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varuhi, although i no longer use my n900 (though it served me quite well for 6 years), i do certainly miss the FM transmitter feature and, while i wait for neo900, i figured i'd turn it into a music/streaming radio player14:54
varuthat said i haven't played around with maemo in quite a while and i remember lots of stuff being broken + abysmally slow due to the RAM limitation..14:55
varuso i'm asking for a bit of spoonfeeding as i'm feeling particularly lazy on the research part today: if i were to set up a fresh n900, what should i look out for? years back i remember trying to get CSSU going on and not having much success, although i can't remember why.14:55
KotCzarny1/ good usb port, 2/ good lcd cable, 3/ not fried speakers, 4/ no cranky slider, 5/ no fried modem14:55
varuhardware side checks out :)14:56
KotCzarnysoftware is fully flashable, so not a problem14:56
varuat this point i think i have 4 units, one was my main, one i got as a spare for extremely cheap, and two were donations from friends after they destroyed their USB ports14:56
varurequirements: reasonably fast boot & reasonably fast loading of the 2-3 programs i'll want on there: some sort of music player, ideally one that can sync with winamp / work with .m3u & .pls, as well as a video player - i doubt i'll be using the functionality but hey, why not. if major workarounds aren't necessary, youtube'd be interesting as well14:57
KotCzarnythen just ~flashing and ćssu14:57
infobotfrom memory, cssu is, or (Community Seamless Software Update)14:57
infobotmaemo-flashing is, like,, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./; or see ~flashing-cmdline, or see ~lazyflashing14:57
varubasically i'm not sure what's new on the software side & what can be done to reasonably alleviate the ram limitation.. although maybe it's not so bad given what i want to do with it14:57
KotCzarnyas for music player, are you a person that likes music libraries that read tags or prefer oldschool way of playing directories?14:58
infobotrumour has it, lazyflashing is
varui have a ton of playlists i'd like to maintain the play order of14:58
KotCzarnyso it just has to be able to read your .m3u/.pls ?14:58
varuyes and no:14:59
KotCzarnycheck out my player then14:59
infobotit has been said that oscp is
varucurrently i do this with winamp, which also has an android apk for the phone i use these days14:59
varuit basically copies files over and creates a playlist for its app14:59
varui can easily export m3u/pls, but the file references probably won't match if i import into a player on the n90015:00
KotCzarnyit can just recursively add from some directory, down15:00
KotCzarnyand some samba probably15:00
varuwill it auto-match with 'missing' m3u/pls entries if it finds an identical filename from what it's scanned?15:00
KotCzarnyif it resides in the same dir and entries are relative paths15:01
varui can easily copy all the files themselves over, my issue is with maintaining existing playlists & play order. what winamp'll export won't match15:01
KotCzarnyotherwise you will probably have to do quick search and replace15:01
varuthen again, i could script a simple replacement15:01
varuliterally a one-liner lol15:01
KotCzarnydo you know scripting/programming?15:01
varuif i looked into it a bit i could probably do it in one line with sed15:02
KotCzarnyyeah, that's what i meant by search and replace15:02
varuthen make a shortcut on the 'desktop' that i could run after every import15:02
varuhmm, i'll have to see how nicely winamp plays with this. i'd like to have the process as automated as possible.. as it stands, i'd have to:15:02
varu1) sync files15:02
KotCzarnyyou can also just install shoutcast server and connect n900 to your pc15:02
varu2) export the pls15:03
varu3) remove old pls from n90015:03
varu4) copy new pls to n90015:03
varu5) run path script15:03
KotCzarnyyou can send commands via network/shell to oscp15:03
KotCzarnyie. load some new playlist and start playing etc15:03
varudoes it store its playlists in a db?15:04
varuif it's just file-based, can i tell it 'look in THIS folder on startup and load in / give me a list of all the playlists in this folder'?15:04
KotCzarnyso you can just read playlist by load http://yourpc/some/path.m3u15:04
varuthat way i can script the m3u replacement at least15:04
