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freemangordonJuesto: like... hildon experience :)00:06
Juestoyeah, hildon-desktop00:06
Juestolooking forward to try it ;p00:07
enycDocScrutinizer05 thankyou for the bootmenu explanation =)00:31
enycDocScrutinizer05: how does bootmenu 'detect' extra bootable options on sd-card partitions etc.?00:31
DocScrutinizer05you place file snippeds into /etc/bootmeny or somesuch00:32
DocScrutinizer05when you install e.g. the powerkernel uBoot image, it installs the needed file into that bootmenu dir, then runs this wizard taht scans all files in the dir, collects the uBoot-related ones and assembles a uBoot.xfg or whatever the name00:34
Maxdamantus.scr probably00:35
DocScrutinizer05the wizard itself prolly supposed to come with uBoot00:35
DocScrutinizer05check the dependencies, it will show up in there I guess00:36
MaxdamantusProbably not. The menu in u-boot was written by Pali.00:36
MaxdamantusNot sure if people use it on other devices.00:36
DocScrutinizer05or check the postinstall script of powerkernel image, it calls the wizard, while the file list of that same pkg should list the file snippet00:38
DocScrutinizer05makes sense?00:39
enycDocScrutinizer05: the expectancy of extra entries in /etc/bootmenu  and so on, compliced to uboot  all completely makes sense, no surpises00:54
enycDocScrutinizer05: i was wondering if there might be some sort of "magic filename on any partition" sort of approch, apparently not ...00:54
DocScrutinizer05afaik not00:54
Juestoif i was to get a n900, what i should do first?00:55
Juestois it worth to have a n900 nowadays?00:55
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pkill9what do you want out of it Juesto?01:07
JuestoI am not sure01:07
Juestoexperiment with it01:07
pkill9not sure, the stock kernel has required closed source blobs and is really outdated :/01:08
Juestoi think it would be a great experience01:08
Juestoto use such phone01:09
Juestomight be wrong01:09
MaxdamantusIf you want a phone that's relatively similar to a typical desktop Linux system, maybe.01:10
Juestoyeah could be01:11
Juestowould you compare maemo to mac?01:11
pkill9i hope Wizzup's project with Devuan will be viable01:12
Juestoyes it will01:12
Juestoa few more weeks he said01:12
pkill9apparently they got Hildon + powervr (the GPU) working on Devuan01:13
Juestoi kind of wish to try the original first01:13
Juestoi mean01:13
Juestoit is still usable01:13
pkill9yeah it is01:13
Juestoi do not mind non-foss01:13
MaxdamantusDepends how you use the Mac.01:13
Juestomac suits my power user style because its mostly gui, easy to use01:14
Juestonot as problematic as linux01:14
Juestoand it still unix01:14
MaxdamantusIf you use macOS or a Linux-based system in such a way that the fact that there's a unix-like system underneath matters, they could be comparable.01:14
Juestoyes, the proprietary and foss mix01:17
Wizzuphildon-desktop works with powervr now01:23
Wizzup(since 30 minutes)01:23
Wizzuppkill9: p.s. it's not just my project01:23
Wizzupfreemangordon and parazyd are doing a lot of the heavy liften01:23
Wizzuphopefully soon more people :)01:23
pkill9ah ok, and great news :)01:23
Wizzupit's a bit jerky, but quite good01:24
pkill9do you have a project page?01:24
Wizzupyes, but it's not ready yet :P01:24
Wizzupin a day or two there will be more text01:24
pkill9i'd like to help, though I'm not sure what needs doing and I doubt I could help much with the heavy lifting01:25
JuestoWizzup: what is parazyd doing?01:25
Juestoseriously asking01:26
Wizzupwe'll blog about it01:26
Wizzuphe's doing devuan stuff, ci, autobuilds and more01:26
Juestoah i see01:26
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Juestodevuan ascii is the next version name?01:27
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Juestoor testing01:27
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parazydJuesto: devuan ascii is the next stable. coming soon01:28
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parazydwe're finalizing the installer now and that should make it ready01:28
WizzupJuesto: it's basically debian stretch01:28
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WizzupI mean01:29
Wizzupit's more01:29
Juestodoes this project guarantee and ensure the original experience/spirit of maemo?01:29
Wizzupbut the packages are mostly stretch01:29
WizzupJuesto: that's a vague question :)01:29
Juestoi am asking broadly01:30
Wizzupthen "maybe"01:30
Juestoshould a user who installs leste on his n900 expect bugs fixed while requiring no learning curve?01:31
Wizzupright now? definitely01:31
Wizzupin the future? hopefully not01:31
Juestoaka, experience the system how they always did01:31
Wizzupbecause bugs always exist :)01:32
Wizzupbtw, don't count on being able to use it as a daily driver in a few weeks01:32
WizzupI said, in a week or two we'll have an sd card image that people can try01:32
Wizzupand hopefully attract developers to help out more01:32
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Juestoof course, i just asked with the supposition of a existing release01:33
Wizzupright now a lot is missing.01:33
Wizzupyou can't even connect to wifi without using the terminal01:33
Wizzupthat will change01:33
Juestonot at this state01:33
Juestooh well01:33
Juestogood luck01:34
Wizzupit's late here01:34
Juestoenjoy your night buddy01:34
Wizzupshort one, but worth it :P01:34
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sicelof/sb end08:21
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infobotmethinks #maemo lazyflashing is
vahehi #maemo17:33
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Vajbdoes maemo have something like windows "enviroment variables"? So i could call my scripts from mmc easily.20:29
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siceloVajb: s/maemo/Linux/20:33
siceloanswer, yes20:33
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