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mike727"Backscatter" used for power efficient 'video streaming':
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Vajbhmm I am not sure if I like the idea of HD cameras everywhere. No matter how much electricty they use.08:18
Vajbbut nice acheivement from them.08:18
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buZzyou rather want them to be 4K?08:51
buZzlol 'battery-free streaming'08:52
Vajbthink I'll wait 'till it's 32K ;)08:53
buZzits battery-free, by depending on batteries08:53
Vajbif it were powersourceless, that would be something08:54
buZzi dont understand why they replaced 'transmit' with 'backscattters'08:54
VajbIm not familiar with either08:55
buZz> In physics, backscatter (or backscattering) is the reflection of waves, particles, or signals back to the direction from which they came.08:55
buZzthey are not doing that08:55
Vajbthen it doesn't sound correct term08:56
buZzah, they call it backscatter, because they send a radio signal pure for power transmission to power transmitting something back08:57
buZzso it kinda looks like backscatter08:58
buZz16 feet distance powered a batteryless camera enough from a 'cellphone' for a 10fps 480p video08:59
buZzoh, also 8bit grayscale instead of color09:00
buZzwow at even lower res they get even more impressive, 13fps 112x112 at 150 feet O_o09:01
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Vajbah it uses same technic as that batteryless "mobilephone". Draws power from radiosignal.12:12
Vajbi put it in quotes since it is just a cirquitboard atm.12:13
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MaxdamantusPretty sure it'll use a lot more power.13:19
Maxdamantusand I'm not really sure what the use case of a wireless security camera (which needs to have another device to communicate with, probably in plain sight) is.13:20
Maxdamantuson the surface, it at least seems a lot more advanced than the last article I saw about backscatter technology.13:24
Maxdamantuswhich was described as something like "powerless WiFi" using "backscatter techniques involving electromagnetic radiation"13:24
Maxdamantustranslation: using a camera to determine how an object is currently reflecting light13:25
Maxdamantus(or rather, a radio, but easier to visualise what sort of information is being transmitted if you just remember that cameras also capture electromagnetic radiation)13:26
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sixwheeledbeastin an industry that is driven by increasing pixel density to reduce cost, I fail to see where 13fps 112res will fit.14:03
sixwheeledbeastPoE has made these systems PnP with relatively small cost upto 100m14:04
bencohYeah, but PoE seems kinda ... simpler :)14:18
bencohOr at least easier to achieve :)14:19
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