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DocScrutinizer05((<freemangordon> there is nothing that conflicts)) so you could run softfp programs on a hardfp platform/system, provided there are all necessary "softfp" available?00:08
infobotDocScrutinizer05 meant: ((<freemangordon> there is nothing that conflicts)) so you could run softfp binaries on a hardfp platform/system, provided there are all necessary "softfp" available?00:10
DocScrutinizer05hmm, isn't that already answered by >>...but dynamic linking of an executable to a library will not know that it is a bad idea to link a softfp libc or libm to a hardfp executable and vice-versa.<<00:13
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ilewWizzup: curl isn't a dependency for mp-fremantle-community-pr only libcurl3. If you upgrade curl first you should then be able to install the new CSSU Testing.10:16
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Wizzupilew: But it blocks it. And there is no update for it.11:43
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WikiwideVery tired. Very tired. Headaches every evening for at least last week, if not more.13:43
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WikiwideLawl. I am not Anakin's mom to do the impossible.13:44
WikiwideAnyway, it is more likely to have something with deficiency of iron or Vitamin D, or lack of sleep, or eyesight problem, or exposure to WiFi.13:45
pkill9does anyone use the webbrowser on n900?13:46
pkill9for any bigger websites13:46
KotCzarnycaffeine dependency?13:46
WikiwideWhy did the latest cssu update require installation of meegographicssomething?13:46
KotCzarnypkill9: nope, ram problem13:47
pkill9yeah it's slow13:47
WikiwideI do my Internet Banking in MicroB.13:47
pkill9microb is the browser that comes with maemo right?13:47
pkill9i need to upgrade to CSSU13:48
WikiwideDo not drink coffee. Do not drink cocoa, generally. Even tea is rare - I am more likely to drink chamomile tea or ginger tea.13:48
pkill9what's the improvements from non-CSSU maemo?13:48
pkill9as far as i can tell it's mostly just more customizable Hildon13:48
WikiwideMicroB is the default browser on maemo, yes. Like Firefox 3.6, engine-wise...13:48
WikiwideSome bugs and memory leaks fixed, in cssu.13:49
WikiwideSome features added, too.13:49
WikiwideSome blobs reverse-engineered, I think.13:49
infoboti heard cssu is, or (Community Seamless Software Update)13:49
pkill9is the latest git available for maemo?13:50
infobotrumour has it, repos is "deb ./ ;; deb ./", or see, or see ~jrrepos13:50
KotCzarnypkill9: it's not only customizations, it's fixing plenty of bugs in packages13:51
KotCzarnyso definitely recommended over stock13:51
pkill9ok, i should upgrade then13:51
KotCzarnyand if you are adventurious you can even try cssu-thumb13:51
KotCzarnywhich should save a megabyte or two13:51
pkill9could i upgrade from cssu to cssu-thumb?13:51
WikiwideAs in, is maemo code on github? I think so. At least, for open-source packages, including reverse engineered ones.13:51
KotCzarnyWikiwide: yeah13:52
pkill9Wikiwide: i mean, is the git program up to date?13:52
pkill9or does it depend on newer kernel13:52
WikiwideDoes git run on Maemo 5?13:53
WikiwideYes, there is git in repositories.13:54
Wizzupquite a bit of the maemo code is on gh13:54
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pkill9is this package database up to date?14:07
pkill9i can't find mosh :(14:08
WikiwideYes, it is up-to-date14:08
WikiwideNot sure if it covers all repositories14:08
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WikiwideI think it covers repositories, but not others?14:10
rhombusHey there14:10
WikiwideNo idea. Apt-cache search mosh gives no results in my terminal.14:10
WikiwideHi :-)14:10
rhombusNice to see some activity on the channel :)14:10
WikiwideThank pkill9 :-)14:11
Wikiwide/me is just idling most of the time14:11
rhombusI've been using my N900 with the CSSU(?) for about a month now. I'm pleasantly surprised so far.14:13
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rhombusOne thing that is on my mind, though, is call encryption. I suspect third-party shenanigans...14:14
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rhombusMy calls are often bumped to "2G" or "2.5 G" (whatever that means)14:15
rhombusand this is even though there is no discernable reason why. Clear line of sight to the nearest cell tower, and the switch always seems to happen when the call is initiated. Before, I'll see "3G" in the status bar.14:16
WikiwideFeel free to choose "2G only", "3G only" or "Dual" in Settings > Phone.14:16
rhombusWikiwide: ah, ok :)14:16
Wikiwide3G should be more encrypted than 2G.14:16
Wikiwide2G tower can insist that it doesn't support encryption, and modem generally trusts cellular tower.14:17
rhombusWikiwide: yeah, I know that's a popular trick, to middle-man the call and force the phone to 2G14:17
inzrhombus, 2.5G is probably EDGE14:17
rhombusinz: ok14:17
inzStill 2G, but with 384 kbit/s!14:18
rhombusinz: whoooooOOOoooooooooooooooooosh!14:18
KotCzarny640kb/s should be enough for everyone!14:18
inzI remember starting out with 2400 bps modem; did not do any file transfers though14:19
rhombusIs there a Maemo app that can help sniff out IMSI catchers? I live in a *cough* major European capital14:19
