IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2018-03-14

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enycsicelo: help ;p01:04
enyci added a boot entry pointing at the krenel etc01:04
siceloget the kp53 zimage, and load it via flasher01:05
enycflasher over usb?01:05
sicelothat should boot you back on to maemo01:05
siceloyes, usb01:05
enychrrm last i chceked my usb port connection not behaving ;-(01:05
enycbeen recharging batteries in the external charger for years01:05
enycI can try to fix it nonetheless ;p01:06
enyc2 orange wires going over to the usb-test-points... something probably come loose01:06
sicelosounds like best option01:08
Maxdamantus"boot entry" as in uboot, or bootmenu?01:08
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siceloi can't think of something else01:08
enycMaxdamantus: i had bootmenu working01:08
enycMaxdamantus: installed u-boot flashed that on instead01:08
sicelobut won't ne surprised if there is01:08
MaxdamantusIf you're using uboot, you can probably just load something from an SD card.01:08
enychaving tried to reate bootmenu.d entry for 2.6.2 8 power 6301:08
enycalso can i load the fiasco image from u-boot ??01:09
MaxdamantusNot directly.01:09
Maxdamantusbut you can extract the kernel and put that on an SD card.01:09
enycMaxdamantus: good point, thankyou01:09
Maxdamantusiirc pali's u-boot images try to run boot.scr on the first partition of the SD card, before looking in eMMC01:10
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enycMaxdamantus: or i could copy the uimage file on there and just boot via manual commands??01:15
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enycMaxdamantus: can you point me at the deb file orso for kernel-power-bootimg /01:18
enycMaxdamantus: then i i put uImage file on sd-card i ought to be alright i suspcet01:23
siceloi guess you'll need to set environment and/or cmdline. i really don't know. kernel package you can find at .. just search there01:26
enycooo i didnt know such interface exists01:28
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enycnom, that 'bootimg' provihes a  zImage-
enycand the  bootmenu.d entry01:31
enycis that zImage- whats' needed?  or does it require converting to uimage as well ?01:31
sicelook. maybe it's zImage then, not uImage01:31
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MaxdamantusYou need to convert it to uimage01:32
Maxdamantusmkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -C none -a 80008000 -e 80008000 -n "$1" -d "$1" "$1".u01:33
* sicelo heads to bed now.01:34
Maxdamantussetenv bootmenu_0 kernel_2.6.28.10-power53='setenv setup_omap_atag 1; setenv bootcmd '\''ext2load mmc 1:1 0x86008000 /k/kernel_2.6.28.10-power53.u; bootm 0x86008000'\''; boot'01:35
enycthe jobs01:35
enycMaxdamantus: errr mkimage, without maemo working?01:35
enycMaxdamantus: can you point me at the uimage file somewhere?01:36
Maxdamantusenyc: you should be able to install some u-boot utilities through any distro.01:36
sicelomkimage is available even on pc, etc.01:36
sicelothat said, seems 'tail' can also work01:36
sicelolook in maemo leste thread on tmo for a post by halftux01:37
sicelosomething like 'tail -c65 < zimage > uimage'01:37
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siceloor was that +6501:37
MaxdamantusShould be called something like "u-boot-tools" in a package manager.01:38
enycyes inedeed and now have it01:38
enychjhj x ;m scrjwxng thxsngs ku whjn tqq txrjd01:38
enychere i am screwing things up when too tired, lol01:39
MaxdamantusYou'd need to put something like the above "setenv .." stuff into another file, with "bootmenu" at the end, adjusting the "/k/.." part, and probably the numbers after "mmc" (1:1 means eMMC partition 1, dunno if SD is 0:1 or 2:1)01:39
Maxdamantusthen to make the actual boot.scr file: mkimage -A arm -O linux -T script -C none -n boot -d "$F" boot.scr01:40
Maxdamantustbh, I don't really understand why u-boot can't just use normal text files.01:41
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enycMaxdamantus: i'm getitng a new sd//micro-sd reader, ... thankyou so much!11:36
enycMaxdamantus: mmc 1:1 0x86008000 /k/kernel_2.6.28.10-power53.u   -- is that sd-card or  emmc partition???11:37
enycMaxdamantus: i want to be able to load the power-kernel file from sd-card11:37
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Maxdamantusenyc: 1:1 is the first eMMC partition.11:56
Maxdamantusenyc: the SD card seems to use device number 0, so the first SD partition would be 0:111:56