varualso, the goal is to have it standalone.. basically plug in to usb, mount the user folder, winamp detects it, syncs the files, then i export the pls and copy it over15:05
KotCzarnyanother way would be running oscp core on pc and use n900 as a network remote15:05
KotCzarnyin short it's flexible and scriptable15:05
varuyou wrote this?15:06
varuvery nice!15:06
varufound the thread on maemo.org15:06
KotCzarnyi needed player suited to my needs, and none were working as i wanted15:06
varuhave you also made an apk for it? :D15:06
KotCzarnyno droid port yet15:06
KotCzarnybut runs on maemo/linux/windows15:07
KotCzarnyboth core and remotes15:07
varuahh, asking as it'd be even better if i could consolidate the syncing15:07
varui'm certainly not tied to winamp, it's just the most convenient for syncing playlist order from what i've found so far15:07
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KotCzarnyi should add 'enqueue' command to remote protocol one day15:08
KotCzarnyand clearplaylist15:08
varuoh, on the n900, does it support volume button hold detection, say for switching tracks?15:09
KotCzarnyi think i was playing with edge buttons for control, dont remember what is the state now15:10
varuone of the primary uses of this for me will be while driving, would rather not fumble with a touchscreen until the robot overlords start driving us around15:10
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varuok so this looks very promising so far15:12
KotCzarnyremember you can easily write own remote (script) that would react on buttons and send commands to oscp core15:12
KotCzarnyor imagine writing accelerometer that would react to gestures15:13
varuthe issue for me would be figuring out where to poll the buttons... and if it's doable in python as, other than shell scripts, it's about as far as my programming-fu goes15:13
infobotsomebody said phonecontrol was
KotCzarnyi think it was there, not sure though15:13
KotCzarnyahm, no button react, only control15:14
varuthis seems to be more about sending dbus commands yeah15:14
KotCzarnyyou can check /opt/oscp/bin/ if i did something with volume buttons or others15:16
varuso if i were to add my own button hold detection thing, i'd interact with oscp through
KotCzarnyor in oscp-dbus-listener.py15:17
KotCzarnynah, it listens on tcp port if you enable it15:17
KotCzarnythen you can use telnet or python to connect and send commands15:18
varuok, i know other programs on the n900 definitely had button read/polling capabilities, if everything up to that stage checks out and i'm happy with how it works, i'll do some research & see if it can be added15:18
KotCzarnyi've also added a socket in /tmp that one could use by writing text there too, but havent tested it much15:18
varuwell, s/if/how15:18
KotCzarnyin /opt/oscp/share/remote.txt you should have list of commands it accepts15:19
varui found 3/4 units.. maybe there were only 3?15:33
varuone is my old phone: i didn't use a screen protector & the surface of it looks like a warzone15:34
varuthe other two.. one has a dangling USB port, the other one's USB port is missing altogether15:34
KotCzarnyone become sentient and crawled away?15:34
CatButtsever since I did the USB solder blob thing, my volume buttons are awfully dangly15:35
varuas half the plastic case is cracked i'm assuming its owner wasn't particularly gentle so i wouldn't blame it15:35
varuas long as no traces are lifted i do have the equipment to fix it15:35
varuis there a way to prevent it from easily happening again?15:35
infobotsomebody said usbfix was - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater), or, you will basically need two irons: a small good one (or better hot-air reflow) and a 60+ Watt, or to avoid breakage, see ~usb-unplug15:36
CatButtsaka solder blob thing :P15:36
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varulol literally blob'd the support edges by scraping down to the copper on the pcb15:37
KotCzarnybut it works15:37
varui guess the pads they designed in were too small to handle the physical stress15:37
CatButtsyou need to also grind some plastic afterwards15:37
varuto make room for the blob?15:37
varu...*that* part worries me15:37
CatButtsnot really worrysome15:38
varumostly as i don't have tools for fine plastic filing/manipulation15:38
CatButtsI used soldering tip and pocket knife15:38
