:05
pirlaI can't understand what are you saying19:08
pirlawhat does "boot from flasher" mean?19:08
pirlaI have to connect my phone to pc?19:08
pirlaDo I need to press u?19:09
KotCzarnyi suspect the usual flasher instruction applies. although important change is adding -b param to boot instead of flashing19:09
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pirlaexcuse me, why can't I execute flasher? it exits with a "non existent file/folder" error19:20
KotCzarnypaste the error message19:20
pirlaroot@DESKTOP-K6M1K7O:~/Scaricati/maemo_flasher-3.5_2.5.2.2# ./flasher-3.5 --help bash: ./flasher-3.5: File o directory non esistente19:20
Juestopirla: make sure you're writing the correct commandline19:20
JuestoBecause the file is not in there19:21
KotCzarnymaybe you need 32bit compatibility libs19:21
Juestoif its there then you need to run bash ./flasher-3.519:21
pirlayes, you're right19:21
pirlaI need 32 bit lib19:21
Juestodid you try chmod +x to the file?19:21
Juestostill doesnt run?19:21
pirlaI'm on a 64 bit Debian Stretch19:22
KotCzarnyyou will probably have to install libusb0-32bit or something19:22
pirlabetter: I did an apt-get install 0xffff19:23
KotCzarnythat should be better option, yes19:23
pirlaOk, so when running I get a nothing to do19:24
pirlaI'm checking what could I need from the -help19:25
pirlaSummary: I have the phone in upload mode, I also have the usb icon on the topright19:38
pirlanow, what should I type in order to flash my image?19:39
pirlaI have leste flashed to the sd19:39
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KotCzarnydid you extract kernel, ramdisk from the sdcard?19:40
pirlaDon't know, I did a dd19:40
KotCzarnyyes, to write sdcard, but to boot from pc you should copy them out19:40
KotCzarnywhere do you run the flasher?19:42
pirlaon pc19:42
pirlaok, so I'm redownloading the image19:43
KotCzarnywhat for?19:43
KotCzarnyjust eject the card and put into pc19:43
pirlaI erased it because I didn't knew it was required again19:43
pirlaok, getting everything from sd19:44
pirlauimage and zimage19:46
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pirlaOk, now I have a folder named debian in my home, I have to launch 0xffff19:53
pirlawhat should I type?19:53
pirlaI copyed everything from sd19:53
pirlaHere's the output of -I:19:58
pirlaroot@DESKTOP-K6M1K7O:~/debian# 0xFFFF -I 0xFFFF v0.7  // Open Free Fiasco Firmware Flasher  Not a local device  Waiting for USB device...   Found USB device: SU-18/RX-44/RX-48/RX-51/RM-680/RM-696 (0x421:0x105) in NOLO mode USB device product string: Nokia N900 (Update mode) USB device serial number string: MUM415144 Detected USB device: RX-51              Initializing NOLO... Device: RX-51 HW revision: 2101 NOLO version: 1.4.14 Kernel v19:59
pirlaInitfs version: (not detected) Software release version: RX-51_2009SE_21.2011.38-1_PR_MR0 Content eMMC version: RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.13-2.VANILLA Root device: flash USB host mode: disabled R&D mode: disabled20:00
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KotCzarnymaybe this one20:10
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pirlaYes, thanks! Works20:13
pirlaCan't wait to give this a ride. Thank you everyone.20:13
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pirlaHello everyone21:44
pirlaNow what?21:45
pirlaI have a leste system running on my N900 Nokia21:45
pirlaI only have settings, x terminal and tana_ap_user21:46
pirlaas apps21:46
KotCzarnyyou have terminal, you have working x, what do you need more?21:47
KotCzarnyapt-get install ?21:48
pirlaYes, but I don't have networking wifi21:48
KotCzarnywpa_supplicant + dhclient/dhcpcd ?21:49
pirlaYes, but with which network?21:50
pirlaI can't physically connect my phone to wifi21:50
KotCzarnyare you really asking me what wireless ssid you have?21:50
pirlamy net hw is not working on my phone21:51
KotCzarnyyou mean you dont have 2.4ghz or something else is the problem?21:51
pirlait's like the driver is missing21:52
KotCzarnywireless should work21:53
pirlatried issuing wpa-supplicant and wpa_supplicant, both don't exist21:55
KotCzarnyhmm, maybe it's added later, image is from april21:55
KotCzarnywizzup: ping21:56
pirlaBut is it ok I just have settings and terminal, with nothing else?21:56
KotCzarnyyeah, it's pre-alpha state21:56
pirlaNevermind, sudo was needed. Know from #maemo-leste21:57
pirlaI'm gonna be there now21:57
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WizzupKotCzarny: pong22:00
WizzupI replied22:00
KotCzarnyyeah, thanks for that22:00
Wizzuphe quit though22:01
KotCzarnynew kids dont know how to use irc22:04
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siceloanniversary. i bought my N900 on this day in 2011 :)23:08
KotCzarnyi dont remember exact date of mine23:11
siceloi had lusted after if for months23:13
infobotsicelo meant: i had lusted after it for months23:14
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KotCzarnybencoh: hmm, ( seems to be down23:40
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JuestoWizzup: wow, how mean. he was here before as you can see....23:42

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