IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2017-10-27

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zekoriusLinux Nokia-N900 #1 PREEMPT Sat Jul 28 18:05:05 EDT 2012 armv71 unknown01:37
zekoriusit's what I got after uname -a01:37
zekoriusis it ok?01:38
sixwheeledbeasthmm, interesting. I am using /20301:50
sixwheeledbeastzekorius: ok in what way?01:51
zekoriussixwheeledbeast: I made backup too late, and now some things doesn't work for me01:52
sixwheeledbeastcorrection /ssu/20301:53
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zekoriusIDK how to fix it01:54
zekoriusIDK what I were doing01:54
zekoriusIDK if I'am able to fix this n900 myself but some packages are missing and apt-get update doesn't work, cssu update doesn't work either01:54
sixwheeledbeastfirstly don't use apt01:55
jonwilMy guess is you probably have a stuffed system and need to re-flash PR1.3 on there before installing CSSU on top of that and doing it properly.01:55
jonwilThat's just a guess though.01:55
sixwheeledbeastIt would appear you have the Nokia repos missing while updating to CSSU?01:56
zekoriusmissing packages are libtelepathy-qt4-0 libtpsession libgq-gconf0 qtm-maemo-metapackage libconninet001:57
jonwilYes that sounds like you are missing the Nokia repos or something.01:57
sixwheeledbeastIt's a lot to explain but I would suggest you start fresh.01:58
infoboti guess jrtools is
zekoriusis there good step by step instruction how to start fresh?01:59
sixwheeledbeastsee the link above.01:59
zekoriussixwheeledbeast: thanks you, I'm going to read this tomorrow, now it's time to finally get some rest and sleep02:01
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zekoriusgood night/day wherever you are whatever hour you have02:02
sixwheeledbeastzekorius: Remove SIM > Flash (PR1.3) > Boot > Click recommended.install file > Click link to CSSU that should be it for the basic system.02:02
sixwheeledbeastgn is midnight here :)02:02
sixwheeledbeastoh also remove cherry.02:03
sixwheeledbeastYou maybe able to repair what you have with installing "recommended.install" and update via HAM but I would start again myself.02:04
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Langoorbackupmenu is installed02:15
Langoornow making my first backup02:15
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MaxdamantusWeird. Seem to have missed some SMSes that were sent to me.08:55
MaxdamantusCan see them being received and acknowledged at the right time in syslog, but never saw them through the UI.08:55
VajbMaxdamantus: they probably contained smileys10:00
MaxdamantusThey did.10:00
Vajbthere was a fix in tmo10:01
Vajbalso i've noticed that some new phones send sms in wrong format10:01
KotCzarnyisnt it priority issue for cssu?10:02
Vajbso sometimes they r treated as mms10:02
KotCzarnyvajb, that's because mms is often sent for free10:02
MaxdamantusIt was an iPhone that sent them.10:02
KotCzarnywhile sms is most often overpriced10:02
MaxdamantusSo what's special about the smileys in iOS?10:02
KotCzarnymaxd: utf10:03
KotCzarnymost likely10:03
MaxdamantusI'd've imagined they'd've just been Unicode, yeah.10:03
KotCzarnyutf encoded in unicode?10:03
MaxdamantusUnicode encoded in whatever SMSes typically use to encode Unicode, which I suspect is UTF-8.10:03
KotCzarnysms uses plain ascii when doesnt contain any special chars (and then you are charged per ~160 chars), when it switches to utf, you pay twice as much10:04
Maxdamantus.. so it uses UTF-16?10:04
MaxdamantusWho came up with that idea?10:05
KotCzarnydont ask me10:05
KotCzarnybut it was big money cow for telcos10:05
MaxdamantusSurely they must've only started doing that long after UTF-8 was a thing.10:05
KotCzarnyas people were trying to add language specific characters and weren't expecting10:05
KotCzarnyit was when people started demanding localized phones10:06
KotCzarnyeven old nokia 3310 has it10:06
KotCzarnyand i suspect even older10:06