varulol yeah i have a firestarter sitting around for that sort of melt job.. big problem is accuracy, it's easy to make a huge mess of things15:39
KotCzarnyhot needle?15:40
varuif there isn't much plastic to melt away, that'd be better15:41
varui guess i'll find out shortly.. disassembly time!15:41
varuare BL-5Js still made?15:41
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KotCzarnythey were year or two ago15:41
varuor at least aftermarkets that haven't just been sitting for years and years15:41
KotCzarnyfor nokia asha 302 i think15:41
KotCzarnyand currently i whink polarcells were good15:42
infoboti heard polarcell is BL-5J Replacement15:42
bencohpolarcells were still good a few years ago yeah15:42
KotCzarnyand by good i mean 'people reported them to have real capacity and work well'15:42
varu $8 and i can definitely pick up locally15:44
varudo these have a datecode?15:45
varulooking at the back of my 3 bl5js & i see a bunch of cryptic strings, but nothing that stands out15:45
bencohhonestly, I'd just try it out. charge/discharge cycle, see how it behaves / how accurate fuelgauge is once calibrated15:46
Wizzupso bought a set of cheap headphones (three ring with mic/control as well), n900 recognises it as tv out.15:46
KotCzarnyvaru: i still use the original nokia bl-5j that phone came with15:47
bencohWizzup: mic on the "wrong" pad I guess ... there are two different standards iirc15:47
varumine still worked the last time i used my n900 daily almost 3 years ago, but the capacity had definitely decreased15:47
Wizzupbencoh: ugh15:47
Wizzupbencoh: it works on my laptop, and the n900 headset also works on my laptop15:47
bencohwell, then the pad might be a tiny bit longer than necessary ... maybe15:48
Wizzupbrrrr ;) ok15:52
Wizzupit was only 10 bucks anyway15:52
KotCzarnywizzup: i personally made different mistake15:53
KotCzarnybough tv-cable, original nokia, but...15:54
KotCzarnywith 2.5mm jack15:54
varuhas anyone figured out a baseband unlock for this thing btw?16:04
KotCzarnyyou mean sim unlock ?16:04
varuif it can do quadband edge the antennas are there.. the chip can do 1700/2100, could 1900 be unlocked as well?16:04
KotCzarnyahm. havent seen any reports, feel free to search on wiki/talk .maemo.org16:05
varuwhen i switched from the n900, i switched from an AWS carrier too. my sim now would only run in 2g mode.. if at all, i'm not sure the 2g network even runs anymore16:05
bencohI wonder what you mean by "unlock" though16:05
varuwith various other android phones (i've done it myself on a galaxy s4) you could edit the baseband's supported frequencies16:06
varuthat was a qualcomm phone & you could use qualcomm factory tools to basically enable anything16:06
varuthe s4 i had did not support AWS/1700 out of the box.. it does now ;)16:07
bencohshit, did I miss the council election?16:07
KotCzarnybencoh: yup16:08
bencohis it closed already?16:08
KotCzarnyho hum, it still did allow me to vote16:10
KotCzarnyTypically voting lasts16:10
KotCzarnyfor 7 days after the poll opens16:10
KotCzarnymail was sent dec. 8th16:10
bencohElection period: 8 Dec 2017 - 17 Dec 201716:10
bencohaccording to wiki16:10
varuhuh, disassembling the n900.. on the rear there's a plastic part that has two contact points, matching on the board. they don't seem to connect to anything.. anyone have an idea what it's for?16:10
bencohvaru: I suppose/hope you've already opened the service manual ... right?16:11
varuof course not! youtube!16:11
bencohI'd recommend having a glance at it first16:11
KotCzarny~listkeys l216:12
infobotFactoid search of 'l2' by key (16 of 39): ael2 ;; al2 ;; cml2 ;; cneal2 ;; email2sms ;; fail2ban ;; html2c ;; html2phax ;; html2texi ;; jargon bare metal2 ;; jargon big gray wall2 ;; jargon considered harmful2 ;; jargon padded cell2 ;; jargon reinvent the wheel2 ;; jargon smart terminal2 ;; jargon suitably small2.16:12
KotCzarnyjust google for l1/l2 or l3/l4 n900 manuals16:12
varuyeah i'm looking at them right now16:13
varuthat settles that16:13
bencoh"Your vote has been received for the election" yay :)16:14
varuoh god is that an RTC battery i see?16:18
KotCzarnyprobably long dead16:18
varua nice 0.2v16:19
varuwhat's it used for?16:19
KotCzarnyrtc clock16:19
varuheh, if that's it, off it goes16:19
varui don't want these succumbing to amiga disease16:20
bencohwhat are you actually doing?16:20
KotCzarnyyou can replace with supercapacitor16:20
varuspace is the issue16:20
varusupercaps as far as i know are huge16:20
