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* enyc wonders after n900 kernel update progress!00:13
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jacobhi guys I have home work assignment and there is one question I'm not able to answer I was wondering if any of you guys can help01:29
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opt1musthat's a classic ask to ask, just ask02:19
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* sicelo wonders how that relates to N900/Maemo09:22
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teotwakiNot really like this channel is overflowing with traffic, anyway.10:48
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siceloyeah. i was asking in terms of - is it something we are likely to know.14:59
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CatButtsoh hey, I got my N90019:08
CatButtsdoes not appear to power up, though19:09
CatButtshow sad19:09
infobot1 packet transmitted, 1 packet received, 0.0% packet loss19:10
infobotRemove battery for 1 minute. Insert battery. Plug powered ***NOKIA WALLCHARGER*** to device. Watch steady amber. Let sit and charge. Do NOT try to boot. After 30 min, you got either a) a booted up N900, b) flashing amber which means you can boot, c) steady amber shut off -> start over again with ~flatbatrecover while already searching for a new battery. CAVEAT! Only works when ~rootfs OK (no ~bootloop)19:10
KotCzarnytry that19:11
CatButtsmust be wallcharger and not PC usb?19:12
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CatButtswill it hate me if I used a samsung wallcharger?19:13
KotCzarnybut you can try19:13
CatButtsit shows nokia text onscreen, with no backlight19:14
CatButtsafter plugging19:14
KotCzarnydoes it bootloop or charging?19:15
CatButtsflashing amber19:16
KotCzarnylet it charge fully before trying to power on19:16
CatButtsand we has boot19:16
CatButtsso it was a slightly flatbutt19:20
CatButtsthanks KotCzarny19:20
CatButtsI'll let it catch its breath and I'll see what do after19:21
CatButtsI assume the "bios" battery is done by now19:21
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CatButtsthe first thing to do is spy on previous owner's photos and contacts like a creep :P19:29
CatButts"what excuse do you find to not have sex"19:30
CatButts"I'm on period"19:30
CatButtsFacebook funnies!19:30
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siceloCatButts: i use a samsung charger all the time :)20:00
CatButtsisn't that illegal?20:03
CatButtslike putting pepsi in a cola can20:03
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sixwheeledbeastYou need to use a charger with data pins shorted.20:14
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infobothmm... bupbat is use the capacitive type, LiIon are breaking during 12 months, or, or, or
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brolin_empeysicelo: I use the opposite: Nokia charger for Samsung phone.  I have a Samsung charger too but I do not use it.20:56
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atakan_what kind of cat21:24
CatButtsa buttcat21:24
atakan_myb garfield21:25
atakan_can you tell me how i can write connect-disconnect wire connection script ?21:26
CatButtsno, but I can tell you about cat keesters21:28
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sicelobrolin_empey: my N900 charger makes the Samsung S4 noticeably warm. so i don't use it. then again - the S4 seems to get warm very often even in other use cases21:35
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infoboti heard maemo-flashing is, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./; or see ~flashing-cmdline, or see ~lazyflashing22:06
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CatButtsoh wow22:27
CatButtsthis is old22:27
CatButts>Microsoft Windows users who wish to update their N900 can use the Nokia Software Updater (aka NSU)22:31
CatButtsI don't think that's supported anymore22:31
CatButtsman, this section is woefully updated22:33
CatButtsthe links, at least22:33
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CatButtsthe cover on my n900 is rather blurry23:09
CatButtsdoes the front cover directly have the touchscreen?23:10
CatButtsis is it a cover over the display+TS23:10
CatButts lolno23:15
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brolin_empeysicelo: OK.23:19
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CatButtsyep, very scratchy skin23:41
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