Maxdamantus> The first commercially sold SMS service was offered to consumers, as a person-to-person text messaging service by Radiolinja (now part of Elisa) in Finland in 1993.10:07
Maxdamantuswhich is about the same time as UTF-8 was invented.10:07
Maxdamantus3310 was apparently made in 2000, again, long after UTF-8.10:08
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MaxdamantusI can imagine devices just having options to set some 8859-like encoding before there being an effort to use Unicode instead .. find it hard to imagine how everyone would switch to Unicode but end up using UTF-16.10:11
Maxdamantusunless it really was at the very beginning of commercial SMS.10:11
Maxdamantus suggests that it's actually UCS-2, which would explain it.10:17
MaxdamantusFucking idiots.10:17
KotCzarnymoney money money10:17
CatButtsit's so funny10:18
MaxdamantusWell, UCS-2 doesn't give a monetary advantage over UTF-16.10:19
Maxdamantus(I'm guessing you're referring to the fact that it more often has to send things as multiple messages because almost half of the messages are just zeroes)10:19
MaxdamantusUCS-2 is just completely the wrong thing to use.10:20
KotCzarnyeven single localized character switches whole message into ucs-210:21
KotCzarnyand since most people have some internet or mms package on their phones already, it's cheaper than sending sms10:21
KotCzarnywhich is just wrong. eh10:22
MaxdamantusMm .. if I try to send a message to myself that includes U+10000 in it, it says it fails to deliver, but syslog just gives stupid dbus errors.10:25
MaxdamantusOct 27 20:24:35 orcus user.crit rtcom-messaging-ui[26921]: GLIB CRITICAL ** default - dbus_g_error_get_name: assertion `error->code == DBUS_GERROR_REMOTE_EXCEPTION' failed10:26
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MaxdamantusDon't tell me dbus is restricted to UCS-2 too.10:27
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MaxdamantusCan't access the tars linked to from , but it sounds like it's just a matter of replacing a "UCS-2" string passed to iconv with "UTF-16"10:38
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MaxdamantusYep, that seemed to do it.10:43
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MaxdamantusHopefully that zero byte that was after "UCS-2\0" wasn't important.10:43
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MaxdamantusWill try it properly with an iPhone later, but can at least send U+10000 to myself now.10:45
Maxdamantus(for the record, I just used a hex editor to replace "UCS-2\0\0" with "UTF-16\0" in /usr/lib/
MaxdamantusI'm guessing "UTF16\0" would probably also work if it's just passed to iconv, because I think iconv is fairly lenient about those names.10:48
Maxdamantus(since "UTF16\0" and "UCS-2\0" have the same length)10:48
MaxdamantusAh, I guess this is the thing linked to by that thread:
MaxdamantusSeems to effectively do the same thing, but it does it by linking to a different library instead of just changing the string directly.10:57
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sixwheeledbeastthere was a thread on it somewhere Thomas Perl11:45
sixwheeledbeastAh yesy that github link will do11:45
ShadowJKMore importantly, unicode wasn't anything invented by phone companies. ;-)11:47
DocScrutinizer05unicode in SMS was always in the spec afaik11:47
DocScrutinizer05hmm, not sure about *unicode*11:48
DocScrutinizer05might be other specific codepages11:48
DocScrutinizer05but the switch of whole SMS from one-byte to two-byte chars been there from beginning I'd say11:49
ShadowJKah okay11:49
ShadowJKDidn't windows use UCS-2 before it became clear that unicode wouldn't stay at 16 bit?11:50
MaxdamantusBecause Windows didn't exist back then.11:50
DocScrutinizer05I can't recall details. UCS rings a bell11:50
infobotit has been said that phonecontrol is
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Maxdamantusactually, nvm, it did. I thought UTF-16 was older than it was.11:52
MaxdamantusHm, so UTF-16 was made in 1996 .. that's .. after UTF-8.11:52