CatButtswhat's amiga disease?16:20
KotCzarnyhmm, what was the infobit..16:20
CatButtsdoes it involve sticky corrosive substances?16:21
KotCzarny~listkeys pup16:21
infobotFactoid search of 'pup' by key (18 of 19): pupil ;; pupnik ;; compupic ;; puppet language ;; set topic .wavs and popups ;; ez-ipupdate ;; www2popup ;; linpopup ;; puppet ;; pup ;; dust puppy ;; toolbox _stripuppertext ;; jargon hungry puppy ;; popups ;; zapupgrade ;; peter the puppy ;; toolbox _popupmenuselect ;; kdepopup.16:21
varuCatButts: amiga computers from the 80s & 90s used infamous varta barrel batteries that'd leak and eat right through the PCB16:21
infobotbupbat is probably use the capacitive type, LiIon are breaking during 12 months, or, or, or
varuall for the RTC, every big box amiga needs'em removed before massive damage happens16:22
varuhappens to SMD capacitors too :(16:22
varui'm looking at a few synthesizers beside me (all from the 80s & 90s) and dreading the work involved to recap'em all..16:22
varubut i have to get to it.. and soon at that16:23
varuboo, looks like the USB port outright fell out of this one16:24
varuwas hoping it's on the inside of the case somewhere16:24
varui see now what has to be removed for the 'blob'16:25
varua heated knife should make short work of it16:25
varuhmm, as a testing unit while the USB port comes in i guess i could just power it from a bench PSU16:26
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varuman they really made this thing easy to disassemble16:52
KotCzarnywatch out for flatcables though, easy to destroy16:52
varui'm aware.. the lens in my el-cheapo dashcam melted & although i was extremely careful on the disassembly, the chinesium used to make the sensor board's flex cable was recycled one too many times.. barely moved the thing and several pins lost continuity16:53
varummm.. both of these will need new USB ports16:57
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CatButtsthe worst part about recapping for me, is dead capacitors without visible faults17:26
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CatButtsI frankenstein my own PSUs17:27
varuif something reaches a certain age for me, i just change'em all out.. and hope for the best17:28
varuthe first time i did an SMD cap i used a hot-air station & set the temp to 320 i think17:29
varuflew clear across the room17:29
varui can now say with absolute certainty that it was *not* a good idea..17:29
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Vajbvaru: i might wanna look into shortcutd, for skipping songs with say cam tricker18:37
Vajbalso search for mods by sixwheeledbeast to enable buttons when screen is locked18:39
sixwheeledbeast:pops head up:18:39
infobotbeasttweaks is probably
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varudamn.. one of these boards has 3 of the 5 pads ripped off21:06
KotCzarnyi think there are testpads you can use as backup connect points21:07
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varuyeah that's the thread i'm looking at21:08
varuthe big problem is lack of room to route all the wires.. even wire-wrap wire might be too thick for this21:09
varuhmm then again, seems like it's only 3 wires21:11
* CatButts is scared by anything having to do with SMD21:12
KotCzarnyvaru: connect qi charger directly?21:12
varun900 isn't qi-compatible... is it?21:13
KotCzarnythere are adapters, no?21:13
varuahhh, that translates to "stuff i need to buy"21:13
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CatButtslooks yummy21:14
CatButtsI want to bite into it21:14
varuunless there's a commercial backing plate for the n900, qi would have to be a hack, or soldered in to the USB pads the same way i'd do a port21:15
varuthat stuff is absolutely delicious21:16
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CatButtsI blame the glassed surface21:16
CatButtsof caramelled sugar21:16
CatButtson top of matte pastry21:18
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varuhallelujah! another. soul. saved.22:46
varuhad to adjust the 'blob' a number of times to fit the edge of the screw channel, plus the necessary plastic removal22:47
varubut other than that.. now 2/3 are functional22:47
varufor the last one i'll need to wire in 3/5 USB pins, plus actually source a USB port. i think i'll wait on that for now22:53
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