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DocScrutinizer51,/query DocScrutinizer0500:10
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DocScrutinizer05sorry ^^^ - just IRC is also a convenient "sharing media" between different clients00:59
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KotCzarnyfirefox has ability to view tabs on other devices01:06
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KotCzarnywow, finally01:16
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sixwheeledbeastthats been a feature for a while01:53
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KotCzarnythat 'finally' was directed to different channel02:09
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KotCzarnystill, it's a very nice feature02:26
DocScrutinizer05ACL updated02:52
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Vajbwanted to give text based browsers a go. Links crashes in first page i try and lynx fails to even start07:32
Vajbnice going07:32
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siceloi once used lynx from repos. it worked for me back then07:43
* Maxdamantus uses elinks when he needs to use a text-based browser.07:46
Vajbfotr me it whines "can't access start file"07:47
VajbCan't Access `file://localhost/usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/index.html'07:47
MaxdamantusSo maybe try visiting something else?07:47
Vajbi don't know why it is looking it from such place tho07:47
Maxdamantuspress `g` and it should ask you for a URL.07:48
Maxdamantusor escape, file, open .. or something.07:48
Vajbyes i know07:48
Vajboo something different. Now it complains it doesn't have ssl07:50
Vajbi wanted to read news headlines, but i guess i'll just open my laptop07:50
MaxdamantusMight be interesting to try making a text-based browser using headless Chromium or something.07:56
MaxdamantusSo you know it supports practically any website that works in normal browsers, just as long as it can turn the DOM into some reasonable textual form.07:57
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Vajbwould be cool to have a browser that just shows text and nothing else08:01
Vajbmight be fast as well08:01
siceloand might not be able to open other sites :-)08:12
siceloesp. the JS-heavy ones08:13
MaxdamantusWell, JS-heavy sites should still work, because there isn't really anything that says you need to render the DOM to a physical screen.08:13
Maxdamantusand JS/DOM should work fine without a screen.08:13
MaxdamantusThere might be some issues regarding things like `getBoundingClientRect` .. some code might depend on using things like that to determine dimension information, but that's still fairly independent of having to actually draw anything to a screen.08:14
siceloi've found many sites that simply refuse to show anything with elinks. you just get maybe a top heading, and nothing else08:15
MaxdamantusYeah, elinks doesn't support JS afaik, or if it does, I don't think my install does.08:15
siceloeven though, as you mention, even elinks supports JS to sum extent08:15
sicelothere is basic JS support, at least in some version(s)08:16
Maxdamantusand even if it does, I suspect it lacks support for a bunch of extra things on top of plain JS/DOM support, like XHR.08:16
Vajbok got lynx to work as well and find out it wont work any better08:17
Vajbno ssl support in our version08:17
MaxdamantusWhen supporting things like XHR properly, you need to implement correct semantics for things like CORS.08:17
siceloVajb: become a maintainer and update it :)08:18
Vajblynx works in my news headlines page08:22
Vajbwell not my as mine but the one i use08:22
KotCzarnyvajb, you can always compile your own version, it's not that hard (usually 2 commands)09:26
KotCzarnybut most sites are simply broken when using js-less browser09:26
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Vajbyeah i guess09:46
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sunshaviVajb: i use w3m on n90013:56
KotCzarnybtw. try dillo and midori too13:57
KotCzarnythey are both lightweight13:57
bencohdillo <313:58
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ceenemidori works really well on n90014:34
ceenei would say is the best browser for n900, in fact14:34
KotCzarnyeach of available browser have their strenghts and weaknesses14:35
KotCzarnyand uses14:35
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sicelohow do midori & dillo on N900 handle ?14:44
siceloand https://news.ycombinator.com14:47
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ceenethe midori version i used was the one from easydebian14:49
ceenei don't remember which version was it14:49
ceenebut it was quite up to date and standards compliant14:49
siceloregarding humhub, a friend has a site that i sometimes help him with. Opera Mobile freezes the N900, microb, as expected, can't render it at all, and only fennec allows me to use it.14:53
sicelothe hacker news page -only opera mobile can open - certificate issues14:54
ceenethe only problem i've ever had with fennec is that it was too ram consuming15:00
ceenethat's why i like midori more15:00
KotCzarnyno repo yet15:25
KotCzarnywhoops, wrong chan15:25
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