Maxdamantusand the "/k/" part is just the directory on my boot filesystem that has kernels in it.11:57
MaxdamantusI think the 0x86008000 part is the memory address that u-boot will store the kernel at. I don't entirely understand how that part works. I think that's just the address that the default boot command uses, so I use that too.11:58
enycMaxdamantus: can you give me a "complete" boot.txt  input file to create boot.scr  from, in that case?  assume im putting the  standard kernel power  uimage on root of sd-card 1st (vfat) partition.11:58
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enyc"bootm 0x86008000" equally specifies where in memory to 'boot' from if i'm not mistaken11:59
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sicelohola ceene-11:59
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Maxdamantusenyc: yes, I think that's the case.12:00
enycMaxdamantus: when my replacement sd-card reader turns up i'll give it a go later etc.12:01
Maxdamantussetenv bootmenu_0 kernel_2.6.28.10-power53='setenv setup_omap_atag 1; setenv bootcmd '\''fatload mmc 0:1 0x86008000 /kernel_2.6.28.10-power53.u; bootm 0x86008000'\''; boot'; bootmenu12:01
MaxdamantusI think that should open a bootmenu with the first entry loading /kernel_2.6.28.10-power53.u from the first partition on the SD card, which is assumed to be FAT.12:01
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* enyc getting newer sd-card reader that goes into USB-micro host-mode-socket -or- usb A-plug, and has separate SD / micro-sd ports on either side ...12:02
MaxdamantusDon't you just have some other random device that lets you read/write SD cards?12:02
sicelothe KP will be on the Leste SD card, or another? because if it's the same card, why don't you just boot into Leste and install u-boot-tools there for mkimage ...12:03
MaxdamantusI sometimes use my old music player.12:03
enycMaxdamantus: im suspecting my  full-size to micro  sd-card adapter is broken ;p12:04
enycMaxdamantus: otherwise, yes i have a few different cardreaders12:04
enycsicelo: im not yet sorted with wifi on leste ... ui being worked on last i checked12:05
enycanyway, getting new sd-card widget as above be useful anyway12:05
enycthen i can sort out what cards/aadpters/etc are not working ;p12:05
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enycobviously the solution is to make a host-mode port work with a usb-floppy-drive and arrange booting from floppy-disk12:06
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MaxdamantusI was booting my router using a floppy disk until about 2 years ago (when I stopped using it)12:08
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siceloenyc: there's wpa_supplicant, since day 112:25
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enycsicelo: right yes, which can be interest manually, no ui yet, coming via icd2 interface apparently =)12:41
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sicelojust regular kernel networking as on your pc/laptop12:44
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DocScrutinizer05RIP Stephen Hawking14:16
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enycMaxdamantus: sd-card mounted ;p18:55
enyc.u image created ;p19:02
enycboot.scr created19:04
enychrrm not working19:06
enycrebootinf itself then loading leste19:07
enyc"run sdboot" mentions boot.scr then vanishes off the screen quickly19:09
* enyc cheated, renamed the leste kernel images, copied zImage- to "uImage"19:13
enycthen run sdboot, then get menu again, then select image, ..... ;p19:13
* enyc got kerenl image in bootmenu properly yay19:24
siceloshouldn't the addresses in the setenv command be the same as in the mkimage? Maxdamantus19:32
sicelojust asking19:32
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Maxdamantussicelo: dunno. Works for me without them being the same.20:47
sicelook. interesting20:52
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Enrico_MenottiDocScrutinizer05 Thanks for the link to Stephen Hawking's obituary. I just listened, at the TV news, to a superb talk by him (I suppose with synthetic voice), quite short, but very pregnant, and incredibly encouraging towards research, in particular since it comes from a man with such strong physical limits - but whose mind has managed to overcome many limits in our physical knowledge.22:45
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* Maxdamantus needs to figure out why 3G works so crappily on his N900 now that his provider has shut down 2G.23:58

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