rhombusinz: My first modem was 300 bps14:19
rhombusI remember being SO excited when I got it14:19
inzI whistle faster than 300 baud ;)14:20
rhombusAnd I also did file transfers with it14:20
rhombusand then I upgraded to 1200 (oh the excitement) and later, using an adapter cable, switched to a 2400 bps modem (more excitement)14:20
rhombuswhen I tried my first 14.4 kbps modem I nearly died from the thrill14:21
WikiwideLawl... Count Rhombus, I don't know of a specific app. I use Cellular Tower, it shows which tower is in use. But there is ... Restinpeace ... app?14:21
rhombuslawl: no? What are you no-ing about?14:22
lawlhighlighting me for no reason14:23
WikiwideSorry. I didn't know there was a person with this name...14:24
pkill9has anyone successfully tried running discord on n900 with maemo?14:26
rhombusIt's like having the name "Not Sure":
pkill9then again i guess someone needs to make a discord app for maemo first14:26
WikiwideSure, Nott.14:26
WikiwideDiscord plugin for telepathy?14:26
WikiwideAnyway, there are discord-irc gateways in existence.14:27
bencohisn't discord used for audio as well?14:27
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pkill9yeah it is14:28
pkill9if the discord plugin for telepathy supports audio then i assume that could be used14:29
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bencohthere is a libpurple plugin14:30
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bencohI dont think it implements audio functionalities though14:33
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infobotcssu is, like,, or (Community Seamless Software Update)15:18
pkill9can i upgrade from CSSU-stable to CSSU-testing?15:19
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pkill9woo i have CSSU installed16:08
* enyc meows16:58
* CatButts farts17:15
CatButts[14:26] <pkill9> then again i guess someone needs to make a discord app for maemo first17:17
CatButtsthere's an outdated pidgin package for maemo17:17
CatButtsand for pidgin, there is a Discord plugin17:18
CatButtsI've yet to try this solution out17:24
CatButtsif pidgin port is anything like KeePassX, I can do without17:24
CatButts I should look into getting applications to use default GTK/whatever theme17:27
CatButtswithout sudo intervention17:27
CatButtsthat is17:27
CatButtssudo keepassx17:27
CatButtsI don't give a rat's ass about native Look'n'Feel when it impedes usability17:29
CatButts[15:19] <pkill9> can i upgrade from CSSU-stable to CSSU-testing?17:35
CatButtsI think that goes hand-in-hand with the "Can I uninstall CSSU"17:35
KotCzarnyno, it doesnt17:37
CatButtsoh, you can switch safely?17:37
KotCzarnynot supported, but should work17:38
KotCzarnysince it changes pkg names/versions and repos, it should suck packages just fine17:38
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pkill9i'll probably stick with cssu-stable, but was just wondering17:59
bencohwait, why would you sudo keepassx?18:02
CatButtsI dunno18:02
CatButtslet's see18:03
CatButtsah, here's how it went18:03
siceloupdate cssu-S -> cssu-T *is* supported, pkill9. it's the other way round that's not supported18:03
CatButtsI needed to edit system file18:03
CatButtssudo leafpad18:03
pkill9ah ok18:03
CatButtsdifferent theme, crashy app18:03
KotCzarnyCatButts: you can override gtk theme with .gtkrc in your home dir. even PER APP18:03
KotCzarnyyou dont need to edit system files18:04
CatButtsI needed to edit "some system files"18:04
KotCzarnybut im referring to you sudoing keepassx18:04
KotCzarnyfor different display18:04
CatButtshow far does Maemo's theme engine go?18:07
CatButtssay, if I tried to make a theme that forces no theme except default, globally18:08
CatButtsthat is, a theme about nothing18:08
pkill9are newer versions of pidgin incompatible with maemo or has the maemo package just not been updated?18:08
KotCzarnypkill9: too old glibc/gtk on maemo18:08
pkill9aww that sucks18:09
KotCzarnyCatButts: you have to write proper overrides probably18:09
pkill9are newer versions of the backend that pidgin relies on (libpurple?) also incompatible? or is it just pidgin that uses too new of glibc?18:10
KotCzarnydont know, just gathering my memories of this channel past talks18:11
CatButtsI keep postponing getting off me lazy bum and learning to operate Maemo SDK18:19
KotCzarnyis there anything special to 'operate' it?18:19
CatButtsknowing where to start after fresh deployment of vmx image18:20
CatButtsfor a diehard windows user, that is something :P18:21
pkill9oo zenity on maemo is nice :)18:41
pkill9completely integrated with the touch UI18:42
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CatButtsoh, make dialogs from bash scripts18:43
CatButts*call dialogs18:43
pkill9this will be nice for simple API queries18:46
CatButtsI am a cat person.18:51
CatButtsit's dead18:51
CatButtsthank you18:51
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pkill9how stable is python 3 for maemo? since it's still in extras-devel20:44
CatButtsthere is a python 3?20:45
pkill9has beenf or a while20:45
CatButtsI wasn't aware of python above 2.520:45
* CatButts pushes his rock aside20:45
CatButtsI wouldn't mind a final python 2.720:46
CatButtspython is my go-to scripting language20:46
CatButtswhich 3.x version is pyth... I'll check20:47
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