ShadowJKI remember someone saying that windows is UCS-2 .. but then switched to UTF-16 at some point11:53
ShadowJKMaxdamantus, yep11:53
DocScrutinizer05sth along >> ADDR_TYPE = 129 #unknown format<<11:53
MaxdamantusI didn't get something that suggested an unknown format.11:55
MaxdamantusOct 27 16:51:05 orcus user.notice telepathy-ring[1204]: GLIB MESSAGE Modem-SMS - deserializing SMS-DELIVER "..." failed: conversion failed (-10@SmsUtilssError)11:56
MaxdamantusOct 27 16:51:05 orcus user.warn sms-manager[857]: GLIB WARNING ** default - Error decoding TPDUs. Discarding message11:56
DocScrutinizer05>>However, since modern programming environments do not provide encoders or decoders for UCS-2, some cell phones (e.g. iPhones) use UTF-16 instead of UCS-2<<11:57
DocScrutinizer05>>his works, because for characters in the Basic Multilingual Plane (including full alphabets of most human languages) UCS-2 and UTF-16 encodings are identical. To encode characters outside of the BMP, such as emoticons, UTF-16 uses surrogate pairs, which when decoded with UCS-2 would appear as two valid but unmapped code points.<<11:59
MaxdamantusThat sounds a bit misleading.11:59
ShadowJK"n a standard GSM text message, all characters are encoded using 7-bit code units, packed together to fill all bits of octets" <- Ah this is the headache I remember11:59
MaxdamantusUCS-2 isn't really designed to be encoded/decoded.12:00
DocScrutinizer05ShadowJK: see for a fine (de)octettifier12:00
MaxdamantusBecause what would you encode/decode it to?12:00
MaxdamantusYou can convert between UCS-2 and UTF-8, or between UCS-2 and UTF-16, but some things in either direction simply can't be converted.12:01
DocScrutinizer05def semi_octify(str):12:01
DocScrutinizer05def deoctify(arr):12:01
Maxdamantuswhereas UTF-8 and UTF-16 are real encodings, since they are both able to losslessly convert between each other and conceptually into "Unicode" code points.12:01
Maxdamantus(as long as the UTF-8/UTF-16 strings are well-formed)12:02
DocScrutinizer05oops  def octify(str):12:02
DocScrutinizer05also see my slightly patched version:
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MaxdamantusSo you can't octify one-character strings?12:13
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MaxdamantusUnboundLocalError: local variable 'bitstocopy' referenced before assignment12:13
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MaxdamantusThis octify function in that Phone_control link looks like nonsense to me.12:17
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MaxdamantusSeems to work as the inverse of deoctify at least, as long as the string is not of length 1.12:19
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Maxdamantusor not.12:21
Maxdamantus>>> oct.deoctify(oct.octify("a"*7))12:22
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Maxdamantusand yeah, the SMS from the iPhone works now.12:28
LangoorI have my n900 on the newest cssu now (21.2011.38-1Tmaemo11) (testing branch)12:41
Langoornow to uboot, I couldn find a lot about that, how would I install this?12:42
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DocScrutinizer05decompression 7->8:
DocScrutinizer05oops sorry14:20
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* CatButts wonders if running Discord on the Maemo is even feasible20:43
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pkill9i'd like that20:54
pkill9i would think the hardware could handle it20:55
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CatButtsDiscord is a piece of doo-doo, anyway22:10
CatButtsbut hey, if it's what your friends use, that's life22:11
CatButtsoh, this reminds me22:11
CatButtsdoes Skype for N900 still work?22:12
sixwheeledbeastDiscord refer you to the web app for linux22:24
sixwheeledbeastlooks like there is a beta for 64 bit only22:24
CatButtsthis might be a starting point for such an endeavour22:27
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