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HtheBhey Wizzup12:37
HtheBGot some time to help me? Ping me when you're there :)12:38
Wizzuphey, gimme just a few mins12:38
HtheBtrying out the images on my android device using qemu12:42
HtheBwould love to get some Maemo love into my Android12:42
HtheBI've been using the Limbo emulator12:43
HtheBbut there are so many options to choose from, I couldn't get it to work :(12:43
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HtheBRunning Maemo on all devices, that's the dream!12:44
KotCzarnyeven maemo powered automatic toilet?12:45
WizzupHtheB: do you have an arm or amd64 android device12:46
Wizzupok, so we don't have any arm64 virtual machine images yet - since that is also more tricky on arm12:46
HtheBIm not going to flash the image on the phone12:47
WizzupI was assuming you'd want to use a native arch, for virtualisation speed.12:47
HtheBIt's getting emulated12:47
HtheBusing Limbo12:47
WizzupRight, but if you 'emulate' arm on arm64 in qemu, it's much faster.12:47
WizzupYou can also try to boot the amd64 image, if you prefer that.12:47
WizzupAssuming Limbo can do KVM anyway12:47
HtheByeah I downloaded the amd64 qcow212:47
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HtheBok, loding linux 4.9.0-5-amd6412:49
HtheBLoading initial ramdisk ...12:49
Wizzupwhat exactly did you need help with btw?12:49
HtheBto get this thing alive12:50
HtheBbut I think it's booting12:52
Wizzupit'll be slow, especially since the opengl is also done on the cpu12:52
HtheBactivating swap12:53
HtheBit tried to start the x server13:01
HtheBstill black screen through13:01
WizzupIt'll not be usable speed wise13:01
Wizzupgive it some time though ;)13:01
HtheBMaemo !13:03
HtheBIt actually booted !13:04
HtheBI missed that default splash wallpaper :P13:04
HtheBI wish it was in usable state :(13:05
Wizzupwell, you're emulating intel on arm.13:06
Wizzupif there was a usable arm image that you could use with limbo in kvm, it'd be better.13:06
Wizzupthat's what I said before13:06
HtheBok now i get it13:06
HtheBarmel qcow2?13:07
Wizzupthere is none yet. that's what I said13:08
Wizzupalso X is more difficult in such a scenario, I'd have to try it on my own arm64 hardware13:08
Wizzupit's kind of a low priority though ;)13:08
HtheBwhat about regular arm13:09
HtheBok :(13:10
HtheBguess that's waiting for an arm image then13:11
Wizzupwell, yeah, but your usecase very esoteric :P13:11
Wizzupstill, you can post a screenie of it working on the thread? :p13:12
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Halftuxwhen I am installing (upgrade) libgtk2.0-0 (2.14.7-1maemo34+0cssu2+thumb0) in the sdk it complains about a missing path /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.14.0/immodules when I look on my device which is on cssu-testing and has same version but non-thumb I dont have that folder. Is this normal? I wanted to copy this folder to the sdk17:31
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Halftuxehmm sorry I mean libgtk2.0-bin17:36
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siceloi have a communication app on my Android phone and wish to hopefully figure out how its protocol works ( ... yes it sucks, but a few friends use it). I think the J2ME apps don't use HTTPS, but the android one does. So I am wondering if mitm-proxy can help me see traffic the app transmits? or worthless?19:03
siceloor mitm-proxy works best for websites, etc.?19:03
siceloor i should find a way to do this through wireshark maybe :-/19:06
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sixwheeledbeastwireshark you would have to hub out your ap?19:23
sicelowhat does 'hub' out mean?19:27
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sixwheeledbeasti am no expert on the matter but to use wireshark to monitor a device on a network you need the traffic to be send to every point. this is done by hubbing out.19:46
sixwheeledbeastWhere a switch routes traffic to the correct place a hub repeats traffic to every device so you can sniff it.19:47
siceloi get you now19:49
sicelowell i can make the laptop a wifi hotspot and have the phone connect via it19:49
sixwheeledbeastUnless you can connect the device direct to the wireshark machine so you can mitm19:49
siceloi got an app called Packet Sniffer for the android for now ... it's able to show some cleartext traffic. looks like i don't need to worry too much about the https traffic.19:52
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sixwheeledbeastI am surprised to see a whatapp like alternative like that.20:44
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siceloheh. it's been there for many years. anyway it is most definitely not good by modern standards, especially since there's no encryption21:17
siceloand it's use has declined. now only the few still stuck on feature phones use it21:18
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